“Lingling,I am back。”

Song Lingling has not had time to speak。
A familiar voice,Suddenly sounded。
Song Lingling was panicked,Get up quickly,Begging Ye Tianzong:“Brother Tianzong,I beg you,Don’t tell my sister what happened just now,I’m afraid of her impulse,Alright?”
Chapter Seventy Eight Do you want to continue
Ye Tianzong is silent。
no answer。
Just turned his head,Watching the door‘sister’,Slightly stunned,It’s a coincidence。
“sister,you are back……”
Song Lingling greeted,Strong smile。
And sister just wanted to answer,But I saw Ye Tianzong sitting in a chair,She frowned,Walk quickly,Suspiciously:“Mr. Ye,you,Why are you here?”
“You are Song Lingling’s sister。”
“Your name is Song Hyea。”
“Turned out to be sisters。”
Ye Tianzong smiled。
Song Hyea,It was the foreman who worked at Hongfu Restaurant that night,later,With the fall of the lobby manager,By yourself,She successfully became the lobby manager of the restaurant,In terms of position and income,Have risen several times。
and so。