Two more waves of attacks,Don’t say waitMJFinally stood up and took over,This game may be over in three quarters。Lakers’ offensive capabilities,OKThe destructive power is simply terrible。Phil Jackson had another coach for the first time,The feeling of watching Jordan playing opposite to him。

“See how long you can fight like this!Scotty,Put Kobe up against!”
“Then he will break through。”
“It’s ok,Let him suddenly。Don’t let him shoot three points。”
Pippen pondered,Nodded。
As a player,Pippen doesn’t want his aggressive playstyle to lose his defensive position and let Kobe keep breaking through。So it looks like Pippen’s defense is really bad,But compared to long shotsyanShoot,Let Kobe break through,Seems to be a better choice again。
Put it inside!
Big Ben inside,O’Neill,Rodman,Langley has been squeezed together long ago。
Let your Kobe go against the sky again,Can also play dominance in such a crowded penalty area?Do not make jokes。
No one can do it,Not even Michael。If you Kobe can,Then I Pippen can bow down!
“Broke through!Kobe keeps shaking,Pippen hits Kobe hard!”
“Kobe staggered,The ball did not fall!”
“Got in!Break inside!”
“ZWord layup!Kobe threw himself into the air!”
“Rodman pressed down hard with both hands,Threw Kobe to the ground!”
“Kobe fell unclearly!But hit!2+1!”
“Lakers players and referees talking,This is a malicious foul,But the referee ignored。”
“Break again!Kobe’s left hand was broken by Pippen behind him,Single-armed Langley with right hand!”

“Roar!”All the spirit beasts roared at Lin Yan,The eyes of every soul beast showed a greedy expression,They felt from Lin Yan that as long as they eat him, they can increase their huge strength,The saliva slowly stayed on the ground,But at this time Lin Yan slowly backed away。

But just retreated to the lake and stopped,I saw a giant soul beast staring at him,Two pairs of eyes like the sun reveal a frightening atmosphere,Lin Yan stared at the soul beast behind him。
This soul beast made him feel more terrifying than the sky blue bull python,He has never heard of the existence of such soul beasts in the Star Dou Great Forest,And the soul beast beside it all knelt on the ground as if afraid of it。
“senior,Junior has no intention of offending,If this is a junior in your field, leave it!”Lin Yan wanted to fly into the sky,But at this moment a huge force suppressed him from moving freely。
Lin Yan watched vigilantly at the soul beast slowly swimming over,I feel cold for the most part,This kind of soul beast actually suppresses him, it proves that its strength is extraordinary。
“I never thought I would fall here today,Ha ha!”Lin Yan slowly closed his eyes with a wry smile,In the face of absolute power, Lin Yan could not break free。
“You are Lin Yan, right!”Just listen to this soul beast spit out。
Lin Yan immediately opened his eyes and looked at it suspiciously,The giant soul beast slowly rises into the sky,Transfiguration in the air to be a young man,The man slowly walked down from midair with a feather fan in hand。
The man gently waved a green light from the feather fan,Lin Yan was about to back up and found that she still couldn’t move,I can only stare wide and watch the green light enter my body,Lin Yan didn’t feel any pain the moment he entered,Instead, the injuries on his body have recovered。
“He is saving me!Who is he?”Lin Yan frowned and looked at the man in midair。
“You don’t need to be nervous,I won’t hurt you but I will help you,I didn’t expect you to come here first. It surprised me,Are you here in the Star Dou Great Forest?”Man whispered。
“Can’t you let me act first,So i’m tired!”Lin Yan said。
“Uh,Sorry!”The man waved the feather fan,Lin Yan immediately loosened his body and sat on the ground。
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Chapter 136: Yu Xingchen(Subscribe)
“who are you?”Lin Yan doubted。

Zhao Ming’s eyes are silent,Looked in the direction of the wretched man。In Zhao Ming’s eyes,He is already dead。

Dare to do something to his woman,I’m so tired and crooked。
Meng still,He hasn’t touched it yet。
“Zhao Ming?It’s you?”
Meng still looked at Zhao Ming in surprise。I thought he had died under the mighty Titan Great Ape,But I didn’t expect him to be alive。Suddenly,A joy in her heart。
“Of course it is me,I thought if I wasn’t here,You won’t come to Shrek Academy。I didn’t expect you to come。”Zhao Mingcan smiled。Meng is still very beautiful。Slim waist,Because of the fight just now,Hot body。
Holding so,He can also feel the fragrance that belongs to her。
“I am still the same,Since I promised to come to Shrek Academy,That must be coming。and,I didn’t come to Shrek Academy for you。”Meng is still talking,The voice becomes quieter,Looking at Zhao Ming’s brilliant smile,Face reddish。
Because she suddenly remembered,What her grandma told her,Want her……
“I guessed it right。Do you like me?”Zhao Ming smiled,As a veteran of Hua Cong, his thoughts on a girl like Meng still,It can be said to be sure。
“how come?Don’t talk nonsense。”Meng is still ruddy,Quickly pushed away Zhao Ming,Not let him continue to hug her。
Seeing Meng is still a bit shy,Zhao Ming stopped teasing her。
In front of,There is a more important thing before him。
“Wait for me to fix this guy first,Tell you again。”Zhao Ming said softly,Then coldly looked at the wretched man ahead。
“Ok。”Look ahead,Protecting Zhao Ming in front of her,Meng is still sweet in heart。
just,Almost,She’s going to be attacked by salted pig hands。

