“Then we reconcile。”

Shen Ruoxue probably feels enough,So once Shen Ruoxi finished saying these few words,She said to Liu Xiaoyun again cheeky,An innocent and innocent look。
“I just want to answer you one word!You should know which word I want to answer you?”
Liu Xiaoyun’s expressionless answer。
“of course I know,You want to answer me and say yes。”
Shen Ruoxue continued to say innocently。
“Do not,I want to answer your word is go!”
Liu Xiaoyun answered unceremoniously。
“sister!Look at her scolding me!She let me go!Woo woo……”
Shen Ruoxue immediately complained to Shen Ruoxi and the others。
“Row,You guys continue,Then we won’t disturb you few。”
Shen Ruoxi also replied blankly。
Except Yang Shiyun,No one in the Shen family can truly“Suppress”I have to live with Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun,This is an unavoidable reality,Disobey Shen Ruoxi’s orders,It depends on the mood of Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun……But basically it depends on Shen Ruoxue’s mood,Because Liu Xiaoyun is usually in a good mood now。

Shi Wuyin quickly reached out and held him down:“Don’t don’t……”

Then he and Ran Jiachang looked at each other,All confused,Hu Lai doesn’t seem to be pretending to be like this,And if it’s obviously injured,No need to pretend to be uninjured……Is it really not hurt?But Sun Haomin’s shovel is strong,They all saw。
“You really didn’t hurt?”Shi Wuyin asked Hu Lai again。
Hu Lai shook his head:“I’m really not hurt,I don’t know what’s going on……It hurt to be shoveled,But it is pain,After a while, the pain is gone,Then I found that my ankle can move normally,No effect at all……”
He said the rhetoric he had thought of long ago。
Luck theory is compared with plug-in theory,Obviously the former is more acceptable,After all, people with big luck are not without them in real life,But those who have plug-ins……No one believed it.!
After speaking, Hu Lai twisted his ankle in front of the two leaders,Sure enough, the activity is as usual,And there is no pain on the other faces。
When Lan Hongyi saw this, he pointed at Hu Lai’s ankle,To Shi Wuyin and Ran Jiachang:“You see,That’s it,Strange not strange?”
“In case,Let’s make an ice compress……”Shi Wuyin said,“Then Hu Lai,Let Doctor Lan help you sit on the bench。We will go to the hospital for an examination after the game is over,Rest assured。”
“it is good。”Hu Lai nodded。
Zhao Kangming in front of the TV holding a mobile phone,Shi Wuyin’s phone number is displayed on the screen。
“Damn,Don’t worry,Now it’s over,Shi Wuyin can’t answer the phone either……”His wife is by the side to persuade him,“If you have any news, you can only wait until the game is over……Eh?Why did Hu Lai stand up??”
Zhao Kangming quickly raised his head,I saw Hu Lai assisted by the Chinese team doctor,Rise from the ground,Then slowly walk towards the bench。
“I can still sit on the bench,Instead of going directly to the hospital,This shows that the injury should not be very serious……”Wife said。
The stone in Zhao Kangming’s heart fell slightly now,But it didn’t fully land——Let him be completely relieved,Only wait for the check result。
“Damn stick……”He scolded。
“Hu Lai returned to the bench with the help of the team doctor and sat down,at the same time,Tan Yunlong was also replaced,Hu Lai replaced……Hu Lai’s ankle was quickly wrapped in an ice pack for ice,Hope hope,Hope it’s not too serious,I hope it’s just a false alarm……”He Feng said。
Xie Lan in front of the TV took her husband to let him teach himself science,Is this situation serious?。

Peng Changyi said:“It must not look good,Black and autumn,But it will be delicious。”

