Old Gu said:“Have you been to Zou Zijie’s garden recently??”

Ding Yi said:“Haven’t been there recently,Been there after May Day。”
Old Gu said:“It’s more beautiful now than then,Bamboo gallery、Wooden house,Same as Xanadu。”
Ding Yi said:“When i go,There are also bamboo corridors and wooden houses。”
Old Gu said:“The wooden house is now decorated,Owned by Mayor Peng。Really good there,Fresh air,nice environment,People have to live long。You,Talk to Mayor Jiang later,You also go to occupy his two rooms,Can give him some rent,Otherwise idle is idle。The day before yesterday, Lu Hua pulled a large cart of furniture eliminated from the Kangzhou government,Just bring a bed if you go,let me tell you,Get up in the morning,Run around there,You will write calligraphy again,It’s a life like a fairy。”
Ding Yi smiled,Said:“Can go to him for the weekend。”
Old Gu said:“Mayor Peng occupies one of his,He lives in two rooms,Two rooms want Minister Wang to come and live。”
After Ding Yi,Asked in surprise:“Really?When will the minister come?”
Old Gu said:“almost,I went back and brought some life items,This will be all set up,He can come and live after setting up。”
Ding Yi said:“Ha ha,My heart moved by what you said。”
“Yes,Shu Qing also liked it very much。”
Ding Yiwen:“Are they getting married there?”
“This one,I’m not very sure,Probably not,Can live temporarily,It’s impossible to live there for a long time,After all, it’s not convenient in winter。”
Ding Yi said:“When are they getting married?”
“almost,Not young anymore,It’s time to end,The two have long been talking about marriage,To catch up with him and transfer to Lang Zhulai,Just delayed。”
Ding Yi said:“Time to end,So I can take care of each other。”
Old Gu said:“He has many difficulties in getting married here,It’s not like you and Secretary Jiang,He just came,homeless,Where is the knot,Where is home,Who dominate?This is all,He has no time to think about these now。”
“This is indeed a practical problem。”

“mom——This will really spoil him,What children are really used to。”Xia Jihan frowned and said。

“OK OK。Go upstairs and see what Master Guan is doing?Baby, just leave it alone。”Guan Yao urged Xia Jihan to go upstairs。
Zhou Yue said with a smile:“Sister Xiaoxia,You just accept it,Now it can’t be spent as an education fund.。”
Yang Xue also said:“Just,When Education Fund。We only give him now,If you don’t have it in the future。”
Xia Jihan is bitter,She does not care about her loved ones,But in the long run,The baby does develop bad habits。She has dimly realized that this family will give unlimited love to the baby,Even unconditional,I can’t help but have a faint worry。
At this moment,Close the square and open the door,Holding the unopened packaging box,Said in frustration:“look,Why is this child spoiled?,I have never seen such a sensible child。Afraid of mother being upset,The baby won’t take it apart。”
326Xia Jihan’s worry
Everyone praised。Grandma immediately picked up the baby behind grandpa,Kissed his cheek and said:“Good grandson,Good grandson,Why are you doing this、So promising?”
Guan Yao took the baby from his mother’s arms,Said:“Good nephew,Good nephew,Why are you doing this、So sensible?”
Guan Zhengfang said:“Just,What a child,I live so old,Traveled all over China,I’ve never seen such a reasonable child!”
Xia Jihan really lost her temper when she heard it,They are about to lift the baby to the sky!She sat down on the sofa frustrated。
Zhou Yue secretly smiled at her covering her mouth,And made a mischievous face。As a baby,What mom doesn’t allow,He won’t do,This is normal。But in the eyes of the whole family,How come it’s like this?

At the beginning, Liu Rushi refused to let Qin Liang see her body in underwear.,And left Ouya angrily,Finally……Not only was Qin Liang seen wearing underwear,Qin Liang saw even wearing nothing on his body,Not only seen by him,Also kissed by him,Touched……

“I knew it,Why bother,Ha ha。”
Thought of this,Qin Liangqing couldn’t help but sigh with emotion。
“What did you whisper about that?”
Liu Rushi came over with a cup of coffee。Curiously asked。
“Oh oh,I’m talking:I knew you were so capable,I was tied,I want to tie you to the company。”
Qin Liang is talking,Didn’t take that cup of coffee,Instead, he stretched out two hands and hugged Liu Rushi。
“Hey!Don’t make trouble!coffee!Be careful not to knock over!”
Liu Rushi screamed immediately。
“Ha ha,Silly girl,I don’t want to drink coffee。”
Qin Liang had to take the coffee,And put it on Liu Rushi’s desk,And hugged her again。
“Don’t you like coffee?Then what do you want to drink?There is still wine and drinks in the refrigerator,I’ll get you what you drink。”
Liu Rushi continued to keep calm and said,As long as Ouya is a president-level office,Various configurations are imitated by Shen Ruoxi’s office,So there are some in Shen Ruoxi’s office,There are almost all in Liu Rushi’s office,After all, her executive level in the company is also at the vice president level.。
“I just want to drink you now。”

Murong Shan also smiled and persuaded Shen Ruoxi。

In fact, Shen Ruoxi can also think of these principles,Just care is messy,Shen Ruoxue is her sister after all,Don’t worry, it’s absolutely impossible。
Talking about Yang Shiyun“Bet”Brought the two little monsters into the dormitory,Then walked to them and stopped,Holding both arms and looking at them coldly。
“sister……Can you not look at us like this!Your eyes,Very scary!My hair stands up。”
Liu Xiaoyun said with a guilty conscience。
“Tut tut,When you are still scared?Rare!”
Yang Shiyun said quietly。
Liu Xiaoyun is embarrassed,Shen Ruoxue didn’t even dare to say anything。
“Speak,How do you two bully the girls at home??Why even Yanzi,You two older sisters are so afraid of you two?”
Yang Shiyun calmed down and said to Liu Xiaoyun and Shen Ruoxue。
“We really don’t……”
Liu Xiaoyun said embarrassingly。
“Dare you say one more thing!”
Yang Shiyun’s eyes widened again!“We just get close to everyone occasionally……”
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“Saw it!”

