How to get “TV children” out of the way

How to get “TV children” out of the way

With more and more single children today, school holidays have become a headache for parents, and some parents have been surprised to find that their children have become slaves to television.
These “television children” have a great dependence on television. Except for sleeping time, almost all their vacations are spent in front of the television. Every TV program will not be “missed” and the advertisements will be enjoyed.
And even if parents are unwilling, there is nothing they can do, and exhaustion of almost every means will not work.
  Parents’ concerns are not unreasonable. Too heavy dependence on television will inevitably lead to a series of problems, which will have an inestimable adverse effect on the child’s physical and mental health, which will cause the child to become psychologically lonely and more likely to suffer from television autism.Depression, sentimentality, lack of energy, and taciturn speech.
According to data, children with this autism are reluctant to leave the television, neither to talk to others nor to participate in activities. They have poor interpersonal skills and cannot integrate into real life.
They are lonely, shy, emotionally unstable, lack common sense in life, lack learning ability, and cannot adapt to society.
However, due to poor interpersonal relationships, lonely people fall into loneliness and depression. Not only is their heart painful, but their spirits will be depressed and decadent.
This resulted in a vicious circle, which not only greatly reduced the child’s ability to adapt to society, but also inhibited his thinking activities, resulting in unresponsiveness and reduced learning efficiency, with serious consequences and disastrous consequences.
  There is no doubt that children should be kept away from TV, and how should they be kept away from TV?
Jackie Chan ‘s parents are anxious.
The bell must be tied, and parents have the responsibility.
Parents can help their children overcome computer autism and escape from autism.
“Heart disease requires a heart medicine doctor”. To do it in detail, parents also need to start with the details.
  Parents should be good at observing, discovering the child’s lonely psychological trend in time, and find out countermeasures and put into action as soon as possible.
For example, parents should set aside a certain amount of time to communicate and communicate with their children after work every day; they should strictly control the time that their children watch TV; they should choose health programs that are appropriate for their age; they can also accompany their children to watch TV and explain them in a timely and appropriate mannerTV content to help children understand and ask the child to repeat some content so that the child can get rid of the TV as soon as possible.
In addition, parents should set an example by watching or not watching TV as little as possible, so as not to affect their children’s normal life. They should spend as much time with their children as possible to divert their children’s attention to TV through storytelling and games.Guide children to participate in some meaningful outdoor sports, and appropriately expand the children’s social circle, so that children contact more people around them.
For children with strong self-discipline, parents can also let the children develop a feasible learning plan, and then let the child live purposefully according to the established plan, and then keep them away from TV.
  It is especially important to focus on improving the relationship between children and those around them, and to help children actively interact with others to expand the scope of communication. In particular, attention should be paid to harmonizing the relationship between children and relatives and classmates, to meet the needs of children’s love and belonging, so thatIt fully feels the warmth of family and collective, so that it feels psychologically safe and comfortable in life, so as to eliminate its alertness and integrate it into the normal life circle.
The relationship should be from easy to difficult, and the circle should be from small to large. You can first let the child associate with some relatives, and then with friends other than relatives; from a certain classmate, to a friend of this classmate, and so on, And gradually expand the scope of their interaction, so that children out of the closed self.
  The emergence of “television children” not only indicates the improper family education in the past, but also poses challenges for future family education.
It is particularly necessary and urgent to change unscientific education methods and create a good learning and living atmosphere for children.
This not only requires parents to give their children a harmonious and democratic family atmosphere, but also requires parents not to overspoil their children and not to keep their children at home for long periods of time for safety.
You must know that people are society, society is the best place for people to live, and nature is the best healing agent. The only way is to support children to communicate with others and encourage children to participate in social activities so that they know the wonderful and fun life.Where it is, the child will naturally escape the dependence on TV and let them feel the joy of life everywhere.

Two medicated diets for treating amnesia

Two medicated diets for treating amnesia

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that forgetfulness is related to the heart, spleen and kidney. It is mostly caused by insufficiency of heart and spleen due to thoughts and overwork, or it is caused by old age, reduced essence and loss of brain, resulting in loss of brain support. It is often accompanied by insomnia and dizziness., Tinnitus, backache, fatigue, palpitations, palpitation, upset dreams, anorexia.

According to the syndrome differentiation of TCM, the disease is divided into the following different syndrome types. Selecting appropriate medicated diet for syndrome differentiation diet has certain positive significance for improving elderly amnesia.