See father-in-law not believing,Lin Yu is helpless。

“fart!What’s your identity,Don’t i know?
Get out,Stop it,Otherwise, the president of the Lin Group branch will come,You can’t do without you want to leave。”
I have to talk to Yingying carefully when I look back。
Lin Yu is really getting helpless,It was okay to deliver food to people before。
Now this has started to cheat directly。
“what!Why are you both standing??”
Zhao Long came back from one side,As soon as I walked in, I saw them stand up。
But Zhao Long didn’t wait for the two to reply,I directly introduced to the manager next to me:“Come,Manager Wu,Let me introduce to you,This is our new president Lin Yu。”
“Lin Zong,This is Manager Wu from Black Star Hotel。
If anything happens in the future,You can contact Wu directly。”
Before Wu came,I also know Lin Yu’s true identity。
After listening to the introduction,Quickly step forward and reach out,Respectfully:“I have long heard that you are very young,Never expected to be so young,It’s really a hero。”
“Manager Wu,You exaggerated。”


A few nurses heard,Push the patient away quickly。
“You pay the deposit first,Go through admission procedures。”
“The patient is so badly injured,Must be hospitalized。”
The doctor saw that the nurse pushed away the serious patient,Look at Lin Yu,Open road。
“Row,I will pay the money,Admission。”
Hear this,Lin Yu did not hesitate。
after all,This person,I hit it myself。
but,Because it is daytime,Many people in the hospital。
Lin Yu goes to,Not the first time,Can also pay,Need to queue。
“What to do?”
“Go back in line。”
Lined up for a while,Seeing to be myself。
But at this moment,Suddenly came out alone,Directly in front of me。
“You count as an old man?
I don’t line up,none of your business。”
The woman who jumped the line,Seeing Lin Yu dared to teach himself。

It’s early morning7O’clock。

Just because yesterday I knew that Houstonians would play tricks,So Byron Scott asked everyone to take more time to rest,Don’t come to train so early。
If you have a good rest,Kobe morning6Just click on Shen Huan’s door。
In fact,Kobe just got up all of a sudden。
“so,The wicked have their own grievances。”Howard is also a little gloating around,“You didn’t find,Actually last night2Clicked,The group of people who set off fireworks was caught.Cha gave away,The area around our hotel became quiet。”
“What are you talking about?”Shen Huan couldn’t help but ask。
Many Americans have the habit of reading newspapers。
Shen Huan also has,But English is not his mother tongue,So Shen Huan doesn’t usually read English newspapers when he gets up in the morning,at this point,Kobe and Iverson know。
So Iverson went on to talk to Shen Huan:“A group of robbers who didn’t know where they came from last night,Ransacked Houston’s largest museum——Houston Museum of Art,Stole hundreds of treasures inside。Houstonians are going crazy!I was siren and searched everywhere last night,As a result, no one has been found yet,Or something。”
“Steal so much?”Shen Huan was surprised,Actually smiled,“What are these babies?Is it the treasure of the town hall??”
“more or less!”Howard Road,“There are paintings by Van Gogh,There are Picasso paintings,There are many famous artists……Oh,correct,And some works by your Chinese calligraphers and painters,I heard they are very valuable!”
“scare,Wouldn’t it be a loss of hundreds of millions??”Shen Huan took a breath。
“Hahaha,Shen, you are too conservative,May exceed10Billion dollars!”Iverson smiled gleefully。
“Deserve it!”
Kobe said coldly。
If you didn’t meet the Houston Rockets fans yesterdayxDisturb,No houston police.Observers’ inaction or deliberate indulgence,Maybe the Lakers will sympathize with them.。
But look now,Whether it’s the staff,Still team player,General Manager Kupchak、Byron Scott,Which one is not smiling from ear to ear?
The fans who set off fireworks around the Hilton Hotel after two in the morning,An anxious police officer.The observers took it back,The reason is that they are suspected of guiding the gangsters,Even by accident,is also like this。
“Having such a big event,It should be quiet around our hotel。”Howard Road,“Under normal circumstances,police.The observers became anxious,What kind of party activities,Or night action at night,Will be stopped by them,So as not to give thieves a chance。
After all, although the Rockets’ game is very important,But the hidden treasures that have lost billions of dollars are even more important。This is related to the face of Houston throughout the world,Can never be ignored。”