“I can also burn and eat like this from now on。”
“Can’t,Only fresh flowers are delicious。”
“Oh,And this particular?”
“Of course,There are too many things you don’t know。”
At this moment,Just listen to the village party secretary calling them to eat,Peng Changyi said:“All right,right away。”He said,Took a stick,Pulling in the stove that has already been turned off,Immediately,The black oval black balls are pulled out one by one,Peng Changyi picked up one,Blowing with your mouth,Break apart,Inside is white peanuts exuding alluring fragrance。He said:“You can eat it yourself,My hands are black。”
Ding one open hand,Peng Changyi put the broken peanuts in her palm,I just touched her palm,She shook her hand when it was hot,Peanuts just fell to the ground,Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“What are you hiding?”
Ding Yi said:“Too hot。”
“Ha ha,To eat,Should not be afraid of injury。”
Ding Yi smiled and squatted down,Pick up the peanuts that fell on the ground,The peanuts inside didn’t fall out,She put it under her nose and smelled it,Said:“Smells so good,I have never smelled this scent。”Talking,Just put those two white peanut kernels in your mouth,Said:“delicious,Much better than usual。”
Zou Zijie came to them,Said:“in fact,This is the original taste of peanuts,Our ancestors cooked food like this before eating,Boiled peanuts pickled with seasoning,It’s definitely not as good as roasting peanuts。”
He squatted down,Peng Changyi’s roasted peanuts,Pick up one by one,Put it in a leaf folded box,Said:“Let’s go,Go and eat。”
Peng Changyi stand up,I peeled one off myself,have eaten。He saw Ding Yi looked,Bent down and picked up another,Peel off,Put it in his hands。
Ding Yi said repeatedly:“good to eat。”
Zou Zijie said:“Delicious,After eating,I’ll get some more,I’ll cook some for you to take home。”
“Row。”Ding Yi said cheerfully。
Peng Changyi smiled,Say:“Humph,You’re welcome。”
First70chapter I bumped into my wife Hong Xing

Sha Zhou said:“Then don’t leave it to others,Give Mayor Jiang first。”

The secretary said:“What car did you drive?”
Jiang Fan said:“Audi。”
“Are you alone?”
“And driver。”
Xiao Sun said:“Choking,Two hundred books,Twenty packs。”
Jiang Fan said:“no problem,Trunk,In the car,Can be installed。”
“Ok,You tell me the car number。”
Jiang Fan said:“I call the driver,Let him drive the car to the door。”
Sha Zhou said:“No need to,Just tell Xiaosun the license plate number。”
Jiang Fan knows that it is possible that Sha Zhou is a taboo,I told Xiaosun the license plate number。
After Xiaosun went out,Sha Zhou stood up,Please sit on the sofa Jiang Fan。
Jiang Fan looked at where the guests were sitting,I thought of where Guan Hao might sit,Just sat there。
Sha Zhou sits upright,Asked Jiang Fan about the demolition of the illegal building,There are other work currently in progress,Talked for about half an hour,Xiaosun is here,He said:“Mayor Jiang is fine。”
Jiang Fan stood up,Say goodbye to Sha Zhou,Say:“Chairman Sha,I won’t disturb you,If you passed by Langzhu recently,Please come to Lang Zhu to inspect our work,If you don’t have time recently,I’ll send you the book money in a few days。”
Sha Zhou said:“Forget the money,Everyone is able to share my article is to support me。”

“of course,Not getting married。”Guan Hao said disapprovingly。

“What about your ex-wife?”Gao Jian asked carefully。
Guan Haoling frowned,The eyes are on Gao Jian’s face,Obviously,Some situations he knows。Just say:“Guan Hao didn’t pull me up by the skirt,Your man should know who I am。”
Gao Jian didn’t expect Guan Hao to react so quickly,Look so serious,Especially the look in his eyes,There is a shocking power。Meet his gaze,He also said sternly:“You know i have no other meaning。but……”
“But what?”
“I feel that your future political environment will not be too ideal。Predict everything,Do not advance or discard。and so,It’s important to take every step carefully。”
Guan Hao felt there was something in his words,He is not used to discussing these issues with others,Just say:“Do things in good faith,Sincere to people,I can only do this。”
“Yes,You and me are not the same character,You and the teacher have a comparison。I am not like this,I think the right one I will stick to it without compromise,Do it even if you lose your head。I really don’t know what the boss thinks?”Gao Jian said。
Hey,Official fight,It may be a black hole that every politician will encounter,Sometimes it’s hard to prevent,Can’t even avoid。Guan Hao said with a smile:“Thanks dude for reminding,I will be more careful,I’m ready to embrace the darkness。”
Gao Jian obviously heard that this came from“If you ever sang the dawn,Then please embrace the darkness”This sentence。He said:“I heard from the teacher that you have a good job,And people are sincere,At that time, I really hope that you can fight for Binhai,Let’s work together,Let me also learn some advanced knowledge and advanced work concepts from you。I mentioned to the boss,Not taken seriously,I don’t know what the boss thinks。regret。”Stand up,Just go out。
Guan Hao got up and sent Gao Jian out。
Shao Yu and Gao Jian are a teacher-student relationship,I must know that some Yue Xiao’s talents remind themselves like this。In officialdom,Can someone remind you like this,Is your greatest luck,No matter if it has value。The information gathered from all aspects shows,He and Yue Xiao will have a hard time getting along,But for now, they have not had a head-on conflict,It should be considered a happy cooperation。
Some things may be like this:It’s not as shallow as Lao Niu said,Not as deep as squirrel said。He suddenly thought of a fairy tale《Pony crossing the river》In this sentence。Can’t help but smile,Unpredictable officialdom,Actually got involved with fairy tales。But think about it carefully,A fairy tale told in a kindergarten,There is such a popular and profound philosophy。
At this moment,He also thought of his fairy tales,That little woman。Don’t let him hang up after finishing talking。No way,She can’t sleep by herself, nor can she sleep。So I called her again。
Xia Jihan was woken up by the phone again,She’s lazy“Hey”With a。
“it’s me!”

