Mei Sanniang was stunned,Then immediately thought of Li Chenfeng’s intentions。

“General,what do you mean,The Qin army who wants to include those who are not in the Qin area?”
Li Chenfeng nodded。
“These soldiers except for the elite Meng Gao who came from Qin District,Most of the others are young men forced from the conquered land,Many of them are still the people of Wei State,There shouldn’t be any difficulty in including them。”
Sanniang Mei nodded,This is a good choice,Even if you can’t really believe these people,It’s also good to use as cannon fodder。
Although Qin’s territory has more than doubled,But many of them have been conquered for less than 20 years,Many of them are still attached to their homeland in their hearts,I don’t feel much attached to Qin,Especially Hadong County、The three counties of Sanchuan County and East County,Seventy of them are the land of the Wei Dynasty,Zhao Guo、Korea and even Eastern Zhou、Weiguo and other small nations,Li Chenfeng believes,As long as I can defeat Qin Jun,Then these people will definitely fall to their side without hesitation。
You know that King Qin unified the country for decades,But in the end, I didn’t get a shout,Followers gathered?
Homeland is hard to leave,Unforgettable homeland,This is for the land of China that has been divided for hundreds of thousands of years,Is something deeply embedded in the bone。
The problem that Qin Shihuang faced after unifying the country,It is also a problem Li Chenfeng may face in the future。But now,But it’s something he can use。
As for the real Qin people who came out of Qin,What awaits them may be a big pit in a valley outside the city……
Bai Qi once killed the four hundred thousand army of Zhao Guo,Accomplished his reputation as a peerless killer。Can it be said that Zhao Guo has never killed soldiers from other countries??
Mijeong,Killed five thousand Zheng Jun in the pit of Broken Soul Valley outside Xinzheng City,Wei Guohe Qi、Chu Partition of Song Kingdom,How many soldiers of Song Dynasty were killed by the Three Kingdoms?
This kind of thing,In fact, it was not uncommon during the Warring States Period,This is also the reason why people in various countries have so much hatred。
Because in this era of sweeping the floor,almost,People in every country once had their hands stained with the blood of the other country!