He just20year old!
Even if this is his peak period coming early,But according toNBAInfer the golden age of the players,Xu Xuan has at least ten years of peak!
I got a big slot!
ten years?
That is the growth of a generation!
Is Xu Xuan going to rule the next ten years?
Thought of here,Xuanhei unconsciously fell into the despair of fantasy.
After shower。
Xu Xuan appeared at the press conference after the game!
All the reporters are waiting to interview him,Xu Xuan ruled the court tonight!!
“Xu,You broke Bryant’s record tonight,Got a career high82Minute,What’s your mood now。”
ESPNThe big wave of white glasses female reporter looked at Xu Xi and said。
“I am very happy,Kobe is my idol!I am excited about it!”
On the court,Being low-key is Xu Xuan’s style。
That big wave female reporter was very dissatisfied with Xu Xuan’s answer,The answer is calm,No bright spot。
But the female reporter still cast a wink at Xu Xuan,Hope to get a response from this guy。