Old Gu said:“Have you been to Zou Zijie’s garden recently??”

Ding Yi said:“Haven’t been there recently,Been there after May Day。”
Old Gu said:“It’s more beautiful now than then,Bamboo gallery、Wooden house,Same as Xanadu。”
Ding Yi said:“When i go,There are also bamboo corridors and wooden houses。”
Old Gu said:“The wooden house is now decorated,Owned by Mayor Peng。Really good there,Fresh air,nice environment,People have to live long。You,Talk to Mayor Jiang later,You also go to occupy his two rooms,Can give him some rent,Otherwise idle is idle。The day before yesterday, Lu Hua pulled a large cart of furniture eliminated from the Kangzhou government,Just bring a bed if you go,let me tell you,Get up in the morning,Run around there,You will write calligraphy again,It’s a life like a fairy。”
Ding Yi smiled,Said:“Can go to him for the weekend。”
Old Gu said:“Mayor Peng occupies one of his,He lives in two rooms,Two rooms want Minister Wang to come and live。”
After Ding Yi,Asked in surprise:“Really?When will the minister come?”
Old Gu said:“almost,I went back and brought some life items,This will be all set up,He can come and live after setting up。”
Ding Yi said:“Ha ha,My heart moved by what you said。”
“Yes,Shu Qing also liked it very much。”
Ding Yiwen:“Are they getting married there?”
“This one,I’m not very sure,Probably not,Can live temporarily,It’s impossible to live there for a long time,After all, it’s not convenient in winter。”
Ding Yi said:“When are they getting married?”
“almost,Not young anymore,It’s time to end,The two have long been talking about marriage,To catch up with him and transfer to Lang Zhulai,Just delayed。”
Ding Yi said:“Time to end,So I can take care of each other。”
Old Gu said:“He has many difficulties in getting married here,It’s not like you and Secretary Jiang,He just came,homeless,Where is the knot,Where is home,Who dominate?This is all,He has no time to think about these now。”
“This is indeed a practical problem。”