Ningde Times concept stocks eye-catching performance Tianhua ultra net rose more than 9%

Ningde Times concept stocks eye-catching performance Tianhua ultra net rose more than 9%

In the early morning of the 2nd, Ningde Times concept stocks performed well. Tianhua was super clean. Huaxi shares opened more than 9%, Yuexiu Gold Holdings rose more than 7%, and Huazi Technology rose more than 6%.

  According to a recent report from Securities Daily, the agency analyzed the future investment strategy of the Ningde era concept section from the following two main lines: In terms of investment relations, CITIC Securities pointed out that Ping An of China, Changan Automobile, Oceanwide Holdings, Huaxi Holdings, Huayi Brothers, SuningSeven listed companies such as Tesco and Crystal Optoelectronics all hold shares before the Ningde Times issue. 深圳桑拿按摩 If Ningde Times goes public in the future, it will take the lead to benefit.

  In terms of the industrial chain, Tianfeng Securities further sorted out the relevant concept stocks and believed that if Ningde Times is successfully listed, it will be the most favorable to change, structural parts, and equipment. Three sub-areas: referring to the prospectus, the scale of Ningde Times after the listing is changedThe demand for RMB materials is the most obvious, followed by structural parts. In terms of equipment investment, according to the existing capacity planning, the company’s total production capacity will reach 80GWH by 2020, which means that it will drive about 1/4 of the equipment investment demand, 2017-2020The total annual investment scale is about 18 billion US dollars, and the compound annual average growth rate will 合肥夜网 reach 50%.

According to the disclosure of the prospectus, the investment ratio of equipment in the front, middle, and rear sections is about 5: 3, 2. The value of the front and middle sections is large, and the technical barriers are high, which may lead to equipment.

Taken together, the beneficiaries of the Ningde era industry chain include: Shanshan shares, Changyuan Group, Yantailai, Tianci Materials, Jiangsu Guotai and other five stocks.