[6 desires that all women are covering up]_Women

[6 desires that all women are covering up]_Women

For sex, many men feel that they “know this” and have superb sexual knowledge and skills.

However, a recent article by the Public Health Network pointed out that many men do not understand the thoughts of women.

Here are a few “sexual love things” hidden by his wife. Men know these things in order to better mobilize their sexual enthusiasm.


“Happily talking best stimulates my sexuality.

“Before sex, women like to talk to men about their lives and ideas.

They want couples to relax and talk on the couch, or to chat while walking.

At this time, if men can say something like “I love you” and “I care about you”, women will have a strong sexual desire.


“For women, sex is inseparable from life.

“Men can often separate the stress of life from sex, but women can’t. How her lover treats her outside the bedroom directly affects her performance in bed.

For example, she doesn’t care about her, mean words, rude tone, etc., will make her unable to interfere with sex and be enthusiastic.