Baby Ou is so beautiful。eye,The most beautiful。Very beautiful。Her whole person,The breath of the whole person,It’s all like sunlight projected down,clean,warm,warm,Priceless gift。

“I am because of medicine,Come for you。”
Baby Ou is not in circles,Speak directly,“You recently got close to the exchange student in our class,The exchange student said something about looking for medicine,This makes Yaoyao a little angry。then,You also said something to her,Yaoyao is even more angry。She came to me,Ask me what to do.”
Pei Huan here,Is really stiff。
He thought about it before,I am with Zhuge Yaoniang,So unbearable,Zhuge Yaoniang will tell Baobao Ou to know。but,truly,Be in front of Ou Baobao,Tell him in person,Pei Huan still feels so sad。
He also has a delusional thought in his heart——Baby Ou can think he is a kind and sincere person。
and so,He never fooled Zhuge Yaoniang。Just say everything,Do it directly。Can’t he cheat,but,He always thinks if he lied to Zhuge Yaoniang,Baby Ou will know,This idea,Made him feel so scared。
He is in the heart of Ou Baobao,Would be a disgusting person。
This idea might come true,Made him feel terrified。
and so,He really,A little bit,Dare not lie to Zhuge Yaoniang。
But he needs money,He didn’t want to go against his own ideas and let Zhuge Yaoniang go,Can only,Be a sincere bastard。
Better than being a disgusting bastard。
however,He thought so well,So comfort yourself,But after Ou Baobao said,Have become self-deception stupidity and shame。
Pei Huan suddenly stood up,Want to leave。
Baby Ou was shocked,Stand up,“I know i said so,You might be upset,This is my fault,Sorry。Hope you can accept my apology,Listen to me first。”No one wants to talk about things between himself and his girlfriend or the opposite sex,Forced to share with outsiders。There are many plots in film and television dramas,It was because of this kind of thing that great conflict broke out。Baby Ou thought that Pei Huan was because she knew his personal affairs,Violated his privacy,Just angry。
This must be an apology。