Zhang Zidong has already chatted with my relatives,Are all my cousins,Although some are older than me,But still more common language than the elderly!

See me back,Zhang Zidong came to me,Asking if to start。
I nodded,Zhang Zidong will preside over this meeting!
Zhang Zidong turned off the light in the room,Projector turned on,Started to talk about the retail project of Huanglong Ceramics very seriously!
Zhang Zidong is very straightforward,Explain profound theories in simple language,And also very humorous,The atmosphere is joyful。
Half an hour later,Is the question session。
Do you have something you don’t understand?,This can avoid problems in later operations。
This session lasted more than an hour,Even the old men who don’t know how to write a lot understand what it means!
Everyone is very excited,Understand that this is an opportunity to make a fortune。
I returned the phone bag to Zhang Qi,I already know the amount of each house,Everyone actually did their best,No reservations!
In fact, it’s normal to have reservations,Being able to actively help is a kind of heart,Commendable!
This favor,I will return in an affordable way!
Next is all kinds of registration and signing,Zhang Zidong was very patient and led the team to complete this task。
His team is really excellent,Each is a graduate of a key university,Serious and responsible,And the learning ability is particularly strong,The character is also very good!
Not to say,Highly educated people have high quality。
But relatively speaking,Certainly educated person,Quality will be better,There is no doubt about ability。
The most powerful is their learning ability and adaptability,I was able to rush across the single-plank bridge,It is already a proof of excellence!
I am looking forward to Zhang Zidong’s team,Is gradually improving。

Murong Shan continued to teach Shen Ruoxi unceremoniously。

“As the saying goes,Try to speak carefully,In case Xiaoxue accidentally heard that she was mentally ill,That’s another big trouble,Our baby sister,It’s really difficult to coax!Too hard to coax。”
Chen Hao has a deep understanding,She watched Shen Ruoxue grow up,The level of understanding of Shen Ruoxue is no less than that of Shen Ruoxi and her parents,That’s why she said that。
“Yep,I will correct it next time,Won’t be wrong again。”
Shen Ruoxi nodded and agreed。
“Ugh,Time flies!In a blink of an eye, Xiaoxue is twenty years old!I remember the first time I saw her,She is still wearing crotch pants,Ha ha。”
Song Min started to sigh again。
“Don’t you want to say that Xiaoxue peeed all over again??”
Chen asked Song Min with a smile。
“If time can be reversed,I’d rather let her pee on me now,It doesn’t matter if I pee every day,I am willing。”
Song sensitively replied……
“What’s wrong?”
Shen Ruoxi asked awkwardly,Murong Shan and Chen Hao also stopped their movements,Look at Song Min together。
“It’s nothing,I just remembered a lot of things that happened over the years,If time can be turned back,Maybe I can make fewer mistakes。”
Song Min answered with a wry smile。
“Each of us makes mistakes……And think so:If time really goes back,Maybe the mistakes you made will not be made again,But there may be some mistakes you haven’t made before。”
When Shen Ruoxi enlightened others,The organization is still very clear。
“Yes,Our whole life,Is the process of making mistakes and correcting mistakes continuously,I want to make no mistakes,Then we have to wait until the day we leave this world,Ha ha。”
Chen Hao also helped。
“But some mistakes cost too much,Big enough……I will never forget,The wound will never heal。”

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Chapter three thousand nine hundred and twenty five I said I married it
Shen Ruoxue is online now……She was able to stir up the master if she didn’t care,Let alone make sense now。
“Damn,The hat is so big!This has become an insult!”
Liu Xiaoyun’s dumbfounded answer。
“Just!Just insult me!I can’t see the way with a pair of boots on my chest?Is it such an exaggeration??I didn’t have a pair of basketballs!”
Shen Ruoxue started,The first wave of firepower attacks is overwhelming。In fact, of course she didn’t have a pair of basketballs,Although she is really big,But it’s within the normal range of bodybuilding,If you really want to be a pair of basketballs,Then it can’t talk about“nice”Up,And the part of Shen Ruoxue is very beautiful, sexy and charming。
Moreover,If she becomes a pair of basketballs,That Shen Ruoxi, Murong Shan, Chen Hao, Song Min and Yang Shiyun,Isn’t one of them counted as a basketball?,If you add Xiao Yuer and Murong Xiaoyao,Basically a women’s basketball team can be born……
Swallow really wants to laugh,She endured desperately,So the expression on the face started to become strange,The same goes for Li Qiaoer and Li Yaxin,The only one who can remain calm is Liu Xiaoyun。
“Speaking of basketball,I don’t lie to you,I’ve never played basketball once when I grew up,Not afraid of jokes,I haven’t even touched a basketball,in my memory,I don’t seem to have seen a real basketball。”
Liu Xiaoyun if nothing happened,I turned the topic off without showing a trace!Worthy of being a master!This emotional intelligence is so high that it’s so impressive。
“No way?Never played basketball is normal,Is it a girl after all?,But I have not even seen basketball,This is a bit weird。”
Yanzi immediately cooperated with Liu Xiaoyun。
Everyone knows that Shen Ruoxue is too difficult to coax,So it’s the best way to use this method。

