“You got the medicine here?Do you have a qualification?Did you pass the pharmacy title exam??”

The leading man frowned and asked one after another,Obviously come prepared。
“You don’t need to ask,Take the documents,Our store is no longer open。”Mo Xiaosheng stood up and said to him。
“Mr……”Li Zhen suddenly became anxious。
Mo Xiaosheng waved at him,To show that he doesn’t have to do unnecessary struggles。
“We also act in accordance with the law,Hope you understand,You can go to the bureau to handle it later。”The leading man said to Mo Xiaosheng,Turned and left。
Mo Xiaoshang breathed a long breath,Trembling and said:“Brother Li,I have to hand in everything,We can close……”
Li Zhen also sighed hard,There is some pantothenic acid in the nose,Then take out the key,Lock the tempered glass door,Then he pulled down the shutter door。
Mo Xiaosheng stood in front of the store,Copy hands,Staring at the top of the store without blinking“Moxin Medical Center”Four words,Full of dismay,As if looking at my beloved child。
I feel so sad for a while,I wanted to establish a foothold in the capital,Let“Moxin Medical Center”Three words spread throughout China,did not expect,Everything hasn’t started yet,It’s over。
The dead leaves on the branches were picked up by the cold wind and sent to the sky,The coolness is getting stronger。
“Mr,got windy,Go back。”
Li Zhen gently put Mo Xiaosheng’s coat on him。
“Back to!”
Mo Xiaosheng finally looked away from his unwilling eyes,Walk back slowly with Li Zhen。
“Jingle Bell……”

After the elevator reaches the 18th floor,What surprised Wang Yufei,As soon as the elevator door opens,Entering the eye is the brand of Imagination Technology。

When the two walked into the self-sensing glass door,Sit under the signOLThe pretending young female front desk has stood up。
“Hello,Is there anything wrong with the two visiting?”
Has that smell。
This reminds Wang Yufei when he went to Apple to meet with Cook,The scene I saw。
A qualifiedCEO,Sure enough, the company’s grade can be improved qualitatively。
But it can face the company door directly to the elevator door,Probably this whole floor has been rented by Ge Lingyue?
Sure enough, women spend money,Most of them will not be soft。
“Hello there,I made an appointment with Mr. Ge。”Wang Yufei answered。
“President Ge?President Ge didn’t seem to tell me that he had an appointment this morning?Ok,She is in a meeting now,Why don’t you wait?”
Wang Yufei thought for a while,Silently watch the company’s senior meeting,Seems to be able to quickly confuse company employees,Then he said straightforwardly:“Oh,So be it,Go talk to Mr. Ge,Let’s watch the meeting。”
“Ok?Will Ge always be yours?”A bit embarrassed at the front desk。
“Don’t be afraid,Tell President Ge,His name is Wang Yufei,I want to attend a meeting, Ge never blames you。Speaking of,He can now rely on you Mr. Ge to make money to support him?”Lu Yuxin helped Wang Yufei introduce a sentence。
This sentence shocked the little sister at the front desk。

We got on another military vehicle,To altitude3000Dormy’s Barracks。Not too big,There are almost one group of people,This is the recruit company。In front of the barracks are written in red cloth with a few characters welcoming the recruits。The car parked on the playground,Hundreds of recruits got out of the car and formed a square formation……Not as quiet as a soldier,Not as fast as a soldier,There is no uniform like a soldier。I’ve been drowsy for a long time,Yelling,I didn’t speak,Wondering where did my little snow go?I shouldn’t have fallen asleep in the car!Then squad leader Wang Cheng spoke,He looks very strong,Not very tall,The muscles of the face are dark,Without the slightest smile and kindness,He said loudly:Attention everyone,No talking!Although the recruit company commander has repeated it many times,But it didn’t work for him this time,Everyone didn’t dare to speak out,Listen carefully to the company commander’s speech。The company commander cleared his throat and said:Today is the day when the recruits start training,Welcome all recruits,I won’t say more nonsense,Let’s start selecting soldiers,The comrade who clicked the name answered,Then go to the monitor to report,have you understood?understood,Everyone answered lazily,As long as it’s a company commander’s problem,Everyone is lazy,In the end we joked because the company commander was too kind,He doesn’t speak as vigorously as the monitor,To be direct is because he is too persuasive。The monitor next to me spoke:Do you understand everythingVery loud,Very strong and domineering,Then everyone answered in unison:Understand,The sound is amplified a lot,Not as lazy as before,The deterrent power of the squad leader is obviously much higher than that of the company commander.,I don’t know what his thoughts would be at that time。He said:Class leader……To!you first!

