[Is the lead-free pine egg really lead-free]_Lead content_Have you

[Is the lead-free pine egg really lead-free]_Lead content_Have you

Songhua eggs will not be unfamiliar to everyone, especially when eating cold dishes in summer, they often eat Songhua eggs.

Songhua egg contains lead, not artificially added lead, but during the production process, a chemical reaction occurred and lead was produced.

Aware of the improvement of people’s health awareness, so-called lead-free Songhua eggs have also appeared on the market.

So, are lead-free pine eggs really lead-free?

Let’s take a look below.

Because in the traditional method of making preserved eggs, lead oxide will enter the preserved eggs during the production process of the preserved eggs, which will cause the preserved eggs to contain excessive lead, which is very large for the human body.Affect children’s physical growth and intellectual development.

Therefore, the idea that “eating preserved eggs often causes the body’s lead to exceed the standard and thus endangering health” has become deeply rooted in people’s hearts and has become the biggest nutritional disadvantage of delicious preserved eggs.

But can lead-free preserved eggs really be eaten for a long time?

Actually not.

In fact, according to national regulations, the lead content of every 1,000 grams of Songhua eggs must not exceed 3 milligrams. Songhua eggs that meet this standard are also called lead-free Songhua eggs.

Therefore, “lead-free pine eggs” does not mean lead-free, but means that the lead content is lower than the national standard.

Therefore, adults can eat occasionally, but children should eat less.

Although preserved eggs are delicious and have nutritional value, children are in the vigorous development stage of the body, and the response to the harm of lead is obvious. It is better to eat less.

In addition, aside from the lead content, preserved eggs are made from duck eggs and eggs are high cholesterol foods, so the three high populations still try to eat less, especially the elderly, whose metabolism is slow and eat less.

Although the preserved egg itself is not harmful, the best things in the world cannot be eaten blindly. Moreover, the salt content of preserved eggs is still relatively high, and it is good to eat and eat from time to time.

In addition, in order to avoid eating leaded preserved eggs, be sure to purchase prestigious industrial sound field preserved eggs from a distanced mall.