“I think it’s OK,Hahahaha……”
Chen Hao immediately agreed with a smile。
Song Min only smiled and said nothing,This girl started again“High-end atmosphere”Continues to be her iceberg goddess。
“What are you doing?The collective wants to rebel, right??Everyone is delicious at night, right?”
Shen Ruoxi started to pretend to be a big tail wolf。
“Just eat less with you just now,cut。”
Murong Shan responded more contemptuously than Shen Ruoxi。
“Strange,Did you just watch me supervise how much I ate while eating??”
Shen Ruoxi asked provocatively。
“Should I watch and supervise you??Hear you eating by the side and groaning,Hahahaha……”
Murong Shan took the opportunity to sarcasm Shen Ruoxi again,Of course it was purely joking,Shen Ruoxi never hums anytime he eats,Even starved to death,She would never be so boring。
“You just groaned,you are a pig!”
Shen Ruoxi started to fight back immediately。
Chen Hao thinks that she and Shen Ruoxi look pretty and lovely,Thought to myself:What happened to this girl today?I really enjoyed myself so much after dinner?
Not only Chen Hao wondering,Song Min was actually wondering,Mainly because it has been a long time since Shen Ruoxi has been so active,Rare。
Girls’ emotions are always unpredictable,They can become depressed without doing anything,Of course, you can also become happy without any reason,Murongshan, Chen Hao and Song Min should have understood this。
But joking with Murongshan and dare to say that Murong is really“pig”of,Shen Ruoxi is definitely the first person in the world!Even Qin Liang who doesn’t care about anything,I never joked with Murong Shan like this!You know that Murong Shan is a real superstar in the entertainment industry,The kind of rank with countless fans。
“Let’s be reasonable?Our family knows:One of Xiaoxue’s many nicknames is Shen Xiaozhu,You are her sister,Then of course you are also a pig。”
Murong Shan was talking nonsense seriously。