Peng Changyi said:“Next time I come to have a good drink with Director Shi。”

Shi Bingxian sent Peng Changyi out,Liu Zhong glanced back,I got in the car and said to Peng Changyi:“Why did you offend Yao Jing??”
“what happened?”
“I think she is very unfriendly to you,You have also taught together,Should meet very enthusiastically?”Liu Zhong said。
“Ugh,Who can figure out a woman’s mind??”
“Someone can figure it out。”
“Director Shi。”
Peng Changyi smiled and stopped talking,He heard more and more about Shi Bingxian and Yao Jing,Yao Jing is his former colleague,After hearing it, it is the same as not hearing it,Others can spread everywhere,But he can’t,He can’t say something invisible to them。
But from the conversation, Peng Changyi found,Yao Jing is indeed hostile to him,Xin said that Yao Jing is too fond of holding grudges,I said such a word back then,As for letting her remember for a lifetime??Think about it and think she shouldn’t?The cotton mill celebrated the day of the successful election,Yao Jing shook hands with herself,Said to be friends with myself,Why did you suddenly change your mind??Treat him as an enemy?In addition, he saw this woman’s greedy gaze in Yao Jing’s eyes,Maybe after I go,Yao Jing will hook up Jiang Fan?This Yao Jing,More and more weird,It’s like Shi Bingxian’s wife scolded her,Fairy!
Peng Changyi’s guess about Yao Jing is correct at all,She wished Peng Changyi wouldn’t eat here,To carry out her little tricks。
really,After Peng Changyi left,She smiled and said to Shi Guangsheng:“Director Shi,Or contact your old classmates?At noon, I will be your party?”
Shi Guangsheng squinted at Yao Jing,Said:“OK。”So I called Jiang Fan’s office。No one answered,Yao Jing provided Jiang Fan’s pager number,Shi Guangsheng left a message for Jiang Fan。
Jiang Fan is conducting research in the development zone,After winter,Jiang Fan’s main work is on corporate research。One is to have a comprehensive and in-depth grasp of the situation of some key enterprises and township and municipal units in the city,There are also units directly under the Central Province, including garrisons。He has two main purposes for such a large-scale research activity,One is to understand the current survival and operating status of enterprises in this city,The second is to extensively solicit opinions from various units on the work of the government over the past year,So that it can be corrected in the next year,Also prepare for the people’s congress after the new year。
When Lin Yan handed him the pager,He glanced at it and didn’t immediately answer the call,He waited until the last speech was over before he got up and called Shi Guangsheng back.。
I didn’t expect Yao Jing to answer the call,Yao Jing has a sweet smile in her voice,she says:“It’s Mayor Jiang,Director Shi is interviewing with us,I let him tell you。”

She was as capable as her,with potential,A woman who doesn’t look bad,Absolutely sought-after。

