“Mrs. Wang,Many people can prove that my son was involved in your auction.,how,Don’t you give me an explanation?”

Living room,Wang Lianzhi sitting on the sofa,Behind him is a young man sitting on the side of Zhao’s bodyguard,Wearing a black suit,A bunch of people standing behind。
“Since it can be proved that he is here to participate in our auction,That can definitely prove what your master Shao did in the restaurant, right?!”Wang Lianzhi is not weak,Look up at each other,Asked coldly:“Don’t talk about anything else,To be rude to my chairman,How should this be?”
In a few words,The man in the black suit was stunned.,Almost pissed off。
Of course he inquired about the situation,It is indeed Shao Guanghui’s problem,But now no one can find it,this is the key of the problem。
“Humph,Don’t quibble here,My master is at fault,That should go through normal procedures,Unexpectedly, you dare to kill people behind their backs,Damn it。”
Men in suits are not vegetarian,When he came up, he buckled the shit basin on Zhao’s head。
“I tell you,in three days,Hand over Zhao Shaojiu and the hands-on kid,I can plead with the owner,Leave you a way out,Otherwise at your own risk。”
“I see who dares?”
The man just finished speaking,There was a sound from outside,Wang Lianzhi’s eyes lit up。
The person here is naturally Zhao Shaojiu and others,The woman at this time has already changed her dress,Still looks like a female president,With a lonely aura,Just listening to the sound can make people think about it,Let alone after seeing people。
The man in the suit couldn’t help swallowing and spitting,The head is spinning fast,Have other ideas:“Who are you?”
Zhao Shao and Jiu Li ignored each other,Walk directly towards Wang Lianzhi:“Big sister,They didn’t treat you like?”
“Nothing!”Wang Lianzhi shook his head,Say don’t worry about yourself。
All over the world,There are many people who dare to ignore him,But definitely not in a small place like Bencheng,The man in a suit feels that his dignity is greatly insulted,Especially in front of such a beauty。
“Made,Don’t understand people?,Who is your special code??”
“Black tiger!”Zhao Shaojiu needs no words,Just called the black tiger’s name。