I was assigned to the recruit team,Wang Cheng is my monitor,From then on, my story with the monitor began……At first he didn’t have any special impression of me,I have a deep impression of her。
There are ten people in our recruits,Plus eleven monitors,We are standing next to the military vehicle that sent us,Whistle in his hand。His face is tanned,There was a gleaming murderous look in his eyes,About the same height as me,The tiger’s mouth is full of cocoons,I learned later,That is often shot。He wears regular clothes,Body straight,Due to cold weather,I saw his clothes are thinner,Is he cold?I think so。Today, many years later, I remember again when I met Wang Cheng,The scene is like this:A fourth-level non-commissioned officer,Whistle in your mouth,Standing in the wind,Shouting familiar slogans……
It looks like this,And mentally?This is different from most of his memories。He stands in front of us,Ten of us stood in a row,The reason why I say it’s standing upright rather than military posture is because everyone hasn’t been trained in error.,Haven’t taught how to stand in the military posture, and everyone is just a recruit who hasn’t been a soldier yet。He walked back and forth in front of us,Finally squeeze a sentence,It seems that he thought about it for a long time,A word that came up,But very simple:Do you know why I chose you?Then everyone shook their heads and dared not say a word,I know he can’t mess with him,He said:Because you are all bear people,And I don’t see bear people in the People’s Liberation Army,This will tarnish the glorious image of the People’s Liberation Army。So I chose to be the recruit squad leader,To treat bear people like you。Everyone is dissatisfied,Haven’t started training yet,How do you know we must be bear people。But dare not speak,I knew that he was not a fuel-efficient lamp before he was divided into classes。He was still talking to himself:“My name is Wang Cheng,Your future monitor,You can call me the monitor,You can also call me Wang Cheng。Now I declare the first commandment of class one,To answer the chief’s question, you must call a report first。Now I will take you to the dormitory to clean up the house,Meet on the playground in ten minutes!Listen now,Turn left,Running!”
I sorted out the housework that day,Discipline in a class,Then I walked in harmony,It’s not very bitter。It’s not light the next day,The whistle sounded。Everyone get together,The squad leader wore camouflage training uniforms,After he was lined up, he said:“Now what time i want to say,One,Your getting up is too slow,I will not repeat this sentence in the future,You know the consequences,Five kilometers trail running。two,Forgot to tell you yesterday,A shift has to run a five-kilometer morning run every morning before the wake-up call sounds,Considering that you just came here today, the five-kilometer penalty run will be saved,Run three kilometers。Go now!”Then there is a three-kilometer morning run,Back in step,Also teach military posture。Still have to practice at night,Only us,Military posture。Cold wind blowing,Hands and feet are terribly cold but can’t move,I clearly feel the numbness of the hands and feet,No sense。But he still has no intention to disband,Seeing my comrades fall one by one,Take it back to the infirmary。He said:“Have you seen it all,Bear people!How long is this?Just fell,You are still on the battlefield?Wait to die。Do you recognize bears”……“No,I thought I was a tough guy,Tell you the truth,Still a long way to go!”I do not speak,Thinking of Xiaoxue,Will she also suffer such sufferingWill you also stand in the cold wind,I really want to know how she is now。But i don’t know where she is,Only know her and me,In the same military district,More i don’t know。One……again……one more,Comrades then fell,In the end, only me and two other comrades in arms are still standing in the wind,The monitor has been standing in front of us and facing us,He hasn’t moved。He is a veteran scout squad leader with excellent military quality,Comrade recruit, but he is normal。I can’t stand it when all my comrades in arms are not down,But for the sake of Xiaoxue, I kept going、Stand up,The idea is too simple but it works for me。Finally it’s the last time he said:Come here tonight!I fainted when I heard,it’s finally over……
I was awakened by my comrades,Morning jog the next morning,I’m afraid of getting up too slowly, so I’ll prepare early。Some even get up long ago and get dressed。In the end it was because of a comrade who ran for ten kilometers。We don’t blame him,Because I know the guilt of making mistakes,What is needed is understanding and comfort。In the words of the monitor,We are a whole,One person is punished as a whole,We need to share happiness。
Next we are ready in the morning,Morning jog。Running at night、Punch、Military posture、Keep pace,Can’t stand it at first,But then I gradually adapted,people,There is always a process of adaptation。Everyone was ready one morning, but the squad leader came to call for a morning run,Everyone is wondering when I glance at the alarm clock,A minute passed,Just tell everyone to run,Don’t wait for him,At the end of the recruit company, the squad leader told me that it was a test,I feel lingering in my heart,so close!I have to admire the squad leader’s scheming……
