“mom——This will really spoil him,What children are really used to。”Xia Jihan frowned and said。

“OK OK。Go upstairs and see what Master Guan is doing?Baby, just leave it alone。”Guan Yao urged Xia Jihan to go upstairs。
Zhou Yue said with a smile:“Sister Xiaoxia,You just accept it,Now it can’t be spent as an education fund.。”
Yang Xue also said:“Just,When Education Fund。We only give him now,If you don’t have it in the future。”
Xia Jihan is bitter,She does not care about her loved ones,But in the long run,The baby does develop bad habits。She has dimly realized that this family will give unlimited love to the baby,Even unconditional,I can’t help but have a faint worry。
At this moment,Close the square and open the door,Holding the unopened packaging box,Said in frustration:“look,Why is this child spoiled?,I have never seen such a sensible child。Afraid of mother being upset,The baby won’t take it apart。”
326Xia Jihan’s worry
Everyone praised。Grandma immediately picked up the baby behind grandpa,Kissed his cheek and said:“Good grandson,Good grandson,Why are you doing this、So promising?”
Guan Yao took the baby from his mother’s arms,Said:“Good nephew,Good nephew,Why are you doing this、So sensible?”
Guan Zhengfang said:“Just,What a child,I live so old,Traveled all over China,I’ve never seen such a reasonable child!”
Xia Jihan really lost her temper when she heard it,They are about to lift the baby to the sky!She sat down on the sofa frustrated。
Zhou Yue secretly smiled at her covering her mouth,And made a mischievous face。As a baby,What mom doesn’t allow,He won’t do,This is normal。But in the eyes of the whole family,How come it’s like this?