Liu Xiaoyun’s face is even redder!Qin Liang said this condition is too straightforward,Too explicit!A typical heart of Sima Zhao,Everyone knows!Do what you want?What else does he want to do?The fool knows what he wants to do!
“What do you mean by not talking?Is it the default??”
Qin Liang stepped forward and asked again。
“we’ll talk about it then!”:You made me think about it first。“
Liu Xiaoyun can only answer ambivalently,This condition is true and there is no way to agree!No matter if you agree or not,I can’t agree to it!This is about Liu Xiaoyun’s face and self-esteem。
“Wool!What do you mean by that time?Come here with me!Have to say now,Want to fool me?Am I so easily fooled by you?”
Qin Liang’s dismissive answer。
“I can only talk about it then,It’s useless for you to force me now!”
Liu Xiaoyun is fighting……She wants to defend her dignity,How to say,Girls’ self-esteem cannot be easily discarded。
“OK OK,I deliberately teased you,Don’t be so nervous,Relax,Ha ha……”
Qin Liang thinks if he keeps teasing,Liu Xiaoyun may be really unhappy,So he decided to accept,Stop this joke。But Liu Xiaoyun still looked at Qin Liang with guard eyes……She is so scared!She doesn’t resist Qin Liang’s affection with herself,But it also depends on the time,Depending on the occasion,You can’t do anything you want, right?!Qin Liang is really in a good mood,Dare to recklessly anytime and anywhere
For the master!So how could she not be afraid!