Training punch,I hammered the sandbag with all my strength,The squad leader is talking next to us:“I tell you,In front of you is the enemy armed to the teeth,You are going to beat him desperately,Don’t be like a bitch,Force!”He told me to leave,And then rushed up with a few punches,Still roaring。Sandbags shook,The power is really great,“did you see it?Set like this,Come again!”I just hammered that sandbag desperately,The hammer does not shake at first,Later I was able to hammer sandbags like the monitor。after that,I even have a fast hammering method,Back of hand、Sandbags are all blood,But i don’t care,I don’t seem to feel pain or sore hands,I thought it would be hard work,Then I came to the reconnaissance company,I knew it was just fur。
Where’s Xiaoxue,Seems to forget,Only when night comes do I think of her back,I missed her desperately when I turned to her photos while sorting out the house,I thought of her when I was about to faint in training,And then hold on desperately,Survive。She has become an indispensable part of my life,I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose her……
In the second half of the recruit company,We train to shoot。Everyone is holding a 95 assault rifle and aiming at a steel target in the distance,Not allowed to move,There are no bullets in the magazine,The company commander said to experience it first for safety,The squad leader finishes the precautions and remembers everything before sending the bullet。Our class received the bullet first,The reason is because the monitor is forced to remember Lao,In him“brutal”Under the rule of,We dare not neglect。I find the best feeling for every bullet before I pull the trigger,Although the speed is not fast, the hit rate is still quite high,Remember the first day of the bullet, a buddy was too excited and wasted more than ten bullets at once,Then be,Terrible。Overall, our class has the best grades,Was forced out by the monitor,And I’m the best in my class,Shooting performance is the first,Of course it cannot be compared with the monitor,He is a veteran scout,But it’s better than him.。My grades are better because I cherish it,anything else?Just anger,Yes,anger!I will never forget what those people said about Xiaoxue when I was a student,Hatred、A touch of hatred,The hatred that I have never dared to vent,I am aiming at the steel target,The bullet is loaded。I seem to hear those harsh words“Look at her,Dirty”“I really don’t know how she did so well,Cheating。”……I feel my eyes are blurred,The muscles on the face twitch,Is that kind of anger,I pulled the trigger,A gunshot。bingo,Ten rings。That was my first shot,Then everyone looked at me,Monitor looks at me,I didn’t know until later,The reconnaissance company commander also looked at me,After all, not many can hit ten rings in the first shot。
Then the trouble came,Because I have good shooting results,Even fighting hard,Overall score is good,Many company commanders are watching,I really want this soldier,Even within the range I don’t know,Some company commanders fought secretly for this soldier。And the squad leader also discovered some of my characteristics under those countless days and nights.:Like dark competition、Contempt for authority、Empathy、Patience has a certain limit、If you get annoyed, you’ll hit someone no matter who he is,He said I can’t do it, so I will practice hard,Until he was surprised;Use power to force me to do nothing;For the sake of my brothers,Patience is not so good,But even if I can’t help it, I don’t talk too much,To form that indifferent character。Now he grabbed my handle,Can proceed with his plan。
I hammered sandbags desperately that day,He said:Your power is too small,Watch me!A few punches shook the sandbag,say to me:Come again!exert oneself!I shook the sandbag with a few punches,Same as his strength,Then looked at him,He has no satisfied expression,There was a sneer at the corner of the mouth。Shooting training,I’m half-squatting and half-kneeling holding the 95 assault rifle,Aiming at the steel target,The monitor is standing on the side,Mine are four fixed steel targets,I took my breath and shot out four bullets,“Bang bang bang”Four shots all in,It’s not like ten rings,Are close to the target center。All my comrades agreed,I feel very satisfied,Very happy,Unexpectedly, the monitor said:“Just so!”My joy is gone,He took out his 95 assault rifle,Squeeze the bullet quickly,The monitor over there has already changed the target paper,Then he rolls forward,To get up is to squat and kneel,The gun has been loaded in this tumbling action,Then rapid fire,“boom……boom……boom……”Ten steel targets have been shot,It’s not the order from one side to the other,It’s an irregular play,Every target is nine rings,Really a master,He walked back:Saw?“report,Saw。”
“This is just fur,Basic skills。how about it?Dare to try?”He took a magazine,Twenty bullets。
I was stunned,I’m not sure about playing like him,He went on to say:“If you can’t, just recognize the bear,No one will laugh at you!”I didn’t plan to fight,But his words made me ignite the flame of challenge,Look at him with contemptuous eyes,I said:I can!
Took his magazine,I turned to the steel target。Replace the empty magazine just now,I adjust my breathing again。Run two steps forward and turn over,Load up immediately,To get up is to squat and kneel,Raise the gun and aim at the steel target and shoot,The same is not from left to right,Hit when you see one。boom……boom……boom……Ten bullets have been shot out,Feel a little powerless,I take a breath,Hold your breath,boom……boom……Bang bang,Ten shots popped out again。The result was 20 shots,A total of one hundred and eighty-eight rings,I got up and looked at him,Then he said:Triangle Cat’s Kung Fu,Do you want to try