But she just arrived in Simao City,Wanfu Building was attacked,Rich people in the city were killed and injured,At this time, everyone is frightened,Very few wealthy people come to Yahang。
Finally at a relatively low price,Wang Hong bought it cleanly。
Cultivating iron cloth shirts need help,In the case of a choice,Wang Hong naturally does not want to be beaten by a rough man。
And the Lijiang Feng family back then,Barely can be regarded as a county-level family。
Although it’s lost now,But Feng Lanlan has a deep understanding of all forces。
This aspect just complements Mo Kui from the bottom,Wait for Wang Hong to settle down in this world,She can also help with many things。
Both Mo Kui and Feng Lanlan were trained by Sanquan School,Even if Wang Hong is just a martial artist,Neither of them shows the slightest disrespect。
With the assistance of these two acquired martial artists,The training efficiency of Wang Hongtie cloth shirt has increased greatly。
Mo Kui, experienced in body training,Gave him a lot of constructive opinions,Further speeded up Wang Hong’s forging body。
Feng Lanlan is good at swordsmanship,The understanding of the acupoints of the whole body is far better than Wang Hong,The precision and strength of her hits,Far from what the coach of Sanda Gym could compare。
Although during the sparring period,The physical strength shown by Wang Hong,Make them dumbfounded,But the acquired martial artist’s attack comes with infuriating,Feng Lanlan is fully capable of sparring tasks。
In the eyes of Mo Kui and Feng Lanlan,Wang Hong has a powerful physical talent。
Not only can the efficiency of external exercises be greatly improved,It also allows him to have the capital to fight higher。
Coupled with a rich family background,It is not impossible to enter the innate in the future。
The perception of right and wrong,Make them feel that their owner has a great future,Do your best when you practice sparring。
Chapter Thirty Two Hard to live
In fact, since selling salt to get a lot of money,Wang Hong’s mind on going to Mingcheng Martial Arts Academy was much weaker。
He already has spirituality,That foreign innate also provided a lot,Currently, Wang Hong is not lacking in exercises,So Mingcheng Wuyuan’s attraction to him has seriously declined。

Han Xiangyu with the help of Qin Liang and Xiao Huahan,Finally got rid of this group of pervasive and stalking bad paparazzi chase and block。

“How are you?Didn’t you fall anywhere??”
Come out from the other end of the alley,Qin Liang helped Han Xiangyu, who was limping, to find a flowerbed on the side of the road to sit down,Ask her with concern。
“I’m fine,It’s my foot,Thank you guy,Fortunately you helped today,Otherwise I don’t know what to do。”
Han Xiangyu endured the pain in her feet,Repeatedly thank Qin Liang。
“Your feet are broken?This one??Let me see for you,I can do a little massage。”
Qin Liang half kneeled on the ground,Carefully hold up the foot of Han Xiangyu,Help her take off her shoes,Then touched it carefully,Ask again:“Does it hurt here??”
“Damn……Yes,Right here。”
Han Xiangyu frowned,Groaned softly。
“it is good,Bear with me,It hurts a little bit,Ready soon。”
Qin Liang was talking,Use two hands to break and push。
Han Xiangyu felt a sharp pain in her feet,But it’s fleeting。
“Does it hurt if you try?”
Qin Liang’s tall and strong kung fu,A small injury like a broken foot is nothing worth mentioning for him.,Naturally handy“hurt”apart from。
“Damn,It really doesn’t hurt!Boy, you really have the ability!”
Han Xiangyu has a great affection for this talented young man in front of him,Can’t help but look at him more,Sigh secretly;“This guy is handsome,Good heart,Humble and polite,How nice he would be if he were my son-in-law!”
This is probably God’s arrangement,Han Xiangyu never expected,The guy she fell in love with,It turned out to be her son-in-law。
Qin Liang also never expected,I just told my brother-in-law, Xiao Huahan, that he would help investigate the situation of Shen Ruoxi’s parents,When I went out, I ran into my mother-in-law……

“Aren’t you nervous at all?”

Yang Shiyun took a while,Actually asked the same question quietly……Then he looked at Qin Liang without blinking。“I’m not nervous,Think about my life and death with you so many times before,Think we were trapped together in the room full of explosives,Think about how many shots you get,The scene where you are still waiting for me to save you,What’s so nervous about me,in my heart,You are mine already
Qin Liang also looked at Yang Shiyun,Answer her very seriously and calmly,His eyes are full of pity and love……
Yang Shiyun was moved instantly!Yes,So many scenes that she will never forget,So much life and death together……And every time Qin Liang encounters danger,,Desperate rescue after rescue!
Compared with these things,Nothing matters……Don’t say that Qin Liang wants to get him,I can even give him his life!
Think of these,Yang Shiyun’s heart became relaxed,The body slowly relaxes。She smiled inwardly;I love this man so much,I decided to agree with my body a long time ago,Still worried,Why are you scared?!
Actually she is really worried,I just learned from my colleagues that I was sleeping with Qin Liang,I am embarrassed to face everyone after I go back。
Time passes slowly,The night starts to darken。
“Girl,You go take a bath,We should rest……”
Qin Liang said shyly。
“What kind of big tail wolf?Are you embarrassed??”
Yang Shiyun asked nonchalantly。
“People are nervous……Finally going to sleep with you。”

