Probably successful and self-conscious, like men like Zheng Gang,Have this common problem——I think I am humorous and make ambiguous jokes about the sexes with the lady。I am so content that I think this is salty or sweet,Personable and approachable,in fact,In the eyes of many ladies,Just beasts wear clothes,I think I’m an individual.Less humorous。Professional women have probably encountered this kind of men from the workplace,Sexual harassment that was portrayed very high.
Ou Zhaozhao puts away his smile,“Mr. Zheng,I want to see the kids,not very convenient,My lawyer has arrived,Just outside,What do you want,Just talk to them in private.I think you should be happy to talk to them privately.”And stop watching Zheng Gang,But to ask Jeong Yodo,“Roudo,Come to Aunt Au’s house to eat at night, OK??With my partner,Alright?”Daddy comes in,Seeing the girl who was also injured,Turned a blind eye,Really,Ha ha.
Between Zheng Rouduo and his father Zheng Gang,Ou Zhaozhao,Father and daughter can’t see each other,Zheng Rou hesitated,Nodded cheerfully。
Zheng Gang doesn’t seem to care about Ou Zhaozhao’s attitude just now,Smiled and thanked,So I went out and talked to Ou’s lawyer。From beginning to end,I didn’t even look at Zheng Rou。Baby Ou also noticed,I just want to look up at Zheng Rouduo,But Ou Zhaozhao held his head,Immobile。She struggled slightly,Unsuccessful,Just gave up。
Chapter Twelve Knives
Here,Yuze and Zheng’s sister-in-law are not quarreling anymore。Watching the adults speak quietly。
The two sisters of the Zheng family are twins,Zheng Gang’s half-sister,Zheng Minduo and Zheng Hyedo,Sixteen or seventeen。Jeong Soudo’s stepmother likes Jeong Soudo,Just put her name with the girls,Is there any disgusting Zheng Rouduo’s mother’s mind?,It’s hard to say。and,The three of them still don’t like Zheng Gang very much,The twins now can see Zheng Gang’s jokes。
Zheng family’s current family conflicts,Already directly in front of outsiders。
“Aze, come over.”Ou Zhaozhao called the eldest son,“You didn’t tell me clearly when you called,Delay!!and also,Miss sisters are a generation older than you,How could they quarrel?You are a boy,Don’t fight with girls.”Too low price。
“They are my sister’s black fans!!”Yuze is angry。
“.”Ou’s mother and daughter were speechless,I thought you were in a car accident.
Zheng Minduo worships Ou Zhaozhao,I feel that as Ou Zhaozhao’s sister,Ai Xiaojin actually went to be a vase and an actor,So angry,I became Ai Xiaojin’s black powder。As for Zheng Hyeduo,When her idol and Ai Xiaojin worked together, there were several gif scandals.,For Ai Xiaojin’s behavior of nibbling young grass,Very angry,Is the black powder in the black powder.
But the sisters are in front of Ou Zhaozhao,They all look like well-behaved and innocent girls,Dare not explain,Even more afraid to speak。
Ou Zhaozhao touches Yuze’s forehead,“Your aunt is not a soft sister coin,How could anyone like her??Even if she is,But there are also people who like steel gangs and little goldfish.To accept the diversity of this world,We must accept the diverse views of others.”Emma,I’m such a good mother,So can educate children~~~~Give yourself a like。
“mom,A few days ago, you told Uncle Jin to use the company’s navy to hack others.It’s the one who had the scandal with your little brother.”Ou Baobao teardown。