One thousand three hundred and ninety-eight chapters Will be Beaten to death
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Yang Shiyun asked straightforwardly。
“If Qin Liang and Liu Xiaoyun know about this,,Must be killed!”
Murong Shan answered with a wry smile。
“what?so serious!Say it quickly!What’s wrong with Key?”
Yang Shiyun couldn’t calm down immediately,Murong Xiaoyao lost part of his memory after being rescued by Qin Liang from the kidnappers,She and Qin Liang took care of this little girl,So emotionally,Yang Shiyun is also very concerned about Murong Xiaoyao。
So Murong Shan took a long time ago,Two bastards tried to rape Murong Xiaoyao in the forest and told Yang Shiyun。
“There is such a thing!People?Where are the two men?”
Yang Shiyun exploded in an instant!
“People were caught by the Taoists,Kept locked in Taoist temple,We just wait for you back,I’m going to hand those two people back to the police station for processing。”Murong Shan said carefully,Although it’s been a long time,But now when I talk about it,She is still very angry when she is a mother!But she was worried that her friends would retaliate,Accidentally killed those two guys……Wouldn’t it be a burden to everyone?
,So she was entangled。
“Where are people?You take me now。”
Yang Shiyun finally knows why Murongshan repeatedly emphasized,I can’t let Qin Liang and Liu Xiaoyun know about this!If you let the master and apprentice know,It will really kill you!Two guys who want to rape Murong Xiaoyao,It is very likely that Qin Liang and Liu Xiaoyun will be killed directly……
“it is good,You come with me。”
Murong Shan hesitated,I took Yang Shiyun to the secret little yard,I just saw a little Taoist put two meals into a small house。
Although the person is closed,But the rice is still to be managed,You can’t starve these two bastards directly……