The prince brought back the fountain of immortality for his old king father。

Fooling the undead this is?
Still immortal fountain,Before the well of eternity exploded, she licked her face and said that she was the fountain of immortality, Queen Azshara and blushed.,What good things can Arthas find in the snow and ice of Northrend?
Just by this news,Carlos can basically judge,Something happened to Alsace。
But Lordaeron,Terenas.Menethil II at the end of life,Only his son in the eyes,Only the eternity of the kingship is in my mind。
Yes,The old father-in-law Terenas did say that there is no eternal discourse about kingship.。
But beautiful words are easy to say,Beautiful things are hard to do。
Summon all lords to gather in Lordaeron,Terenas wants to crown his son。
Is this for someone to bring to the door??
Terenas, who has run out of oil, is not dizzy in this decision,But very independent。
The gods are not weak to the Alliance of Lordaeron,After the tragic second orc war,Good weather for eighteen years,The land of Lordaeron at this time is vibrant。
But beauty itself is used to care and trample。
Carlos wants to take care of all this hard-won,The Lich King wanted to trample under his feet to promote power。
All this is not contradictory。
Really makes Carlos uncomfortable,Is Terenas’ emissary。