This shows that he does not want to be a villain,Complain everywhere“Lightning boy”。

After all, he also uses this platform,Only to be appreciated by Shen Huan,Thus having this opportunity。
Shen Huan listened very happy,At least I was not a white-eyed wolf,What will happen to me in the future,Maybe Jian Peng will help。
Bah bah bah bah!
What do you think?
How can a widow be in trouble?
This is visible,Are they all my country?!
At night,We welcome guests again at home。
Here is Fan Dan, the vice president of Huajing Opera。
She also brought two Huajing roast ducks that were vacuumed.。
Li is less affectionate,When I came to visit, I knew to bring souvenirs,I must have this respect in my heart。
Fan Dan definitely respects Teacher Chu Liuxiang。
Before the Spring Festival,She found Shen Huan through Zhu Mei’s relationship,Let the Huajing Opera Theater get it《Gift in Room 7》Drama adaptation rights。
Through months of rehearsal and preparation,6Time of month,《Gift in Room 7》Performed a national performance。
I was in Huajing at the beginning,I was only going to play10day,Because the screening was so good,The director of the theater decides to perform30I’ll talk about it。
But this decision was seriously protested by audiences everywhere who had bought tickets before.。
You said it’s time to come,But Huajing wasted time,How does this work?
no way。