The last one,Shen Huan asked in more detail。

As a result, the last lie spell was useless,He was the one who secretly photographed。
Originally, the boy was thinking,This time I spent all the truth spells and lie spells,I have to make up for myself。
It turns out that,Shen Huan is still too naive。
Good master’s reward is to give it so much,It’s over with one。
Shouted for a long time,Good master is still playing dead。
Shen Huan has no choice,The backhand is a good luck charm sticking to yourself。
then,He quickly opened Abao Pay,I clicked on the familiar rural education donation page,Entered1Billion。
Shen Huan looked at this1Billion,It hurts。
I bought too much rough jadeite in Myanmar some time ago,Even if I sold some books to Mu Gui,Only left2Billion。
Heaven and spirit,You must bless me to get something good!
This is half of my last property!
Shen Huan prayed,I clicked the pay button。
“Ding Dong!”
“Host donates to charity1Billion,Deserve a generous reward。”
“The host activates the mysterious force of good luck,Gained luck bonus。”
“The system specially rewards the host with good luck charms2Pieces、Truth Talisman2Pieces、Talisman of Lies2Pieces。”
This time,Good master’s voice is about to be heard。
although1These six rewards,And movies、TV series and songs are not in the same category,But Shen Huan absolutely needs to prepare。