Old Gu put the peanuts back in the distance,Said:“Old Jitt asked me,Get some peanuts back,I forgot to buy it again。”
Peng Changyi said:“He was overjoyed,Humph。”
in the afternoon,Peng Changyi didn’t go to class,He is tired,A conversation with the secretary of the municipal party committee in the morning,Seems to make him consume a lot of energy,Have been malaise,I don’t know if I was scared or worried about the minister,He went back to the office,Tell the little secretary,Squint by yourself,Don’t wake him up without special circumstances。
Lock the office door and the back room dormitory door,Peng Changyi lying on the bed,He can’t sleep,Every word Zhai Bingde said in the morning,I played it back at least ten times in my head,Not missing a detail,Even if he moves and frowns,Although his words are obvious and easy to understand,But Peng Changyi is still chewing every word of his。He even wanted to tell the minister,But with the minister’s wisdom and years of political experience,The minister must think more far-reaching。
At this moment,His phone vibrates,Peng Changyi took a look,Is a strange number,He didn’t answer,Waiting for the phone vibration to complete,But soon,The phone vibrates again,The same number just now,This time he picked it up:“Hey,Which?”
“Peng Shuer,I am Wenwen。”Wenwen’s excited voice came from inside。
Peng Changyi sat up,Asked:“Wenwen,Where’s the phone?”
Wenwen says:“I just bought it from Beijing,My dad bought one too,My ending number is31,Dad’s is33,Dad let me tell you,Call a new phone later。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“I remember,Wenwen,Tell me the result。”
Wenwen says:“Almost nothing,Pass through。”
Peng Changyi’s heart fell to the ground,Then asked:“what is inside?”
Wenwen says:“Different,Letter and passbook。”
Sure enough, their analysis last night was correct。
“Dad asked if you went back?”