Here is the sky above ten thousand meters,There is no way to tell the direction。

“Hey,Wake up!”
Fell asleep?
Impossible,Rich girls like this should hang around in windy, snowy and rainy places all year round,How could a glass of wine be so drunk,still is……
suddenly,Xia Chenglong thought of his way of dealing with oily men in Bincheng,There is something in that glass of wine。
The same goes for other people,Seems to be resting peacefully,In fact, she passed out a long time ago,As for him,Although the state is lowered,The strength of the body has reached a very human judgment,Only then escaped。
Xia Chenglong puts a warm air into the girl’s body,Han Xue opened her eyes slowly now。
“Hush……Don’t call!”
Woman just about to speak,Xia Chenglong quickly blocked the opponent’s mouth with his hands,Use the other arm to hold the opponent’s body。
“listen,I have no malice against you,We are in a dangerous situation,This place is already controlled,You can look around。”Xia Chenglong and other women continued to say after reading:“if you know what I mean,Don’t bark after I let go,Blink if you understand!”
Seeing the woman blinked twice,He slowly let go of the woman’s mouth。
“What’s going on?”Woman afraid of making noise,After Xia Chenglong let go, he covered his mouth,Asked carefully。
what happened?He still wants to know!
It is certain that this is a long-planned hijacking,The other party’s planning is very delicate,It can be said that there are no flaws,If not for his amazing observation,Hard to find。
“Who are you?”
Not only Xia Chenglong,Even the old Bai in the body feels different from the girl next to him,If you guessed it correctly, all this is for her。
Han Xue was hesitating about this question,I didn’t say a useful word for a long time。
He doesn’t want to care about other people’s affairs,The premise is that it will not involve your own safety,Obviously this theory does not hold。