Wait till the Spring Festival Gala is over,After the family rests,Wang Yufei turned on the computer again,Started to write the yearbook。
Whether it’s writing a diary or an annual record, you need to persist,And Wang Yufei is obviously a person who knows the meaning of persistence。
“Step in tomorrow2020Years old,It’s right again2019Make a summary,To make an outlook for the next year。”
“Self summary,in2019The biggest achievement I have got is not the brain-computer chip online,Not Changxiang Technology’s valuation exceeded 10 billion,Not to solve a mathematical problem,It was the epiphany at Weiming Lake that day。”
“Thank you Yu Xin for recording my status,And the complete equations written on the ground。”
“I can basically be sure,The grandpa I met early that morning must have left something in my body,Although I don’t know what it is for the time being,But I guess it might be a key,This key can solve many problems that plague mankind in this era。”
“It’s just that I haven’t been able to fully find a way to use this key,Although it’s a bit frustrating,But I can feel my brain evolving all the time,Although very slow,But never stopped。This feeling may be abstract,But I’m pretty sure I can feel this is the truth。”
“For example, there were some problems that bothered me,After a while, I think about it,There is always a sense of sudden enlightenment。”
“If it must be compared, it is probably the feeling of junior high school students learning elementary school knowledge.!”
“And i suspect,The mysterious old man still left something in my mind。Once I enter the epiphany state,These things are naturally inspired by inspiration。The only pity is,Probably still need quantitative change to trigger qualitative change。”
“Unfortunately,The old man doesn’t know why he hasn’t contacted me。This makes me often feel conflicted,Such as the whimsical ideas that often pop up in the mind,It always makes me feel that it will be achieved in the near future。This inexplicable confidence,Sometimes when I think about it, I feel very narcissistic。”
“Closer to home,Recalling the equation on the shore of the Weiming Lake that day,I found a problem。Should be attributed to physical problems。”
“That is the relationship between symmetry and conservation。According to the conclusion drawn by scientist Knott,Every symmetry quantity will have a conserved quantity corresponding to it,For example, time translation symmetry corresponds to energy conservation,Space translation symmetry corresponds to the conservation of momentum,The spatial rotational symmetry corresponds to the conservation of angular momentum。”
“But this cannot explain the conservation relationship corresponding to mirror symmetry。Previously, physicist Wigner believed that the conservation relationship corresponding to mirror symmetry is parity conservation.。But it has been proved by Chinese physicists Professor Yang and Professor Li that it is wrong under the action of weak force。If Noord’s theorem is correct,So what exactly is the conserved quantity corresponding to mirror symmetry??Is there really a perfect physical theory in this world that can explain these?God is really left-handed?”
“Or a physical quantity peculiar to the microscopic system,There is no corresponding quantity in classical physics,It is related to the spatial inversion and transformation of the system state.A physical system,After spatial inversion transformation,Is it still a possible physical system?”
“Is there possible another solar system in this universe,There is another earth in the solar system?Although the two earths formed in the same time,The development trajectory of intelligent life is similar,But the time is not consistent?Maybe the human technology on that earth is developing faster than ours,Maybe that mysterious old man came from that earth?”
“Ok,I admit that for the time being I still don’t want to understand this,But I hope I can solve these problems in the future!”
“Write at the end,2020Xin system must be a big success。I also hope that my idea of the brain is correct,This can probably verify that many of my ideas are correct!”