If football didn’t bring you any pleasure,Will you still like football?

Hu Lai is always unable to snatch the ball from his feet,It’s normal if people suddenly don’t want to play。
Thought of here,Li Qingqing guilty of bringing football to Hu Lai,I want to comfort him——After all, if you don’t consider physical confrontation,Not many people can snatch a football from her feet,So Hu Lai doesn’t need to be depressed……
“Hey,You’re angry?”She asked carefully。
Hu Lai continued to lower his head,But listen to his tone,Li Qingqing still thinks the boy in front of him should be angry。
“That one,Don’t be born……”Li Qingqing wants to continue to persuade,But suddenly I saw Hu Lai sitting on the ground with her hands behind her,The body suddenly ejected like a spring,At the same time, his right foot slammed into the football at Li Qingqing’s feet!
Li Qingqing and Hu Lai are close at hand,It’s almost impossible to avoid it at such a close distance,In addition, Hu Lai broke out,Act suddenly,This time can be said to be determined!
But Li Qingqing’s body is like a conditioned reflex,Her left foot quickly knocked the football on her foot to the right,Cancan avoid Hu Lai’s right foot!
“It’s now!”Hu Lai shouted,The hands supporting the body exert their strength again,Body twisted into a twist,Sweep the left leg from the outside!
It turns out that his right foot was just a fake move,Now the click of his left foot is his real intention!
He used false moves to force Li Qingqing to react hastily,So when my left foot swept over again,Li Qingqing will definitely not be able to escape。
But just when his left foot is about to sweep the football,Li Qingqing’s right toe turned up very concealedly,The football knocked over with the left foot is very lightly provoked,Then her right heel lifted up with the football,Because the speed is the same,It looks like a football hovering over her left foot。
Just after her right foot was raised,Hu Lai’s left leg also followed,Passing under Li Qingqing’s feet,Rubbed to the sole。
This made Li Qingqing stagger a bit when he landed,But did not lose control of football。
In order to prevent possible subsequent attacks by Hu Lai,Li Qingqing turned around and withdrew the football to five meters away,Just breathe out:“Wow!sinister!”