“like……No work arrangement。”She thought for a while and said。

Really not,The movie is over,Liang Kesheng is working on post-production,next episode《Romantic House》Filming after New Year’s Day。
“Then go shopping with me。”
Ban Lu thought for a while and said:“I can’t go to your house empty-handed。”
Kong Xi nodded。
Do not know why,She suddenly remembered the first time Lu Ban went to her house,At the gate of the community, she saw Lu Ban carrying tea with a gold chain.。
I didn’t expect it then。
This local tyrant will become his brother-in-law?
It’s different from coming to Gu Qiao’s house。
Now Ban Lu is Gu Qiao’s boyfriend,And it’s an official visit,So big bags and small bags carry a lot of things。
And bought Gu Qiao a bunch of flowers。
Gu Qiao even smelled it,Smiled at Luban,Lu Ban suddenly felt whether the sun came out from the west today?
All you eat。
I’m also talking about homework。
Gu Yanyun casually asked about Lu Ban’s family situation,After learning that Lu Ban is an orphan,I laughed and joked that I will treat this as my home from now on,We are all your family。
That’s right。
But a family,I used to call your uncles and aunts,Now let me call my parents?
Gu Qiao sat beside Lu Ban,Occasionally, I can smell the faint perfume smell from Gu Qiao’s body。
Gu Qiao sprayed perfume today?