If football didn’t bring you any pleasure,Will you still like football?

Hu Lai is always unable to snatch the ball from his feet,It’s normal if people suddenly don’t want to play。
Thought of here,Li Qingqing guilty of bringing football to Hu Lai,I want to comfort him——After all, if you don’t consider physical confrontation,Not many people can snatch a football from her feet,So Hu Lai doesn’t need to be depressed……
“Hey,You’re angry?”She asked carefully。
Hu Lai continued to lower his head,But listen to his tone,Li Qingqing still thinks the boy in front of him should be angry。
“That one,Don’t be born……”Li Qingqing wants to continue to persuade,But suddenly I saw Hu Lai sitting on the ground with her hands behind her,The body suddenly ejected like a spring,At the same time, his right foot slammed into the football at Li Qingqing’s feet!
Li Qingqing and Hu Lai are close at hand,It’s almost impossible to avoid it at such a close distance,In addition, Hu Lai broke out,Act suddenly,This time can be said to be determined!
But Li Qingqing’s body is like a conditioned reflex,Her left foot quickly knocked the football on her foot to the right,Cancan avoid Hu Lai’s right foot!
“It’s now!”Hu Lai shouted,The hands supporting the body exert their strength again,Body twisted into a twist,Sweep the left leg from the outside!
It turns out that his right foot was just a fake move,Now the click of his left foot is his real intention!
He used false moves to force Li Qingqing to react hastily,So when my left foot swept over again,Li Qingqing will definitely not be able to escape。
But just when his left foot is about to sweep the football,Li Qingqing’s right toe turned up very concealedly,The football knocked over with the left foot is very lightly provoked,Then her right heel lifted up with the football,Because the speed is the same,It looks like a football hovering over her left foot。
Just after her right foot was raised,Hu Lai’s left leg also followed,Passing under Li Qingqing’s feet,Rubbed to the sole。
This made Li Qingqing stagger a bit when he landed,But did not lose control of football。
In order to prevent possible subsequent attacks by Hu Lai,Li Qingqing turned around and withdrew the football to five meters away,Just breathe out:“Wow!sinister!”

Baby Ou is so beautiful。eye,The most beautiful。Very beautiful。Her whole person,The breath of the whole person,It’s all like sunlight projected down,clean,warm,warm,Priceless gift。

“I am because of medicine,Come for you。”
Baby Ou is not in circles,Speak directly,“You recently got close to the exchange student in our class,The exchange student said something about looking for medicine,This makes Yaoyao a little angry。then,You also said something to her,Yaoyao is even more angry。She came to me,Ask me what to do.”
Pei Huan here,Is really stiff。
He thought about it before,I am with Zhuge Yaoniang,So unbearable,Zhuge Yaoniang will tell Baobao Ou to know。but,truly,Be in front of Ou Baobao,Tell him in person,Pei Huan still feels so sad。
He also has a delusional thought in his heart——Baby Ou can think he is a kind and sincere person。
and so,He never fooled Zhuge Yaoniang。Just say everything,Do it directly。Can’t he cheat,but,He always thinks if he lied to Zhuge Yaoniang,Baby Ou will know,This idea,Made him feel so scared。
He is in the heart of Ou Baobao,Would be a disgusting person。
This idea might come true,Made him feel terrified。
and so,He really,A little bit,Dare not lie to Zhuge Yaoniang。
But he needs money,He didn’t want to go against his own ideas and let Zhuge Yaoniang go,Can only,Be a sincere bastard。
Better than being a disgusting bastard。
however,He thought so well,So comfort yourself,But after Ou Baobao said,Have become self-deception stupidity and shame。
Pei Huan suddenly stood up,Want to leave。
Baby Ou was shocked,Stand up,“I know i said so,You might be upset,This is my fault,Sorry。Hope you can accept my apology,Listen to me first。”No one wants to talk about things between himself and his girlfriend or the opposite sex,Forced to share with outsiders。There are many plots in film and television dramas,It was because of this kind of thing that great conflict broke out。Baby Ou thought that Pei Huan was because she knew his personal affairs,Violated his privacy,Just angry。
This must be an apology。


