The purple full body Susano appeared on Sasuke’s body。

Naruto, who had recovered, stood up from the ground,Holding the hand of transgender Sasuke,The two looked at the Suzano summoned by the mechanical Sasuke in front of them,Shout at the same time:“Wei Zhuang·Susanoh!”
The pink armor envelops Naruto who has turned into a beast。
Looking at the pink armor on my body,Kyuubi is actually quite resistant。
“Let’s go,Naruto。”
Transgender Sasuke held Naruto’s hand backhand and said。
“Yan Dun·Add earth life!”
Suzano of Mechanical Sasuke put up a black flame arrow on the bow and arrow,Shot at Naruto。
Kyuubi drew out the pink Susanoh’s long sword,Cut the shot black flame arrow in half,Step on the ground at the same time,After a short charge, rushed towards the sky above,At the same time, two large pink wings grew behind Kyuubi。
“Hand power!”
Mecha Sasuke intends to swap the positions of himself and Naruto through the strength of the hand。
“Hand power!”
Transgender Sasuke immediately followed the mechanical Sasuke’s ability to use his reincarnation eyes,Once again changed the positions of both sides。
In the end, Naruto’s Machete Susa was still slashed on the body of Mechanical Sasuke’s Susa.,Knocked the mechanical Sasuke from the air to the ground。
“data analysis.Earth Booming Star!”