Do you expect a rookie to be your general manager,Be the team’s operating officer?
Do not make jokes!
Where can I think of,Xu Xuan not only said his own suggestions,I opened a list at the end.
List of transaction applications.
Larry·Bird was shocked.You are a rookie and you haven’t even recognized everyone,Dare to open the list to me?
Introduce.Too beautiful?
Larry·Bird has a tingling scalp,But out of respect for Xu Xuan(Xu Xuan’s contract will expire next year),Larry·Bird’s last sad discovery,I really need to take it seriously.Otherwise Xu Xuan gets angry,What if I don’t renew my contract with the Pacers next year?
I can’t find a place to cry by then.
and so,Larry·Bird can only smash his teeth and swallow in his stomach,Follow the list drawn by Xu Xuan one by one.
No way!
No way!
No way!

Is this a human job?!

“Blast away the troublemakers!”
Dean is not afraid,And Lin Zhihao staring at each other,Issued such an order。
Twenty security guards carrying electric batons,Push Chen Fei and Lin Zhihao back step by step。
Electric crackling,Lin Zhihao couldn’t help but feel a little guilty。
The most annoying is,I bribed the dean,Can’t shake it out。
Once this matter is made public,That for my own reputation,Lin Group,Are a heavy blow。
Those five million,It’s probably hard to come back。
Under the urgency of a security guard,The two were pushed out of the hospital。
A few people don’t want to delay,Immediately pushed Lin Zhiqiang to the operating room,Ready to start surgery。
——In front of the operating room
A line of security stood outside the door,Keep Strange’s safety anyway。
“Qin Shi,Can it work。”
Zhang Man walked around nervously at the door of the operating room,Asked flusteredly。
After all, surgery is done from the head,I can barely make ends meet now,Although the level of intelligence has returned to the level of a child。
I’m afraid that if the operation fails,The result is worse than it is now,even.
Zhang Man couldn’t even think about it。
“no problem,He started by studying medicine,The best is brain。”
Qin Shi comforted Zhang Mandao。
indeed,When Strange was not famous,Just do brain surgery,Was only a teenager,And saved countless brain trauma patients。

The members of the Royal Academy see clearly behind this scene,Dugu Yan was stunned,She was shocked when she recovered“what?This weird vine easily blocked Tianheng’s attack!”

The other players are also not allowed to channel“This fake……really?The captain’s martial spirit is the Blue Electric Tyrannosaurus!How can you not even break this?”
The other team member looked at the empty feet under Xu Sheng,Even the spirit ring is not revealed,The words are filled with incomprehension,“and,You see,The guy in the white clothes doesn’t even use the spirit ability!”
In other words,To take down their captain Yu Tianheng’s increased attack,Just relying on the hardness of his martial soul!!
At this moment,They understand how perverted the guy in white clothes is!
Such people,Are they really at the same level as them??
Chapter One Hundred and Nine Dare to make a bet with me(Subscribe)
Yu Tianheng stared at Xu Sheng with fear,Secretly surprised“Stopped my attack without using soul skills……This guy,How scary is it?”
He is very aware of the attack power of his Blue Electric Tyrannosaurus,Plus the increase of the Dugu Goose,The attack power alone has reached the standard of the ordinary soul emperor……
But still unable to damage the plant-type martial spirit of this white man without spirit ability……
Wiped the cold sweat from his forehead,This time,I’m afraid Tiandou Royal Academy has encountered iron plate……
And the people watching the game don’t even know what to say,Such a violent blow hit the plant and nothing happened……
In an instant,Public opinion reversed again,Began to blame Yu Tianheng for coming……

“Invite me to Jingxin Pavilion,is there anything?I have more important things to do。”

Finished,Qin Shi glanced at Zhang Mengke behind Jing Chu。
Zhang Mengke hugged Jing Chu’s arm tightly,Is already shaking。
but,This move of Qin Shi is still seen by Zhang Mengke。
This occasion,But the confrontation between big shots!Of course, I can’t take this mess up。
But my brother-in-law,Actually used to find a job for myself as an excuse,I’m not interested in this big guy’s invitation!
If you are sister Xiaoyun,,I am afraid that the five-body has moved to the ground now.!
This sense of belonging is overwhelming。
This man,I only have my own feeling in my eyes,Fantastic。
Wu Qing is not at all angry,Even more polite。
“If I interrupt your business,Sorry,But the Mandarin and Mr. Wan Zonghua,Invite you to have tea,If available,I will bother you to take a trip。”
Yu Fuhua and Han Liang looked at each other,I just feel that both of them have fallen into hell。
There is only one reason。
They heard a name。