Qin Shidi said with a smile:“I’m sorry,Just thinking about something,You said,what happened。”
Lin Yun shook her head helplessly,Qin Shi,Why talk to myself now,Absent-minded。
“I said,News from the classmate group just now,I said there will be a classmate gathering for two days,I’m thinking about going or not。”
Qin Shi didn’t take it seriously,Said:“just go,Why not go。”
Lin Yun thought for a while。
“Isn’t this when the company is busy??How can you be separated from others,I was too busy when I was here,Not to mention i’m not here,That company is not a mess!”
Qin Shi said:“Then don’t go。”
Lin Yun’s face is difficult again。
“Don’t go,It’s been a long time since the classmates,Is it a bit airy if I don’t go?,And we had a good relationship playing together。”
Qin Shi’s head is loud。
What kind of species is a woman?,Not to go,Not going。
Too tangled。
Seeing Lin Yun so troubled,Qin Shi got up and took Lin Yun’s shoulder,Staring at Lin Yun,True color:“How about this!Your husband, I gave an order,You have to go,And have fun,And then work hard,Leave all the arrangements for that day to Manager Chai,Can this be。”
Lin Yun was taken aback,Although these words have some good ideas,But girls just like being arranged。
If you ask her what she wants to eat,She might be annoying,Have no idea。