Stockton raised his left hand,Elbow against Bowen’s waist,Take advantage of the momentum!
“hiss!”Bowen took a breath,This elbow avoid or not avoid?Avoid,Then Stockton has plenty of shooting space,As a white point guard,Stockton’s shooting is very trustworthy。
Not avoid,Then this one elbow to the waist,I’m afraid it will make Bowen urinate the next day!
The wretched Bowen still chose to avoid his edge,Step back。
“what!Rookie is rookie!”Stockton sneered secretly when he saw this,Then bounced up,Throw the ball!
Bowen panicked,Towards Stockton,Raising his hand but not jumping,His defense did not interfere with Stockton at all。
“young!”Stockton spit out,When I fell, I found that the sole of my foot was not on the floor!
“No way?Is it?”Kobe’s eyes widened。
“Huh!”Goal in,All the players who turned around to grab the board failed to return。
“what!”Stockton hugged his ankle and fell to the ground,Tumbling,Exhale in pain。
Bowen is innocent!
He stared blankly at the referee,As if not knowing what happened。
Referee Bill Kennedy is also a little confused。
He saw Stockton’s little movements,But after all, he is a veteran star,Bully rookie,I still have to give this face。
But how are you bullying?,Stockton was lying on the ground?
Everyone in the room can’t figure it out,Only Kobe looked at Bowen’s foot。
The black foot that abolished countless talented stars。