“Xiao Ming,Don’t give in,Sinister Capital,With Xiao Cheng by your side,How much can i help you!”Dugu Fengyun said with a smile:“I’m alone,Really nothing to report,I can only ask my apprentice to repay you for me!”

“but……”Mo Xiaosheng’s expression is quite embarrassed,In fact, if someone who knows this kind of profound art can help me,Then I am absolutely even more powerful,Sui Jingcheng,But it’s really a bit lovable。
After Ming Cheng listened to Dugu Fengyun’s words, his expression was frozen,Turning around, Xiaosheng said to Mo:“Mr Ming,Since my master said that,Don’t refuse,I understand,I hope to follow Mr. Ming from now on,Defend Mr. Ming to the death!”
“Yes,Xiao Ming,Don’t refuse!”Dugu Fengyun squinted and said,“Actually I let him follow you,Also to protect him,to be honest,He is not from the MI Department,His existence,Not many people know,Innocent,If he follows me,Will be exposed sooner or later,Better to stay with you,Maybe in the future it will be a magic trick for me to defeat the enemy!”
Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help but shook his head and smiled,Said:“Since the old man insists on doing this,It’s better to respect the younger generation!”
First0386Chapter Discussion
Originally, Mo Xiaosheng thought that Dugu Fengyun meant to wait for him to cure his illness,Let Mingcheng follow him,But who knew that when Mo Xiaosheng left today,Dugu Fengyun asked Mingcheng to pack his things,Leaving the villa with Mo Xiaosheng。
Before Mingcheng leaves, call two younger brothers,I carefully explained to them the medicine Dugu Fengyun was taking these days。
Then Ming Cheng faced Dugu Fengyun,Kneel on the ground with a puff,Respectfully knocked his head three times,Fixed channel:“Master,Always take care of yourself when the disciple is away,do not worry,I will obey your instructions,Protect Mr. Mo to the death!”
“okay,go Go!”
Dugu Fengyun turned his head and looked into the distance,Deliberately didn’t go to see him,There was a faint trace of tears in my muddy eyes。
Mingcheng regards him as his father,Why doesn’t he consider Mingcheng his own son??!