Er Bao said with Little White Fang,Took the small medicine bag from mother,Head down,Open the pocket on your clothes,Put the medicine bag in,I’m afraid to show it,The little finger pressed hard again,Then I raised my head with confidence。
Jiang Fan and Ding Yi led the children to Ding Yi’s white Jetta,Ding Yi’s driving skills are already very skilled,But somehow,Dabao doesn’t like riding in a car driven by mom,Erbao doesn’t matter,Ran to the car first。
Jiang Fan said to Ding Yi:“You guys drive away,I wander over。”
Even Dabao said:“I also stroll。”
Jiang Fan smiled,Looking down at son,Say:“What are you strolling?”
Ding Yi explained at this moment:“Your son doesn’t like riding in the car I drive,Worried about my technology。Well,Boys walking,Girls ride,How about Erbao?”
Erbao bit his finger and chuckled。
Come home,Ding Yi and Jiang Fan bathed the two children together,Jiang Fan directly wrapped the children’s naked bodies in a white bath towel,Hug them one by one on their own cots,And then played with them for a while,Let them lie in bed,He sits next to,Started reading story books to them,The two children fell asleep in their father’s reading……
When Ding Yi comes out of the shower,,The two children have been coaxed by Jiang Fan,Ding Yi sorted out the hair that was just blown dry by hand,Said:“You go wash。”
Jiang Fan looked at the sleeping children,Dim the lights,Went into the bathroom。
After Jiang Fan comes out of the shower,Ding Yi is already lying down,She is staring at the ceiling in a trance。
Jiang Fan opened the quilt,Lying beside her,Said:“What do you think?”

Here is the sky above ten thousand meters,There is no way to tell the direction。

“Hey,Wake up!”
Fell asleep?
Impossible,Rich girls like this should hang around in windy, snowy and rainy places all year round,How could a glass of wine be so drunk,still is……
suddenly,Xia Chenglong thought of his way of dealing with oily men in Bincheng,There is something in that glass of wine。
The same goes for other people,Seems to be resting peacefully,In fact, she passed out a long time ago,As for him,Although the state is lowered,The strength of the body has reached a very human judgment,Only then escaped。
Xia Chenglong puts a warm air into the girl’s body,Han Xue opened her eyes slowly now。
“Hush……Don’t call!”
Woman just about to speak,Xia Chenglong quickly blocked the opponent’s mouth with his hands,Use the other arm to hold the opponent’s body。
“listen,I have no malice against you,We are in a dangerous situation,This place is already controlled,You can look around。”Xia Chenglong and other women continued to say after reading:“if you know what I mean,Don’t bark after I let go,Blink if you understand!”
Seeing the woman blinked twice,He slowly let go of the woman’s mouth。
“What’s going on?”Woman afraid of making noise,After Xia Chenglong let go, he covered his mouth,Asked carefully。
what happened?He still wants to know!
It is certain that this is a long-planned hijacking,The other party’s planning is very delicate,It can be said that there are no flaws,If not for his amazing observation,Hard to find。
“Who are you?”
Not only Xia Chenglong,Even the old Bai in the body feels different from the girl next to him,If you guessed it correctly, all this is for her。
Han Xue was hesitating about this question,I didn’t say a useful word for a long time。
He doesn’t want to care about other people’s affairs,The premise is that it will not involve your own safety,Obviously this theory does not hold。

Murong Shan turned her face to Chen Hao and Song Min behind her。

“I think it’s OK,Hahahaha……”
Chen Hao immediately agreed with a smile。
Song Min only smiled and said nothing,This girl started again“High-end atmosphere”Continues to be her iceberg goddess。
“What are you doing?The collective wants to rebel, right??Everyone is delicious at night, right?”
Shen Ruoxi started to pretend to be a big tail wolf。
“Just eat less with you just now,cut。”
Murong Shan responded more contemptuously than Shen Ruoxi。
“Strange,Did you just watch me supervise how much I ate while eating??”
Shen Ruoxi asked provocatively。
“Should I watch and supervise you??Hear you eating by the side and groaning,Hahahaha……”
Murong Shan took the opportunity to sarcasm Shen Ruoxi again,Of course it was purely joking,Shen Ruoxi never hums anytime he eats,Even starved to death,She would never be so boring。
“You just groaned,you are a pig!”
Shen Ruoxi started to fight back immediately。
Chen Hao thinks that she and Shen Ruoxi look pretty and lovely,Thought to myself:What happened to this girl today?I really enjoyed myself so much after dinner?
Not only Chen Hao wondering,Song Min was actually wondering,Mainly because it has been a long time since Shen Ruoxi has been so active,Rare。
Girls’ emotions are always unpredictable,They can become depressed without doing anything,Of course, you can also become happy without any reason,Murongshan, Chen Hao and Song Min should have understood this。
But joking with Murongshan and dare to say that Murong is really“pig”of,Shen Ruoxi is definitely the first person in the world!Even Qin Liang who doesn’t care about anything,I never joked with Murong Shan like this!You know that Murong Shan is a real superstar in the entertainment industry,The kind of rank with countless fans。
“Let’s be reasonable?Our family knows:One of Xiaoxue’s many nicknames is Shen Xiaozhu,You are her sister,Then of course you are also a pig。”
Murong Shan was talking nonsense seriously。

