Liu Xiaoyun answered calmly。
  “That is your aesthetic problem,How about you ask everyone if you are?”
  Shen Ruoxue said casually。
  “I don’t ask,I’m not that thick。”
  Liu Xiaoyun’s light answer,Just teased Shen Ruoxue,Sure enough, she is even better!The kind that kills invisible。
  “Why do I think you are mocking me?”
  Shen Ruoxue is not good either,Immediately turned his face to look at Liu Xiaoyun and asked。
  “No no,Absolutely not,I’m just talking about myself,Don’t talk to yourself again。”
  Liu Xiaoyun immediately denied it,Just stop talking,There is no need to confront Shen Ruoxue head-on,This is where Liu Xiaoyun is better than Shen Ruoxue。
  “Are you sure you don’t have?”
  Shen Ruoxue asked unwillingly,In fact, she was sure that Liu Xiaoyun was teasing herself,But Liu Xiaoyun does not admit,She can’t help Liu Xiaoyun。
  “Sure and sure。”
  Liu Xiaoyun replied in an unquestionable tone。
  Shen Ruoxue reluctantly gave up and continued to struggle with Liu Xiaoyun,A soldier who fell without a fight,It is the most handy strategy and tactic used by Liu Xiaoyun!of course:Front rolling,Directly forcibly kill,Is also her signature stunt,It’s just that she basically doesn’t use this one-touch trick to defeat the enemy.。
  Meizi’s heart-warming feeling,She secretly admired:Compared with Shen Ruoxue,I have to say that Liu Xiaoyun is the real king!Obviously more eloquent than Shen Ruoxue!