Out channel“That big dad,Second dad,You guys keep talking,I’ll change my clothes first…”
After speaking,Then quickly turned around and ran away……
At this moment,Titan turned around,Raised eyebrows“So you are Xiao Dong’er’s roommate,The freshman was assessed on Qianyu who overturned a team by one person”
Niu Tian stared at him,“Titan,Pay attention to the tone of speech”
The opening is dry and dry,If you say that outside,Haotianzong’s face will be lost by him……
Titan scratched his head,Said with a smile“Hehe,Big brother,I am not excited”
After Niu Tian taught the Titans a few times,Looking at Qianyu Road seriously“About Wuhun,Titan and I don’t understand much,and so,Can’t help you”
He and Titan were originally two hundred thousand year soul beasts,After being resurrected and transformed into a human being, he has been guarding the Clear Sky School all year round,Almost ignorant of these things……
Qianyu frowned,Again“Two overlords,Tang San before I remember it as a god,The first Wuhun is also Blue Silver Grass,And has undergone an evolution,and so……”
“Hope you guys can tell me how to evolve blue silver grass!!”
Chapter Three Hundred and Ninety Six Absolute rule(Subscribe)
suddenly,The eyes of Niu Tian and Titan became cold,“Is this your goal at the beginning??”
How can he be sure that he has a solution to Clear Sky School?