“If they say they want to meet,I’ll set the time by myself。”

“Ok!You go first。”
“Let me sort out what I have on hand。”
Are planning to leave Ganghwa。
Lin Yu,Of course,First thing on hand,Turn out,Let Zhao Long see。
In this case,After I leave,Zhao Long will take over the company。
Liang Yi at the door。
Look around,Walked towards the bathroom。
Somewhere else,Crowded,Not the place to call。
Went into the bathroom,Just call quickly。
“I thought you never called us?”
Over the phone,There was a very angry female voice。
Who is this person,It’s Liang Yi’s mother。
of course,The reason why,Also because of Liang Yi,Blacked out his mobile phone number,then,Hiding from that rich old man all day。
No matter how you call,Can’t get through。
“mom!!Didn’t I call you??”