The system’s electronic alert sounded from the loudspeaker of the training field。

What the hell?How did it end?
Shen Ruoxue asked in surprise,She is flirting with Liu Xiaoyun,This is the end?
Wang Xiaohong also felt very surprised and stood up from the hidden place,Then as soon as I turned around, I saw Li Yaxin standing a few meters behind him.!She suddenly shook her heart,Instinctively raised the gun,But then he smiled bitterly and put down the muzzle……
So when Shen Ruoxue stood up and turned around and saw Li Yaxin,The same reaction。
Li Yaxin is a little embarrassed and embarrassed,Anxiously looked at Shen Ruoxue and then at Wang Xiaohong,She was not good at talking,I can’t speak at the moment。
Koyuki,Training is over,We don’t have to kill each other。
Liu Xiaoyun walked leisurely with a gun on his back,The Shen family girl who was with her wearily followed a few steps behind her。
Not everyone has such good energy and physical strength as Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun!Who can compare to the little witch?!
Are we a tie??
Shen Ruoxue asked。
Liu Xiaoyun answered with a smile,She really doesn’t care about winning or losing,Especially not to make Shen Ruoxue unhappy because of winning or losing。
I want to know how many others are still alive here。
Shen Ruoxue looked around and said to herself。
I also want to know how many more people we have to live here。
Liu Xiaoyun also said……
Do you want to tell them?