Institutions admire exhaustive research and follow development progress

Original title: Institutional promotion of drastic research on the progress of R & D landing of listed companies on the science and technology board. The trainee reporter Guo Jichuan of the newspaper replaced the end of the semi-annual report of listed companies.Broadcom’s performance has maintained a momentum of growth, and institutions have also begun research on the company.

  So, for listed companies on the science and technology board, in which areas does the institution change its focus during the research process?

Have you made different research arrangements for the nature of listed companies on the science and technology board?

  Northeast Securities Research Director Fu Lichun said in an interview with the Securities Daily that, because the listed companies on the science and technology board are unique in various industries or have relevant technical advantages, in the discovery process, in addition to the basic operating conditionsThe main direction of the collection of information such as main income must be the core of research and development.

Because from the company’s prospectus and other materials, understanding the company’s core technical strength is relatively one-sided, the research of listed companies on the science and technology board must be exhausted in order to obtain good research results feedback.

  ”In addition to communicating with the company’s executives, and with the company’s middle level, ordinary employees will also conduct multi-angle communication, especially the changes before and after the company goes public, etc., you can see the company’s overall mental outlook.

Fu Lichun said that if he participates in the research activities of listed companies on the science and technology board, he will definitely visit the company’s scientific research center to understand what projects the company is researching and the progress of the project’s research and development.

“In this way, we can make a correct judgment on the strength of R & D and the sustainability of R & D.

And to go to the factory to inspect the application of scientific research technology, and understand whether the company’s core R & D technology is the key technical advantage of the main product. These can only have an intuitive feeling if they really go deep into the enterprise.

Regarding the evaluation of scientific and technological innovation capabilities of science and technology board enterprises, the Shanghai Stock Exchange recommends the listing of science and technology board enterprises, which are also referred to as six key issues, including “whether master the core technology of independent intellectual property rights,Whether the core technology has clear ownership, whether it is domestically or internationally leading, whether it is mature or there is a risk of rapid iteration. ”

  Some investment bankers told the Securities Daily reporter that the research directions for listed companies on the science and technology board are mainly scientific and technological innovation capabilities and R & D landings. These contents often require field inspections of companies before they can make a certain judgment.

  ”Many companies have hundreds of patents, but how many of them are core technology patents?

This requires us to understand the hard-core capabilities of enterprise technology in field investigations.

“The above investment bankers said,” Most of the listed companies on the science and technology board are in the stage of high-speed development and product technology conversion. We also need to focus on the company’s follow-up product echelon construction in the research, evaluate the company’s existing products and future listed products.Whether it can support the enterprise’s estimation and future growth scale.

“Xu Yang, Chairman of Shanghai Maiko Rongrong Information Consulting Co., Ltd. believes that the Science and Technology Innovation Board has become a cradle for the rapid growth of high-tech companies, promote the rapid development of emerging high-tech technologies, and provide financial support for outstanding growing companies, but companies must not blindly impulsively investHow to make good use of these funds and how to plan his own capital expenditures and long-term arrangements are the main points of his concern.

  He said that in the process of researching listed companies on the science and technology board, the company’s research and development costs and subsequent operating costs will be discussed with the executives of listed companies. The focus of the research will be on the status of the products, the mastery of the core technology, andFollow-up development of quality.

  The science and technology innovation board and other sectors are a differentiated development state, which mainly targets high-tech innovative companies included in the target strategic emerging industry planning, as well as new types of industries that have emerged as economic transformation and industry changes continue to emerge.New industries 厦门夜网 often have the characteristics of rapid development, complicated property rights structure and uncertain profitability.

  As the Science and Technology Innovation Board is expected to fill the shortcomings of capital market services and technological innovation, it is an incremental reform of the capital market, resulting in a relatively sound differentiation arrangement in terms of profitability and equity structure.

Fu Lichun said that during the investigation, the company’s shareholder structure and financial status were restructured to carry out targeted investigation planning.

“Because the specific situation of different companies may be quite different, the findings of some companies cannot be modeled as in the past, especially since many companies have not yet carried out research, so the previous discovery task will be heavier and the research publishedReports must be accountable to investors.