Patients with both heart and spleen deficiency manifested as amnesia, insomnia, awakening with more dreams, tired limbs, less gas, laziness, dizziness, less complexion, palpitations, palpitation, less bloating, and loose stools.

The treatment should be tonifying the qi and strengthening the spleen, and to nourish the mind and calm the mind.

Medicinal diet available: Tremella soybean red date quail custard material: 15 grams of white fungus, 100 grams of soybeans, five red dates, six quail eggs.

Production: After soaking the white fungus in water for 20 minutes, wash and tear it into small pieces; quail eggs are cooked and shelled.

Add an appropriate amount of water to the pot. After washing the soybeans and red dates with water, add them to the pot together with Tremella, and simmer until cooked. Add the quail eggs before boiling, and cook for a while. Depending on your personal taste, you can addSeason with some salt or sugar, eat soup and eat everything.

Take it once a day.

Persimmon, red date and longan preserves materials: 100 grams of persimmons, 30 grams of red dates, 15 grams of longan meat, 25 grams of Codonopsis, 25 grams of astragalus, 30 grams of yam, 25 grams of lotus seeds, 10 grams of tangerine peel, honey, brown sugar.

Production: Cut four persimmons, peeled lotus seeds, heart, codonopsis, mashed astragalus, peeled and sliced fresh yam.

Fill the above materials in a porcelain pot, add an appropriate amount of brown sugar, honey and a small amount of water.
3 hours.

If there is soup, use simmering heat to boil, condense to candied shape, and serve immediately after cooling.

Eat 2 daily?
3 times, 1 each time?
2 spoons.

Can be taken often.

How to choose the right diaper for your baby

How to choose the right diaper for your baby

When deciding to replace disposable diapers for your baby, you first notice size issues.

At present, various large and small sizes on the market can be said to be quite complete, and even the products on the market have colors designed for male and female babies.

  In addition to the choice of size and style, we must also pay attention to some personal and intimate small details.


More absorption, faster absorption: more absorption can reduce the frequency of replacement; fast absorption can reduce the time of urine and skin contact.

In addition, the material of the surface layer of the diaper should also be selected to be dry and not permeable, so that the sleeping baby will not be prevented from getting sleepy by the wet diapers.


Breathable, not stuffy: The diapers used by babies are uncomfortable, and mothers can use the tampons they use during their physiological period to imagine: if they are not breathable, especially in the summer, it will be extremely uncomfortable and difficult to sit.Ann.
Therefore, the baby’s diaper is also the same. Is the delicate and smooth plastic material really more breathable than the cotton material?

You need to take a good look at your baby’s ass!


Whether it is comfortable to the touch: For the baby, the sense of touch is the first change in his understanding of the world; having a good tactile experience can allow him to develop a more complete sense of security.

The establishment of a sense of security has a direct impact on future development behavior.

The baby’s skin is very sharp, and as long as it is a little irritating, it will make him very uncomfortable.

This is worth your careful consideration.


Dry and refreshing: The diapers sold on the market have actually reached the standard of not leaking, so parents can be more relieved about this!

However, we must pay attention to whether the shrinkage design on the baby’s legs and waist is too tight due to leakage prevention, and whether the use of materials makes the baby comfortable.

Three medicine porridges give San Futian a good night’s sleep

Three medicine porridges give San Futian a good night’s sleep

Life example: Entering San Fu Tian, the climate is getting more and more sultry, Xiao Zhang grows fat, and he can’t sleep because of the heat.

I got up and took a few cold showers, but I still felt extremely annoyed from the outside and couldn’t sleep properly.

In desperation, he simply moved the bed under the air conditioner and let the cold air blow directly at himself.

But it was cool, but I didn’t sleep well. I woke up dizzy the next day, and all my muscles were painful.

  Summer insomnia is more healthy than you think.

Insomnia can cause fatigue, emotional instability, slow response, headaches, lack of memory, and the entire body is in a sub-healthy state.

  In summer, although the promotion of snooze is not promoted, it is also necessary to “bring up” sleep so as to avoid hidden dangers for sleep disorders in autumn and winter.

Many patients clinically suffer from insomnia in the fall and winter, which is actually related to inappropriate summer sleep.

If you sleep too late in the summer, your normal sleep rhythm is interrupted, and bad sleep habits such as greed and cold, insomnia will occur in autumn and winter.

  Some people who suffer from insomnia in summer believe that summer air pressure is low, humidity is heavy, and insomnia is normal.