Peng Changyi took out two thousand yuan that he had prepared in advance,Said:“Mayor Xu and I are friends,He is good,This is my personal mind,I came today also in my own name,Does not represent the organization。”

Listening to Peng Changyi’s words about Old Xu,The woman doesn’t say anything anymore,Tears came out,My son’s eye circles are also red,The young man turned his back quietly。
“Calculate,Why not count?He was sacrificed on the front line,Of course to count!”Peng Changyi said firmly。
Peng Changyi said again:“Young man,If you have any difficulties in the future, just ask me,I am your uncle,do you know?”
Peng Changyi’s eyes are moist,He quickly got into the car,Can’t bear to see the tears of mother and son and their expressions when they forcibly suppress pain,He made up his mind secretly,Must try to solve some practical problems for Xu Deqiang,Death cannot be resurrected,But at least it makes the living people feel better。
Peng Changyi did not get off,Because there are still tears in his eyes,He nodded to Qixiang,Just wave goodbye to him。
Peng Changyi wiped his eyes,It is said that he has no friendship with Xu Deqiang,The main reason for his sadness is the unfulfilled tragic towards Xu Deqiang and the sadness he showed at the last moment.,And their conversation in the middle of the night。He said many thoughtful things to his successor Peng Changyi,This played a very good role for the later Peng Changyi to carry out his work in a targeted manner.。
“Magistrate Peng,Busy working,Did you come or I sent a car to pick you up?”
“Hi,How can you do this,Why go home?”
“How could this be?These three sources are too interesting,Then don’t go home either,come here,I have rooms here,Give you a big suite,Can rest and work,how about it?”
Director Ji said quickly:“The local people must not do,Because we are not business,But the local Chief Peng can,I didn’t joking with you,I can really solve it for you where I live,Don’t live on the place,Conditions are not OK,Unless you bring your family,this place,Too poor。”
“Really okay,When you are here, our brothers can still fight wine。”
“I said what happened to you,Wasn’t this character before,I count now,It will count more in the future,Don’t you understand this truth??”

“Lingling,I am back。”

Song Lingling has not had time to speak。
A familiar voice,Suddenly sounded。
Song Lingling was panicked,Get up quickly,Begging Ye Tianzong:“Brother Tianzong,I beg you,Don’t tell my sister what happened just now,I’m afraid of her impulse,Alright?”
Chapter Seventy Eight Do you want to continue
Ye Tianzong is silent。
no answer。
Just turned his head,Watching the door‘sister’,Slightly stunned,It’s a coincidence。
“sister,you are back……”
Song Lingling greeted,Strong smile。
And sister just wanted to answer,But I saw Ye Tianzong sitting in a chair,She frowned,Walk quickly,Suspiciously:“Mr. Ye,you,Why are you here?”
“You are Song Lingling’s sister。”
“Your name is Song Hyea。”
“Turned out to be sisters。”
Ye Tianzong smiled。
Song Hyea,It was the foreman who worked at Hongfu Restaurant that night,later,With the fall of the lobby manager,By yourself,She successfully became the lobby manager of the restaurant,In terms of position and income,Have risen several times。
and so。

“Mrs. Wang,Many people can prove that my son was involved in your auction.,how,Don’t you give me an explanation?”