Really scary!

These words completely overturned Wang Yufei’s impression that he was just a technical mansion in his heart.。
A few simple sentences make the analysis of Silicon Valley’s interests too thorough,Three points!
Even more clearly and far-reaching than many people in the industry see,And it’s very easy to understand。
He might not have thought that this kind of competition could be expressed like this。
Yu Xingwei felt that if the big boss heard Wang Yufei’s analysis,I definitely want to introduce this kid as my confidant!
“Silicon Valley benefits,Silicon Valley benefits!aweason!Yes,This time, for China, we are playing against the interests of Silicon Valley.!Otherwise, it’s boring to always follow other people’s buttocks to eat.!So you don’t have to worry about us!Already prepared,In fact, is there a brain-computer chip that should come sooner or later!”
“No no no,You misunderstood me。I am not worried about you?I just think,Since Changxiang Technology and Weihua have cooperation on brain-computer chips,These two technologies happen to move each other’s cheese,How about we can cooperate deeply,how about it?”
“Ok?How a deep cooperation method?”
288 Send me a message,Declare war!(2/5)
Wang Yufei’s words made Yu Xingwei some interested,Asked:“Oh?Such a deep cooperation method?”
Wang Yufei replied:“You know,Although our Changxiang Technology currently does not have the ability to develop and produce hardware,But the software is still very strong。Tell you,In the past, Changxiang Technology mainly took in some outsourcing software business。So it is better that we can jointly develop an operating system that can maximize the advantages of brain-computer chips,how about it?”
Yu Xingwei took a breath。
He didn’t expect Wang Yufei to give such a suggestion after killing him。
Cooperative development of operating system?

Since Zi Ji was the first to introduce this soul bone。That proves that the value of the other two spirit bones is definitely not too bad。

“This soul bone was presented to the Lord by the Scarlet King,Two hundred thousand years of hell three-headed dog skull。”Zi Ji introduced。Such a soul bone even if she is a little moved。After all, the 200,000-year-old soul beast is already extremely strong,She hasn’t reached 300,000 years yet。
“Two hundred thousand years?”Zhao Ming surprised。It seems that the Scarlet King has lost his blood。This should be the result of a powerful clan member of his race who fell and stayed behind during the 200,000-year catastrophe.。
Two hundred thousand soul bone,Dare he say,There may be,But there are only one or two at most。And it’s almost impossible to have the 200,000-year-old three-headed dog skull in Ziji’s hands with good quality。
“This piece is prepared by Ditian for the Lord,One Hundred Thousand Years Black Dragon Right Arm Bone。Because Ditian’s clans are scarce,So he asked me to say sorry to the Lord on his behalf。”Brigitte whispered。
“Nothing。I know all about their black dragon clan。”Zhao Ming nodded。Ditian and their Black Dragon clan are second only to the Dragon God among the dragon soul beasts, as well as the Golden Dragon and Silver Dragon.,The value of this 100,000-year-old black dragon’s right arm bone is not even worse than that of the two-hundred-year-old three-headed dog skull.。
One Hundred Thousand Years of Dark Golden Direclaw Bear Metacarpal Bone。
Two hundred thousand years of hell three-headed dog skull。
One hundred thousand years old black dragon right arm bone。
Every soul bone is a peerless treasure,If you release the news,The whole continent is going to go crazy。
After all in Douyi,Titan and Azure are both powerful soul beasts they recognize,They must have never seen the soul bone produced by this peerless beast。Even if Wuhun Temple knows these fierce beasts in the core area,I don’t have the guts to hunt the soul beast。
after all,A single emperor can blast a thousand Daoliu。
Plus many other beasts,The title Douluo of Wuhun Palace is here,Can’t please。

