Murong Shan also smiled and persuaded Shen Ruoxi。

In fact, Shen Ruoxi can also think of these principles,Just care is messy,Shen Ruoxue is her sister after all,Don’t worry, it’s absolutely impossible。
Talking about Yang Shiyun“Bet”Brought the two little monsters into the dormitory,Then walked to them and stopped,Holding both arms and looking at them coldly。
“sister……Can you not look at us like this!Your eyes,Very scary!My hair stands up。”
Liu Xiaoyun said with a guilty conscience。
“Tut tut,When you are still scared?Rare!”
Yang Shiyun said quietly。
Liu Xiaoyun is embarrassed,Shen Ruoxue didn’t even dare to say anything。
“Speak,How do you two bully the girls at home??Why even Yanzi,You two older sisters are so afraid of you two?”
Yang Shiyun calmed down and said to Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue。
“We really don’t……”
Liu Xiaoyun said embarrassingly。
“Dare you say one more thing!”
Yang Shiyun’s eyes widened again!“We just get close to everyone occasionally……”
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