Half an hour later,Qin Liang appeared in front of Chen Hao。

“How is she?”
Qin Liang grabbed Chen Hao’s shoulder and asked。
“I just asked,She has been unconscious,The doctor is doing her physical examination,All i know now is,No open trauma was found on her。”
Chen Hao said calmly,In the present situation,One must be calm,And that person,Can only be her。
“How could this be!How can this be!”
Qin Liang’s heart was instantly filled with regret and self-blame,He felt that he didn’t take care of Shen Ruoxi,That made her have an accident。
“What is the situation between you two??You weren’t with her in the night?Why did you go?How could Ruoxi drive out at night alone??”
Chen Hao asked a series of questions。
“Is such that……”
So Qin Liang took care of what happened after going for a walk with Shen Ruoxi,Tell Chen Hao exactly。
“it’s wired,Why isn’t Ruoxi waiting for you?And even if she is afraid to run home first,Then why did she drive out again??Why is she going?”
Chen Hao listened to Qin Liang’s narration,Thought about it carefully,Raised my own question。