Speaking of this, Bibi Dong immediately looked at Lin Yan,The cold feeling in his eyes made Lin Yan seem to have fallen into the ice cellar,Lin Yan immediately stared at her sister’s ferocious eyes and was startled.。

“Yaer,What are you talking about,How could a teacher go to your room in the middle of the night?!”
“Oh,Ok,I thought the master could come tonight,So I left you the door,Since you are not coming,Ya’er can only come to you by herself,Where are you going?”
“Master is going to Clear Sky School,are you going?”Lin Yan asked lightly。
Ya’er was not polite at all and went straight into the carriage,Lin Yan’s face twitched, he was just polite,Who thought she really came up,Lin Yan can’t say anything since it’s up。
“what!”I saw Bibi Dong pinched Lin Yan’s waist severely,At this moment, Lin Yan stared at Bibi Dong with wide eyes in disbelief。
“Yan’er, your clothes are dirty,Sister wipe it for you!”
“Master, why is your face so ruddy??”Ya’er doubted。
Lin Yan’s eyes widened,Can’t he tell him that he was pinched??After a long time, Lin Yan closed his eyes and started practicing,Since leaving Poseidon Island,His cultivation stayed at level 89,Only one step away from reaching Title Douluo level can help Yuntian recover his body by then.。And you can also get the position of God,Now Tang San has reached the Title Douluo level,And also got the magic of Poseidon’s Trident。
The carriage stopped at the foot of a mountain two days later,Lin Yan looked around,A few big words appeared before his eyes“Haotianzong!”Lin Yan got out of the carriage,Then a few people all walked down。
“In front of His Royal Highness is Clear Sky School,Let’s go up now!”Giant Crocodile Douluo whispered。
Lin Yan nodded,Turned and looked at them,Two wings spread out in the air at this moment。
Several people nodded and speeded up to follow Lin Yan’s pace,And the soldiers tightly surrounded the Clear Sky School and didn’t let anyone go out。
But when the disciple of the search in Haotian saw Lin Yan, he panicked.,Immediately returned to the sect,At this moment, Tang Xiao sighed around the corpse.。
“When did she die?How to die?”Tang Xiao said lightly。
“Ugh,She was already dead when we went,It looks like it’s blood and blood。”
“Dies,What’s the use of staying in the Clear Sky School after the body is dirty!”One of the elders said coldly。
“Report!”At this time, the inspector ran to the lobby,When he saw that the very elders were there, his heart was relaxed。

Young woman flushed,I can’t worry about getting the pants wet,Hurriedly took the liquid from the bottle and washed the affected area,The water ran down her legs to ankles。

After washing,Young woman takes off her coat,Around the waist,Avoid embarrassment。
Ba Zi Hu greeted her,Then I picked up a small sharp scalpel,Aiming at young woman’s ankle,Lightly cut,A lot of yellow-red pus and blood flowed out immediately。
Everyone couldn’t help but be surprised,I don’t understand how pus and blood can flow out of the good ankle。
“Try now,Does it still hurt??”Ba Zi Hu wiped the blood from the young woman’s legs with yellow paper,Asked。
“It doesn’t hurt anymore?!”
Young woman moved her legs,Miraculously found out where I was originally affected,It doesn’t hurt at all。
“Genius,Thank you,Thank you!”
The young woman nodded in thanks,While taking out all the dozen hundred yuan bills in the wallet,Put it in a small wooden box of Ba Zi Hu。
He smiled and nodded,My eyes are crooked。
“Miss Anne,What are you talking about??”Li Zhen on the side is confused,Asked Annie。
Annie doesn’t know how to explain it now,Obviously there are sores elsewhere,Why cut the foot,Sore just fine。
“interesting。”A smile appeared on Mo Xiaosheng’s face,Glancing at the baggage in front of the eight-character Hu。
“Mr,You see the doorway is coming?”Li Zhen hurriedly asked。
“Killed!Killed!madman!madman!Run away!”
Li Zhen’s voice just fell,I just listened to a sudden scream next to me,Then a man with blood on his face quickly ran past the crowd。
After everyone saw his appearance, they couldn’t help but take a breath,Because a large part of his face is gone,With bare gums and teeth,Terrifying。
He just ran over,A person ran behind him immediately,Weird hand and foot posture,Distorted expression,Bulging eyes,Open mouth,Mouthful of blood,A wild roar in his throat,“Kill you!Kill you!”
Everyone shivered with fright,This crazy and hideous look,Like the zombies in European and American TV series!