Living room,Wang Lianzhi sitting on the sofa,Behind him is a young man sitting on the side of Zhao’s bodyguard,Wearing a black suit,A bunch of people standing behind。
“Since it can be proved that he is here to participate in our auction,That can definitely prove what your master Shao did in the restaurant, right?!”Wang Lianzhi is not weak,Look up at each other,Asked coldly:“Don’t talk about anything else,To be rude to my chairman,How should this be?”
In a few words,The man in the black suit was stunned.,Almost pissed off。
Of course he inquired about the situation,It is indeed Shao Guanghui’s problem,But now no one can find it,this is the key of the problem。
“Humph,Don’t quibble here,My master is at fault,That should go through normal procedures,Unexpectedly, you dare to kill people behind their backs,Damn it。”
Men in suits are not vegetarian,When he came up, he buckled the shit basin on Zhao’s head。
“I tell you,in three days,Hand over Zhao Shaojiu and the hands-on kid,I can plead with the owner,Leave you a way out,Otherwise at your own risk。”
“I see who dares?”
The man just finished speaking,There was a sound from outside,Wang Lianzhi’s eyes lit up。
The person here is naturally Zhao Shaojiu and others,The woman at this time has already changed her dress,Still looks like a female president,With a lonely aura,Just listening to the sound can make people think about it,Let alone after seeing people。
The man in the suit couldn’t help swallowing and spitting,The head is spinning fast,Have other ideas:“Who are you?”
Zhao Shao and Jiu Li ignored each other,Walk directly towards Wang Lianzhi:“Big sister,They didn’t treat you like?”
“Nothing!”Wang Lianzhi shook his head,Say don’t worry about yourself。
All over the world,There are many people who dare to ignore him,But definitely not in a small place like Bencheng,The man in a suit feels that his dignity is greatly insulted,Especially in front of such a beauty。
“Made,Don’t understand people?,Who is your special code??”
“Black tiger!”Zhao Shaojiu needs no words,Just called the black tiger’s name。


Liu Xiaoyun’s face is even redder!Qin Liang said this condition is too straightforward,Too explicit!A typical heart of Sima Zhao,Everyone knows!Do what you want?What else does he want to do?The fool knows what he wants to do!
“What do you mean by not talking?Is it the default??”
Qin Liang stepped forward and asked again。
“we’ll talk about it then!”:You made me think about it first。“
Liu Xiaoyun can only answer ambivalently,This condition is true and there is no way to agree!No matter if you agree or not,I can’t agree to it!This is about Liu Xiaoyun’s face and self-esteem。
“Wool!What do you mean by that time?Come here with me!Have to say now,Want to fool me?Am I so easily fooled by you?”
Qin Liang’s dismissive answer。
“I can only talk about it then,It’s useless for you to force me now!”
Liu Xiaoyun is fighting……She wants to defend her dignity,How to say,Girls’ self-esteem cannot be easily discarded。
“OK OK,I deliberately teased you,Don’t be so nervous,Relax,Ha ha……”
Qin Liang thinks if he keeps teasing,Liu Xiaoyun may be really unhappy,So he decided to accept,Stop this joke。But Liu Xiaoyun still looked at Qin Liang with guard eyes……She is so scared!She doesn’t resist Qin Liang’s affection with herself,But it also depends on the time,Depending on the occasion,You can’t do anything you want, right?!Qin Liang is really in a good mood,Dare to recklessly anytime and anywhere
For the master!So how could she not be afraid!

  “But I didn’t think I was。”

  Liu Xiaoyun answered calmly。
  “That is your aesthetic problem,How about you ask everyone if you are?”
  Shen Ruoxue said casually。
  “I don’t ask,I’m not that thick。”
  Liu Xiaoyun’s light answer,Just teased Shen Ruoxue,Sure enough, she is even better!The kind that kills invisible。
  “Why do I think you are mocking me?”
  Shen Ruoxue is not good either,Immediately turned his face to look at Liu Xiaoyun and asked。
  “No no,Absolutely not,I’m just talking about myself,Don’t talk to yourself again。”
  Liu Xiaoyun immediately denied it,Just stop talking,There is no need to confront Shen Ruoxue head-on,This is where Liu Xiaoyun is better than Shen Ruoxue。
  “Are you sure you don’t have?”
  Shen Ruoxue asked unwillingly,In fact, she was sure that Liu Xiaoyun was teasing herself,But Liu Xiaoyun does not admit,She can’t help Liu Xiaoyun。
  “Sure and sure。”
  Liu Xiaoyun replied in an unquestionable tone。
  Shen Ruoxue reluctantly gave up and continued to struggle with Liu Xiaoyun,A soldier who fell without a fight,It is the most handy strategy and tactic used by Liu Xiaoyun!of course:Front rolling,Directly forcibly kill,Is also her signature stunt,It’s just that she basically doesn’t use this one-touch trick to defeat the enemy.。
  Meizi’s heart-warming feeling,She secretly admired:Compared with Shen Ruoxue,I have to say that Liu Xiaoyun is the real king!Obviously more eloquent than Shen Ruoxue!