Chen Sisi sees everyone,When I heard that the other party was Zhao Shao’s person,Left in an instant。

I thought I was saved,Turned pale in an instant。
“Humph!Don’t go?
“Don’t you leave and wait for death??”
“I tell you,Chick,You can be tainted by Zhao Shao’s men,That is your blessing。”
“Yes,We are the first person under Zhao Shao’s!”
Scar heard this,Also followed。
As for who Shao Zhao is,Chen Sisi didn’t even know。
Hear the conversation between the two,Chen Si thought of his own identity,Anxious:“You let me go,I’m from the Chen family,If you dare to move me,The Chen family won’t let you go。”
“Killing me,just you,Return the Chen family?”
“If you are from the Chen family,I’m still from the Lin family!”
“Brother is right,Chen family,There are bodyguards when going out,You go out,Nothing,just you,Still want to lie to me?
Do you treat us as fools?”
“All right,Stop arguing。”