Madam Du smiled helplessly at Mo Xiaosheng,Her youthful face,But the mysterious doctor who all depends on。

“In this case,Then naturally I can’t forcefully stop,but,If I ask the mysterious doctor to pay me back,This is not too much?!”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled and glanced at the man in black,Actually he guessed it just now,Most of these people are from the mysterious doctor。
Can send so many masters of profound arts at the same time,Looking at China,In addition to the MI,I’m afraid there is only the mysterious doctor!
A few people in black said nothing,His eyes swept Mo Xiaosheng coldly。
“Not excessive,Not excessive!”
Mrs. Du said hurriedly,“but,Mr. Mo,You can’t be too harsh,You can’t use this treasure of town,Let’s exchange another treasure of town?!”
“This naturally can’t!”
Mo Xiaosheng shook his head and smiled,Then he raised his head and said,“Actually I just want to be alone!”
“A person?!”
Madam Du couldn’t help but startled,He looked at Mo Xiaosheng in astonishment,Asked suspiciously,“Mr. Mo wants,Who is it?Could it be that in this mysterious doctor,And your friends?!”
“Not bad,She is my friend’s little niece!”
Mo Xiaosheng held his chest up,Said loudly,“My friend’s little niece is seriously ill,Was sent to the mysterious doctor by my friend,At that time, in order to ask the mysterious doctor to treat his little niece,He once promised to do three things for the mysterious doctor,Before these three things are done,Even if the mysterious doctor cures his little niece,Won’t let his little niece go with him,and so,Now I ask Xuan Yimen to abolish the agreement with my friend,Return his little niece to us!”
Anyway, his ice toad was originally reserved to help King Yue to exchange his little niece back,Now that I met someone from the mysterious doctor,Then he just tells the request directly,It also saves him and Yuerenwang going to Divine Hanhai。
The doctors present were startled when they heard Mo Xiaosheng’s words.,Obviously something unexpected,Can’t help but talk in a low voice。
“It turns out that this mysterious doctor is really still alive,But heal people,Make this request,Isn’t it a bit too much??!”
“Yes,I remember the ancient name of the mysterious doctor‘Benevolent’,How did this come to now,Developed like this?Isn’t this a threat?!”
“I guess it’s not the old mysterious doctor?even if,Development till now,It might have changed!”
“Ugh,I didn’t expect it,Some people and sects,Although the reputation is loud,But virtue is not coordinated!”


An editor directly agreed:“I said the same!The drama is full of emotions,Make people feel more empathetic。《Gift in Room 7》And no special effects,It all depends on the story to attract people。If it is for the audience to enjoy the performances of drama artists on the spot,It must be more exciting than the movie!”
“I’m afraid I dare not watch。”The female editor who spoke at the beginning,Very resentful:“Just read the text,I can’t cry anymore!I’m afraid you need someone to accompany you to go to the movie,Where dare to watch a drama?”
Several people are discussing here,It opened a new door for Shen Huan。
Yes indeed!
Previous life“Happy twist”movie of,Basically it was adapted from their drama,And the effect is very good,Usually the drama is popular and then the movie is popular。
《Gift in Room 7》Can do that too!
First come to the whole country100Theater tour,Then make a movie!
“Ding Dong!”
“Great system that is smart and understanding,Discover an opportunity to further spread the reputation of weak chicken hosts!Special task!”
“Within a year,The host needs to plagiarize《Gift in Room 7》Put on the stage,Face the audience and start the show!”
“As long as the relevant popularity requirements are met,Then the system will give a mysterious reward,Will definitely satisfy the public host!”
Shen Huan heard this task,The first reaction is to become angry。
Good master,I said you are enough!
You keep reminding me of plagiarism、Wen Chao Gong,I’m shameless?