He can give Lao Du a good wine,But as Guan Hao, he would not discuss hexagrams with Lao Du。
Thought of here,He is a little excited,Could it be,She really has news?So he got up,Came to the office outside,Called Xia Jihan’s parents。
Mother Xia answered the call。He didn’t dare to directly ask if there was any news about her,I just asked about the physical condition of the old man,I asked about the school’s New Year’s Day holiday, etc.。
Mother Xia’s voice was a little choked,Said:“Xiaoguan,Why don’t you wait for her,Set it up if you like it,Hanhan is determined,Don’t delay you!”
Guan Hao’s throat hurts,He took a long breath,Said:“mom,I won’t find another woman in my life,I only want her。”
“but……”Mom hesitated and said:“She deliberately wants to leave you,So you should think about it。”
Guan Hao said:“I don’t need to think about it,This problem when I met her,I just figured it out。Do you have news from her?”
He didn’t finish,I didn’t wait for Xia’s answer,I heard Dad Xia’s voice,He said:“Xiaoguan,You have to work at ease,After all, you are different from ordinary people,Everyone is watching your every move,Supervise,I think the reason why Hanhan left you,I just hope you can get results in your work,Life can be happy。”
Guan Hao thought for a while and said:“I may visit you on New Year’s Day。”
Dad Xia said:“You are so busy,Don’t come,Work first。”
Hung up her home,The relief that Guan Hao brought because of Lao Du’s words disappeared,His heart is blank,As cold as the night before me、blurred。Just saw a little light,Now the whole person seems to be thrown into the boundless darkness again。
In the first period after Xia Jihan left,To relieve my loneliness,Sometimes he will take the initiative to find something to do,To fill the time without her,Gradually,He feels that his lonely time may last longer,and so,He must be prepared for long-term adaptation。
Because of his rigorous and self-disciplined character,Decided that his amateur life was monotonous,Few friends,After coming to Jinan,Except work,Hardly any private relationship,Never participate in any party activities other than work,Even if the work unit has weddings and funerals,He is also a courteous follower,But never attend。
and so,Colleagues kept away from the usually unsmiling mayor,It seems that his character is getting more and more lonely recently,Sometimes even Liu Tao can’t hear him say a few words all day long。
at this time,Liu Tao, separated by a wall from the mayor, obviously felt his loneliness and pain。
Recently, the mayor rarely returns to the residence of the government family home,Live in the unit most of the time,It turns out that he hardly lives in Jin’an,Almost room and board are now in the work unit,And I go to bed very late every night。