Zhai Bingde didn’t give him much time to think and respond,Said:“I heard that your relationship with Lao Hu is like a father and son,Take care of him,I want to thank you so much。”

Peng Changyi was filled with suspiciousness on his face,He looked at Zhai Bingde blankly,Said:“Secretary Zhai,How come I never heard old nonsense?”He tried carefully。
“Ha ha,Him,A very character,Right under my nose,Never come to see me,Still so capricious。”Zhai Bingde picked up a pen from the table and fiddled with it,There was a little embarrassment and helpless smile on his face。
“Oh,He is a very stubborn person,I must be afraid of causing you trouble?”He’s still probing。
Don’t know,Zhai Bingde’s face suddenly changed,Throw the pen in your hand on the table,Said:“He is not afraid to cause me trouble,He is afraid of causing trouble to some people!I’ve been looking for him for so long……”There was a strong dissatisfaction in Zhai Bingde’s tone,And a little sour taste,He turned his head out of the window。
Peng Changyi remembers that Zhai Bingde told him that,I have been with Lao Hu for a long time,Visited the village and county where he was born,Didn’t find him,Thinking of Lao Hu under his nose,And he is also number one in Jinan,But Lao Hu just won’t come out to see him,Zhai Bingde will be very excited,He will be embarrassed,Thought of here,Peng Changyi is so angry and Zhu Guoqing talks a lot,after all,My old chief won’t come out to see him,There must be a reason not to see him,It’s not a glorious thing to say,He said:“Have you met him recently?I asked him for contact information,He won’t give me,Then call me from a phone that I can’t make at all,I haven’t seen him for a long time,Miss him。”
Zhai Bingde turned his face,Picked up the pen on the table again,Sighed deeply,Say:“What’s the use of thinking about him,People don’t want you,Give up,Don’t want to see you——”
Peng Changyi felt a little talking to himself。on“Ok”With a,Nothing else。
Zhai Bingde said to himself again:“Is a poor person,Also a very hard man,Just bad temper!”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Yes,He is watching the door with us,No contact with anyone,Once the Minister of Arms took a newspaper that he didn’t divide,He hurried to get the newspaper back,The Minister of Armed Forces wanted to scold him,But at his age, he ignored him,Is a very unsocial person,Just get along with me。”