Er Bao said with Little White Fang,Took the small medicine bag from mother,Head down,Open the pocket on your clothes,Put the medicine bag in,I’m afraid to show it,The little finger pressed hard again,Then I raised my head with confidence。
Jiang Fan and Ding Yi led the children to Ding Yi’s white Jetta,Ding Yi’s driving skills are already very skilled,But somehow,Dabao doesn’t like riding in a car driven by mom,Erbao doesn’t matter,Ran to the car first。
Jiang Fan said to Ding Yi:“You guys drive away,I wander over。”
Even Dabao said:“I also stroll。”
Jiang Fan smiled,Looking down at son,Say:“What are you strolling?”
Ding Yi explained at this moment:“Your son doesn’t like riding in the car I drive,Worried about my technology。Well,Boys walking,Girls ride,How about Erbao?”
Erbao bit his finger and chuckled。
Come home,Ding Yi and Jiang Fan bathed the two children together,Jiang Fan directly wrapped the children’s naked bodies in a white bath towel,Hug them one by one on their own cots,And then played with them for a while,Let them lie in bed,He sits next to,Started reading story books to them,The two children fell asleep in their father’s reading……
When Ding Yi comes out of the shower,,The two children have been coaxed by Jiang Fan,Ding Yi sorted out the hair that was just blown dry by hand,Said:“You go wash。”
Jiang Fan looked at the sleeping children,Dim the lights,Went into the bathroom。
After Jiang Fan comes out of the shower,Ding Yi is already lying down,She is staring at the ceiling in a trance。
Jiang Fan opened the quilt,Lying beside her,Said:“What do you think?”