[Does papaya really increase breasts during menstruation?

]_ Physiological period _ breast enhancement

[Does papaya really increase breasts during menstruation?
]_ Physiological period _ breast enhancement

Papaya is a common fruit and the most effective fruit. Papaya grows in the south and has many names. The skin is smooth, the flesh is thick, and the nutritional value is also very high.It is rich in amino acids, calcium, iron and zinc are also richer, which is 48 times that of apples. Eating papaya during menstruation can be breast enhancement, but do not eat directly, because the body during menstruation cannot be cold, eating papaya directly will affect absorption.

The nutritional value of papaya: The papaya eaten as fruit is actually papaya. The skin is smooth and beautiful, the flesh is thick and detailed, the aroma is rich, the juice is rich, sweet and delicious, and the nutrition is rich.The elegant name of “Manshou Melon” is one of the four famous fruits in Lingnan.

More than 17 kinds of amino acids of papaya, calcium, iron, etc., also contains papain, papaya.

Half a medium-sized papaya is enough to provide vitamin C for adults throughout the day.

Papaya is known in China as “Mongshou fruit”. As the name suggests, eating more can prolong life.

1. Papaya-like warm and sour, flatten liver and stomach, relax muscles, activate muscles and bones, lower blood pressure.

2, Papaya fruit grows more than 17 kinds of amino acids and calcium, iron, etc., also contains papain, papaya.

3. The content of vitamin C in papaya is very high, which is 48 times that of apples.

4. Papaya can eliminate toxins such as peroxides in the body, purify the blood, and prevent liver dysfunction, hyperlipidemia, and hypertension.

5, papaya has anti-tumor effect, and can prevent the synthesis of carcinogen nitrosamine, and has strong anti-cancer activity on lymphocytic leukemia cells.

6. The enzymes in papaya will help break down meat, reduce the workload of nitric acid, help digestion, cause constipation, and prevent and prevent canceration of the digestive system.

7, papaya can be balanced, strengthen the physiological and metabolic balance of hormones during pregnancy of adolescents and pregnant women, moisturizing and beauty.

The practice of rock sugar stew papaya material Hollow out the inside of the papaya cup and put it aside. Add almonds, add white fungus, add water, cover and steam for about 20?
25 minutes north and south apricot stew papaya cold green papaya material green papaya 1 small tomato moderate fish sauce a small amount of peanut kernels a little coriander a little lemon juice 1 tablespoon salt a modest amount of light soy sauce a little sugar sugar chili and chili lemon melon and lemon in a bowl, Salt, a little light-colored soy sauce, sugar, pepper.

Shred papaya, add small tomatoes.

Add sauce and mix all the peppers.

Add cilantro and mix well in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Remove the cooked peanuts and mash them into a thin film. Don’t crush them too much.

Take a portion of the green papaya from Method 6 and place it on a platter; drip with falling fish sauce or sesame oil; sprinkle with ground peanuts.