All the girls answered in unison。
“Wakayu,are you OK?”
Daochang Bai walked to Shen Ruoxi’s side,I asked her caringly。
“master……I am pretty tired!I feel like I’m almost exhausted!”
Shen Ruoxi kept breathing,“Breathless”General answer。
“You won’t be exhausted,Don’t worry girl,Swallow,You go to the house to get a chair out,Let her sit down and rest for a while,Regain strength。”
Daochang Bai ordered the swallow。
“Don’t bother swallow,I just sit on the grass。”
Shen Ruoxi finished in one sentence,Just put yourself“throw”It’s underground,In fact, this grassland in front of Shen’s house,Because some girls clean and take care of every day,Almost clean,Let alone sitting on the grass,There won’t be any problems even if you lie down。
“it is good,Then you can sit for a while,This is just the beginning,There are more games behind,You all have to be mentally prepared,Ha ha。”
Daochang Bai said meaningfully……
“what?Oh my God!”
Shen Ruoxi sighed in surprise!Lie on the grass with his back face up!Murong Shan,Chen Hao,Song Min looked at each other,Are all cowardly speechless。

Zheng Rou opened her mouth and just wanted to talk,Zheng Rouduo’s father Zheng Gang came in,“President Ou,Sorry.”This face Zhou is of medium body,Gentle white man,Full of sincere apologies,“Regarding the failure of the car’s brakes and steering wheel,I have something here,Want to talk with you privately.”Smile,“I mean,outside,May I?”Very humorous。

Probably successful and self-conscious, like men like Zheng Gang,Have this common problem——I think I am humorous and make ambiguous jokes about the sexes with the lady。I am so content that I think this is salty or sweet,Personable and approachable,in fact,In the eyes of many ladies,Just beasts wear clothes,I think I’m an individual.Less humorous。Professional women have probably encountered this kind of men from the workplace,Sexual harassment that was portrayed very high.
Ou Zhaozhao puts away his smile,“Mr. Zheng,I want to see the kids,not very convenient,My lawyer has arrived,Just outside,What do you want,Just talk to them in private.I think you should be happy to talk to them privately.”And stop watching Zheng Gang,But to ask Jeong Yodo,“Roudo,Come to Aunt Au’s house to eat at night, OK??With my partner,Alright?”Daddy comes in,Seeing the girl who was also injured,Turned a blind eye,Really,Ha ha.
Between Zheng Rouduo and his father Zheng Gang,Ou Zhaozhao,Father and daughter can’t see each other,Zheng Rou hesitated,Nodded cheerfully。
Zheng Gang doesn’t seem to care about Ou Zhaozhao’s attitude just now,Smiled and thanked,So I went out and talked to Ou’s lawyer。From beginning to end,I didn’t even look at Zheng Rou。Baby Ou also noticed,I just want to look up at Zheng Rouduo,But Ou Zhaozhao held his head,Immobile。She struggled slightly,Unsuccessful,Just gave up。
Chapter Twelve Knives
Here,Yuze and Zheng’s sister-in-law are not quarreling anymore。Watching the adults speak quietly。
The two sisters of the Zheng family are twins,Zheng Gang’s half-sister,Zheng Minduo and Zheng Hyedo,Sixteen or seventeen。Jeong Soudo’s stepmother likes Jeong Soudo,Just put her name with the girls,Is there any disgusting Zheng Rouduo’s mother’s mind?,It’s hard to say。and,The three of them still don’t like Zheng Gang very much,The twins now can see Zheng Gang’s jokes。
Zheng family’s current family conflicts,Already directly in front of outsiders。
“Aze, come over.”Ou Zhaozhao called the eldest son,“You didn’t tell me clearly when you called,Delay!!and also,Miss sisters are a generation older than you,How could they quarrel?You are a boy,Don’t fight with girls.”Too low price。
“They are my sister’s black fans!!”Yuze is angry。
“.”Ou’s mother and daughter were speechless,I thought you were in a car accident.
Zheng Minduo worships Ou Zhaozhao,I feel that as Ou Zhaozhao’s sister,Ai Xiaojin actually went to be a vase and an actor,So angry,I became Ai Xiaojin’s black powder。As for Zheng Hyeduo,When her idol and Ai Xiaojin worked together, there were several gif scandals.,For Ai Xiaojin’s behavior of nibbling young grass,Very angry,Is the black powder in the black powder.
But the sisters are in front of Ou Zhaozhao,They all look like well-behaved and innocent girls,Dare not explain,Even more afraid to speak。
Ou Zhaozhao touches Yuze’s forehead,“Your aunt is not a soft sister coin,How could anyone like her??Even if she is,But there are also people who like steel gangs and little goldfish.To accept the diversity of this world,We must accept the diverse views of others.”Emma,I’m such a good mother,So can educate children~~~~Give yourself a like。
“mom,A few days ago, you told Uncle Jin to use the company’s navy to hack others.It’s the one who had the scandal with your little brother.”Ou Baobao teardown。