So the two people drove Fluttershy’s eye-catching Ferrari on the road……To match the atmosphere,Fluttershy did not know where to find a few western cowboy butterfly discs,I started playing in the car……

Forty minutes later,The two came to a place similar to a tourist attraction,After getting off the bus and walking for ten minutes,An antique teahouse,Appeared in front of Qin Liang。
Many pedestrians stopped along the way,Looking at Fluttershy in amazement。Obviously,This cowgirl with an exotic and beautiful face,Has a strong attraction for everyone。
“Arrived,right here!”
Fluttershy said excitedly。
“Yep。You are waiting here,I’ll call out the fugitive,And then you fight him here,After killing him,We can go get the bounty。”
Qin Liang was joking seriously。
Xiaodie was amused by Qin Liang and laughed,Watching her trembling with flowers,Qin Liang was also infected by her,Joy from the heart。
“Let’s go,Let’s go in,I booked the private room yesterday!”
Fluttershy said like a treasure。
“I have a hasty!You are so sure i can come today?What if I have something to do?”
Qin Liang asked deliberately。
“Will not,You can’t bear me,Will definitely accompany me。”

“I can’t say it is meaningless,At least those are our memories,Good or good,Bad or good,All we have experienced。”

Song Junjie replied lightly。
“I want to try my best to forget all the memories of the past,Whether it is good,Still bad。”
Song Junming said with a wry smile。
“impossible,You can’t do it,After staying here for a few days,You will find;Those memories,It’s the only wealth you deserve to have right now。”
Song Junjie said something very straightforward,But another hit on the nail!
The underlying lines of these words are;In addition to previous memories,You won’t have any memories anymore……
“These few words seem to make sense,It seems that I will continue to live in my previous memories in the future。”
Song Junming thought about these words of Song Junjie,Then he had to agree with the answer。
“It’s ok,With me by your side,Can’t think about it or feel uncomfortable,Just tell me,I believe I can enlighten you a little bit,Although you are my cousin,But i don’t mind being your life mentor,Hahahaha……”
Song Junjie made a deliberate joke,Because he doesn’t like such a dull chat atmosphere,Have come to this point,Why don’t you try to find a way to relax yourself??
“Yep,You are indeed qualified to be my life mentor,Facts proved;The words you advised me were all right,It’s a pity that I couldn’t listen。”
Song Junming said helplessly。
“Restart!Do you understand the meaning of these four words starting again??The past is over,Regret has no meaning,The only thing we can do now,Just think of a way to spend every day here as happily as possible。”
Song Junjie reminded his cousin again。

The system’s electronic alert sounded from the loudspeaker of the training field。

What the hell?How did it end?
Shen Ruoxue asked in surprise,She is flirting with Liu Xiaoyun,This is the end?
Wang Xiaohong also felt very surprised and stood up from the hidden place,Then as soon as I turned around, I saw Li Yaxin standing a few meters behind him.!She suddenly shook her heart,Instinctively raised the gun,But then he smiled bitterly and put down the muzzle……
So when Shen Ruoxue stood up and turned around and saw Li Yaxin,The same reaction。
Li Yaxin is a little embarrassed and embarrassed,Anxiously looked at Shen Ruoxue and then at Wang Xiaohong,She was not good at talking,I can’t speak at the moment。
Koyuki,Training is over,We don’t have to kill each other。
Liu Xiaoyun walked leisurely with a gun on his back,The Shen family girl who was with her wearily followed a few steps behind her。
Not everyone has such good energy and physical strength as Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun!Who can compare to the little witch?!
Are we a tie??
Shen Ruoxue asked。
Liu Xiaoyun answered with a smile,She really doesn’t care about winning or losing,Especially not to make Shen Ruoxue unhappy because of winning or losing。
I want to know how many others are still alive here。
Shen Ruoxue looked around and said to herself。
I also want to know how many more people we have to live here。
Liu Xiaoyun also said……
Do you want to tell them?