In fact, summer insomnia is more harmful to the body than other seasons.

Because people sweat more during the day, if they lose sleep at night, it will cause myocardial ischemia, increased blood pressure, and greatly increase the risk of sudden death.

In addition, in the sleep state, the person’s heart pressure will be reduced, and insomniacs cannot give the heart the time it should have to restore its function, so it will increase the heart burden and easily cause cardiovascular disease.

  Not sleeping occasionally is not necessarily insomnia. If you have occasional insomnia at night, don’t worry.

Insomnia is just a symptom, not an independent disease.

In terms of sleep time, if you sleep less than 6 hours per night, it may be insomnia.

But the more important judgment of insomnia is to see whether it is deep asleep during sleep.

So, what about insomnia?

  Difficulty falling asleep: Difficulty falling asleep means lying in bed for 30 minutes and still replacing the person who fell asleep.

  Easily awakening: Easily awakening refers to an increase in the number of awakenings or a prolonged awakening time within two hours after falling asleep.

  Waking up early: Waking up earlier than normal sleep1?
4 hours, resulting in reduced or insufficient sleep time.

  Bedtime fan is sweet and healthy. Bedtime fan can cool off the heat and keep fit.

Shaking the fan can make the arms and wrists move continuously, which can promote blood circulation, relax the muscles, and prevent the sudden rise of blood pressure. When the fan is shaken, the head often moves, which can prevent bone hyperplasia.

  And people who don’t sleep well can use sandalwood fan to help sleep.

The sandalwood fan can not only shake its wind, relieve the heat, but also smell its fragrance to help sleep and soothe the nerves.

Sandalwood is a natural fragrance. It is particularly sensitive to the benign stimuli that the olfactory nerve can produce, especially those who are debilitated. It can calm and soothe the nerves.

  Helping you sleep with fairy porridge will bring you Xiameng Lily, Red Date Porridge, Lily 20g, Red Dates 20g, Mung Bean 50g, Rice 50g.

Boil mung beans to half-boiled, add lily, red dates and rice, then cook into porridge to serve.

Morning and evening.

Lily clears and calms the nerves, red dates nourish the stomach and strengthen the spleen, and mung beans clear away heat and annoyance.

People who suffer from summer insomnia and female menopause insomnia accompanied by palpitations, upsets, hot flashes, and spontaneous sweating.

  Zhuli porridge, bamboo syrup 20 grams, millet 100 grams.

First cook millet to make porridge, cook the bamboo leaching juice before mixing, stir well, and eat it on an empty stomach in the morning.

Zhuli (a sap from fresh bamboo through fire deciduous fire, available in pharmacies) has sputum cleansing, removing troubles, and making a surprise.

Suffering from insomnia with heavy head, chest tightness, sputum, and anorexia and belching.

  Raw Rehmannia Porridge with Raw Rehmannia 30 grams, Fried Sour Jujube Kernel 20 grams, and previous rice 60 grams.

First fry the raw ground, jujube kernels, take the juice and remove the residue, and add the previous rice porridge to the breakfast in the morning.
Upset and tinnitus apply.

Get rid of the swim ring’s 10 thin waist tricks

Get rid of the swim ring’s 10 thin waist tricks

Sitting around every day, the swimming ring of many OL waists is getting thicker and thicker, and the lower abdomen is getting more and more slack.

Looking at the acute bulging belly, women will be bothered. Is there any good way to slim down these flesh?

In fact, as long as you master 10 tricks, 7 days let you get rid of the waist swim ring, with an ant waist.


hzh {display: none; }  1.You may be a little lazy when doing housework and abdomen. Start a hardworking “Cinderella” today.

Remember an important rule: avoiding light is heavy.

For example, do not use a vacuum cleaner when sweeping the floor. Use a rag and a broom to consciously increase your amount of exercise. When you choose to wash clothes and iron clothes at a high temperature, you will have a lot of sweat. If you are hungry, you will make yourself a fine.Slimming lunch, “chef” is generally not willing to eat their own meals, just to control your food intake.


The coarse salt slimming method has the function of sweating. It can excrete waste and excess water in the body, promote skin metabolism, soften dirt, supplement salt and minerals, and make the skin delicate and tight.

  Method 1: Buy a few bags of coarse salt in a supermarket or grocery store.

Before each bath, take a cup of coarse salt and some hot water to make a paste, then apply it to the abdomen.

After 10 minutes, rinse the coarse salt with hot water, or massage it and then wash it off, then you can start taking a bath.