Ling Mofeng smiled and answered。

“Get out of here!Just this thing sold,Can you treat me to instant noodles for thousands of years……It is estimated that there is surplus。”
Qin Liang is talking,Handed that treasure to Yang Shiyun。
“This is too valuable!A priceless treasure that is absolutely genuine!”
After Yang Shiyun examined this treasure repeatedly,Also recognized。
“and so,You two remember,Especially Sister Shiyun, remember!If one day I suddenly die in some accident,You must first see if my treasure is still there,If not,It means that someone is trying to kill money!”
Ling Mofeng said seriously。
“Bah bah bah bah!You have a crow’s mouth,What nonsense!”
Yang Shiyun frowned immediately and said,Then returned the things to Ling Mofeng’s hands。
“I am telling the truth……”
Ling Mofeng said awkwardly。
“Then you have to tell us where you hide this treasure,Otherwise how do we know if it is。”
Qin Liang said seriously。
“of course!Are you nonsense?Since I showed it to you,I didn’t intend to hide anything from you,in this world,If I can’t even believe you two,Then I have no one to trust anymore。”
Ling Mofeng said it lightly,But whether it is Qin Liang,Still Yang Shiyun,I know what he said is absolutely true!Staying with Ling Mofeng for so long,Both people found that Ling Mofeng has the most admirable advantage;That is he never tells any lies。
“Thanks a lot!”

Shen Ruoxue said dubiously。

“I have a hasty,When did your brother-in-law lie to you??Depends on what you said,I don’t like to listen anymore。”
Qin Liang put a smile on purpose and said。
“Alright alright,Count me wrong,Think about it tonight,Then tell me tomorrow。”
Shen Ruoxue hurriedly changed her mouth,Can’t wait to tell Qin Liang。
“Is there any reward after I said it??”
Qin Liang suddenly asked again……
“what!You have to reward this!”
Shen Ruoxue asked, her eyes widened in disbelief。
“Of course!I have a hasty,It takes a lot of brainstorming to think about problems, OK??Don’t you know that a lot of brain cells will die??You thought I closed my eyes,Can you figure it out immediately?Where is so easy!”
Qin Liang’s serious answer。
“You are almost done!Why keep teasing her?She is your sister-in-law,Can you tease her so endlessly??”
Finally Shen Ruoxi couldn’t listen anymore,Can’t help but blame Qin Liangdao。
“Ha ha,OK OK,I won’t tease her anymore。”
Qin Liang just smiled bitterly and stopped。
“Okay brother-in-law!So you are teasing me again!I actually believe you!”

He even has an idea:Don’t go in early and don’t go in late,I chose to enter this time,Did this kid go against Lao Tzu on purpose?!

