“If Yuanzi you can do this job,I am very welcome,If you can’t adapt,You can also consider some leisure work。”
“what do you think?”
From the heart,Lin En doesn’t want Yuanzi to work in the shop。
He and Xiaolan are enough,Add another garden,As a light bulb?
Can be Xiaolan’s best girlfriend,The importance of the garden is beyond doubt,Not only can Lynn not offend her,Instead, she has to maintain her favorability at a high level。
No way,Lynn can only nod his head in praise against his will,And made his own suggestions。
Although I don’t think Yuanzi is really capable of working in a coffee shop,But I always give people a chance, right??
“Don’t worry Lynn,I will be able to do this job!Will never disappoint you!”
Yuanzi didn’t hear the subtext in Linn’s mouth。
I heard that I can stay with the male god,She is cheered up,It’s like a raging flame ignited behind。
“Xiaolan!Let us work hard together!”
Not only that,Yuanzi grabbed Xiaolan beside him,It’s like conveying this determination to struggle to friends。
“Eh?Oh……Come on……”
By friends‘Raid’,Xiaolan still looks inexplicable。
Good end,Why suddenly Yuanzi became a part-time partner?
This change is too fast?