  Method 2: After showering, sprinkle a large spoonful of coarse salt on the palm of your hand and massage the abdomen directly. Don’t use too much force to avoid roughening your skin.

If your skin is sensitive, use a thinner “bath salt”.


Deformed sit-ups slimming exercise – the so-called exercise is especially effective for people with thicker lower abdomen.

  Lying at the end of the bed, left behind the bed, and then bent up so that the thigh is above the abdomen.

Straighten your hands to the sides of your body with your palms facing down and behind.

Next, use a force on the abdomen to slowly count the speed to 10, straighten the legs forward, tip the toes forward, make the body line, then bend at a speed of 5, and return the thighs to their original positions.
Pay attention to the back end, relax the retina and arms, and feel that the stomach is working hard.


Sitting on the abdomen to practice slimming exercises, this group is convenient, easy, and quick, suitable for daily practice or practice every other day.

  Practice: Sitting on the side of the chair, holding the back of the chair with both hands, feeling that the human body seems to slide down from the chair, relax and bow the back, and the waist should be attached to the seat as much as possible.

  The first group: the two feet take turns to do the action of stepping on the bicycle. At this time, the leg muscles should be relaxed, and one foot should be extended downwards. The lower the better, but the ground cannot be touched, and the other foot bends upwards, the better, the better.Repeated practice, insist on 20 times a day.

  The second group: with the above position, the legs are bent upwards at the same time, and then tilted down at the same time, pay attention to the waist can not be top, should try to make the abdomen and stomach contract, and then try to close, in order to reach the abdomen is also tight and comfortable, every day insist20 times.

Massage This is one of the most commonly used abdominal weight loss methods. The use of kneading action plus massage cream is very good for unfortunate improvement.

Massage can increase the temperature of the skin, consume a lot of energy, promote bowel movements, reduce the absorption of nutrients by insulin, promote blood circulation, and allow excess water to replace the body.

  Take the navel as the center, hit a question mark in the abdomen, massage along the question mark, first right, then vertical, each massage 30?
50 times, massage once a day.


The abdomen walking method must first learn the “abdominal breathing method”: when inhaling, the belly rises; when exhaling, the belly tightens.

This is a necessary training for those who practice yoga or practice vocalization.

It helps stimulate gastrointestinal motility, promotes the discharge of waste in the body, smoothes airflow, and increases lung capacity.

When walking normally and when appropriate, it is necessary to use force to reduce the abdomen and cooperate with abdominal breathing to make the abdominal muscles firm.

It will not be accustomed to the first day or two, but as long as you remind yourself to “shrink your stomach to lose weight”, in a few weeks, not only the lower abdomen tends to be so, but also the walking posture will be more charming.

There are six amazing benefits to drinking properly.

There are six amazing benefits to drinking properly.

In the health transition, drinking is the most taboo, but in special countries, they use drinking as a way of health care.

According to ancient medical records, wine not only has the effect of sterilization, but also can be used to treat diseases.

Modern people are increasingly demanding about wine, and using various ingredients to make a variety of functional wines, both in terms of taste and nutritional value, can not be underestimated.

  In daily gatherings or in life, the table is always inseparable from wine. In general, it is a necessity for people’s lives and one of the best drinks.

However, most people pursue their own satisfaction and will consume a lot of wine. After a long time, wine becomes one of the harmful drinks.

In fact, as long as proper drinking, it can play a role in promoting human health.

  The role of proper consumption of wine 1, enhance the heart function In addition to the innate factors, people reach a certain age, the body first appears in the heart of the condition.

Therefore, it is very necessary to go to the hospital for physical examination on a regular basis.

If you like to drink alcohol, don’t drink a lot of alcohol, you can drink it properly, because it can enhance the heart function and make the heart slow and powerful.

  2, enhance the secretion function of the digestive gland to do a simple investigation, more than 50% of the population have different degrees of stomach disease.

When the stomach shows symptoms of discomfort, most of it shows a diminished digestive function, and the appetite also decreases.

Drinking can enhance the secretion function of the digestive gland, promote regular migration and increase appetite, and have a good effect on hypertension, diabetes, obesity, habitual constipation and other symptoms.

  3, eliminate fatigue Due to the accelerated pace of modern life, causing too much pressure on yourself, staying up late at night and insomnia is a normal thing.

Drinking in the fresh air outdoors, the brain thinking activity becomes clear and flexible, which can effectively eliminate mental fatigue and improve learning and work efficiency.

