“Blast away the troublemakers!”
Dean is not afraid,And Lin Zhihao staring at each other,Issued such an order。
Twenty security guards carrying electric batons,Push Chen Fei and Lin Zhihao back step by step。
Electric crackling,Lin Zhihao couldn’t help but feel a little guilty。
The most annoying is,I bribed the dean,Can’t shake it out。
Once this matter is made public,That for my own reputation,Lin Group,Are a heavy blow。
Those five million,It’s probably hard to come back。
Under the urgency of a security guard,The two were pushed out of the hospital。
A few people don’t want to delay,Immediately pushed Lin Zhiqiang to the operating room,Ready to start surgery。
——In front of the operating room
A line of security stood outside the door,Keep Strange’s safety anyway。
“Qin Shi,Can it work。”
Zhang Man walked around nervously at the door of the operating room,Asked flusteredly。
After all, surgery is done from the head,I can barely make ends meet now,Although the level of intelligence has returned to the level of a child。
I’m afraid that if the operation fails,The result is worse than it is now,even.
Zhang Man couldn’t even think about it。
“no problem,He started by studying medicine,The best is brain。”
Qin Shi comforted Zhang Mandao。
indeed,When Strange was not famous,Just do brain surgery,Was only a teenager,And saved countless brain trauma patients。