Even he knows this kind of thinking is nonsense,When the opponent can’t score。
just……The timing of this goal is indeed too bad!
Before this game starts,He once contacted Manager Dong,Hope to finalize the contract after this game。
And Dong Wen did not give him a clear play style,Just talk after the game。
He was very firm in his judgment,I didn’t force Dong Wen again,But agreed。
But now look,Dong Wen may also be waiting to see Hu Lai’s performance in the game before making a decision……
Thought of here,He turned his head and cast his gaze in the direction of the podium。
over there,Sitting with Dong Wen, general manager of Flash Star Club。
When the team overtakes the score,Dong Wen stood up from his position,Applaud。
at this time,He seems to have a feeling,Looking back to his right rear box。
But he quickly looked away,Continue to watch Hu Lai, who celebrated his goal in the field,With a smile on his face。

Jiang Fan continued:“That one**The foreman is silent,after eating,I call Madoka,Say,You kid tell the truth,When is Father’s birthday?He just told me,Is today,And king****No feast,Only at home for his wife and son Lulu’s recent cooking skills,how about it,Are you interested?”

Peng Changyi,Said excitedly:“So interested,king****Never had a birthday,Why did my heart suddenly come**,It’s birthday。
“fifty……”Jiang Fan stretched out his palm,Said:“Big life。”
Peng Changyi scratched his head,Say:“Damn,Are fifty years old,You can’t go empty-handed。”
Jiang Fan said:“I prepared a gift,Count us。”
“camera,king****I told me,Let me teach him to take pictures in my spare time,A few days ago, my friend gave me a camera,Stalked,The kind I like very much,Very suitable for a mature man like him,Had to contribute to him,It’s too late to buy gifts。”
Peng Changyi thought about it:“That is your one**Mind,I’m still single。”
Jiang Fan looked at his watch,Said:“then you go,Let’s not go too early,When he is almost done cooking and they are about to eat it。”
Peng Changyi understands Jiang Fan’s intention,If it’s early,Let the host prepare a grand dinner,When they are about to start eating,It’s too late to prepare meals,after all,eat,Is secondary,Enhancing the relationship is the main content。Just say:“I think it’s better to say in advance,I didn’t prepare our meal before that,Let the old comrade catch blind,Just his cooking,What will happen?”
Jiang Fan smiled,Say:“Nothing,It’s really impossible. Let’s cook noodles,He must have noodles,The most**Noodles cannot be less。Again,Madoka honours his father is a saury,Yangtze Saury,Haha,I’m drooling thinking about it!Ugh,Send him a camera,Eat him a saury,Not too bad。”
First109chapter Surprise birthday party
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[First4Chapter Three]
First110Section109Zhang Sneak Attack Birthday Banquet
Peng Changyi thought,The camera Jiang Fan sent will not be less than 5,000 yuan,My friend gave him the kind he likes,Must be higher than five thousand yuan,Then this saury can’t be more expensive than this,Obviously Jiang Fan was joking intentionally,Just say:“Is saury that expensive?”
“Ha ha,Not that expensive,Can it be more than a thousand a catty now,And less and less,Rare in the market,It’s probably Madoka’s filial piety to dad.。Scarce things,Can’t eat for much,Haha,Old comrades would never think,Some people are thinking about getting his share of the pie?”
Peng Changyi laughed too,Looked at the watch,Said:“I’ll go to the birthday gift first,I’ll contact you again。”Talking,Walked out in a few steps。

What other secret is that?,These little girls,Babble,Sounds so tired,Guess my heart is more tired!

“Can you stop talking about me?……Really。”
Shen Ruoxue sees that Qin Liang and Liu Xiaoyun’s topics are always turning on her body,She didn’t even know what to say,And what I said was something that made me embarrassed,So I had to speak to stop the topic from continuing。
“OK OK,We won’t talk,Ready to eat grilled fish。”
Qin Liang stopped talking immediately,Leading everyone to the grilled fish rack……
Three days later in the afternoon,Qin Liang and others returned to Haishang from the tourist destination,After breaking up with Yang Zhi and others,Qin Liang returned home with his three daughters。
Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun opened the door first and entered the house,And ran upstairs,They are anxious to change clothes,Take a bath,So I don’t care about anything。
“I’m tired of playing this trip……I decided to enter the rest period。”
This is the first sentence Shen Ruoxi said after entering the house……
“Ha ha,Dear wife,Are you always in the rest period??”
Qin Liang, who walked into the house with her, said dumbly。
“who said it?I learned to cook at home,Do housework。”
Shen Ruoxi is obviously not convinced。
“Please,Then can you learn how to give me a baby??”
Qin Liang immediately countered。
“That one……No need to learn……As if……After that……There will be naturally。”