Chapter One Thousand Eighty One What am i doing

? “Give it to you。”
Without hesitation, the man handed the knife he was holding to Mei Zi’s hand。
“well,You take the initiative to turn in the murder weapon,I will definitely include it when I write the report,This is also a condition for you to reduce your crime。”
Meizi carefully put the knife away,Nodded and said。
“Then let’s not waste time now,Call the police,I will take you to arrest people。”
The man can’t wait……
“No need to call someone,There are ready-made people around me,Let’s go now。Ha ha……”
Meizi answered casually。
“Let’s go?Are you joking?”
The man obviously didn’t understand what Meizi was saying……
“Ok,Then I will show you the people around me,master,You all come out,He has surrendered。”
Meizi hesitated,Still called someone in the headset。