According to relevant experts, drinking three times a week, one hour each time, for four consecutive months and those who do not like to drink, the former reflects keen, visual and memory are dominant.

  4, fitness and fitness is one of the ways people live, but fitness is divided into dynamic and static, it is like sleep, in fact, sleep is the static movement of the body.

Drinking is a kind of static and dynamic, static and active fitness, which can relieve nervous muscle tension.

According to experts, when irritability and worrying emotions flock to the heart, drinking at a brisk rhythm for about 15 minutes can ease tension and stabilize mood.

  5, improve immunity Human health is mainly due to the enhancement of the immune system, there are many ways to improve immunity, and proper drinking is one of them.

It also has a positive effect on strengthening the body, improving the body’s immunity, reducing the disease, and prolonging life.

  6, the pressure of relief is what anyone will have, but the source of stress mainly comes from life and work. Excessive pressure will cause a lot of damage, and some people can’t live normally.

If you are in a long period of hardship, it is easy to cause mental illness.

Most people are not saints. When they can’t think about it, they know that it doesn’t work, but they just have to think that they can’t control themselves.

Appropriate drinking can alleviate psychological suffering.

  The best time to drink Most foods are time-consuming, not to mention drinking, only to drink in a suitable period of time, in order to make its value come into play.

It is not advisable to drink alcohol in the morning and in the morning, especially in the morning.

Because in the morning, the enzyme that secretes alcohol in the stomach secretes alcohol – the lowest concentration of alcohol dehydrogenase, when it receives the same amount of alcohol, it is more absorbed by the body, causing the concentration of alcohol in the blood to rise, causing damage to human liver, brain and other organs.Fight damage.

  Now that you know what time it is not easy to drink, and at what time it is suitable for drinking, these are things you need to know.

Drinking alcohol after 14 o’clock every day is safe for the human body, especially at 15 pm?
17 o’clock is the most appropriate.

At this time, almost everyone feels sharp and sharp, and because people eat the decomposed food at lunch, the sugar contained in the blood is increased, and the tolerance to alcohol is also acceptable.

Therefore, drinking at this time is less harmful to the human body.

  The human body eats food in the morning is very particular, because after a night, the stomach is almost time and space, such as eating unsuitable food, prone to stomach discomfort.

Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach, before going to bed or during a cold is also very harmful to the human body, especially the penetration of liquor into the human body.

Therefore, do not drink alcohol when the above conditions occur in the stomach.

  Conclusion: If you trace history, you will find exceptional wine culture in China and other countries.

For different types of wine, the effect on the human body is also different.

However, proper blending into the wine, health promotion guides the role of promotion.
But to remind you that the time and amount of drinking are all to be noted.

New and old love, who will she choose

New and old love, who will she choose

Boya is the director of the group’s office, she is generous and decent, and anyone who knows her is easily accessible to her.

Recently Boya has fallen into a lot of pain-I do not know how to choose the love that suits you.

  Boya had consulted half a year ago. She wanted me to help her make the right choice: should I break up with my boyfriend who has been in love for seven years?

  Before that, the boy chased for a long time, and Boya was impressed by him. He ruled out psychological and external tensions and fell in love with him firmly.

This love is seven years.

In these seven years, he always pursued Boya silently, taking her needs as his needs, and Boya also carefully explored his mood.

But no matter how hard Boya tried, his mood was always low, and he always couldn’t find anything to please Boya.

During the seven years, they had three attempts to make love, but all failed. He was nervous after the first failure, and he gave up after three attempts. They maintained their seven-year relationship in an asexual state by the love.

  Boya didn’t know if she would stick to it.

At that time Boya and I discussed for a long time, and finally decided to break up with him.

In any case, breaking up is always an unhappy thing, let alone a seven-year relationship.

Not even ideal love is better than nothing.

The very lost Boya survived the first three months and pinned her spirit on the Internet. Soon she met a confidant, and after a preliminary understanding, they were officially in love.

  When love can be shared by friends and relatives, love is equivalent to insurance, they are very harmonious and close.

Intimacy and harmony are the two major elements of love, and the absence of any point is inclined love.

The new boyfriend is a graduate student who settled in the city as an clerk. He received the love of Boya and made his lonely feeling good.

Three months has pushed them to the top of their love, and they are already violating the marriage location.

  After breaking up, he came to her again.

.  One day six months later, Boya received a call from his ex-boyfriend. He was very different from before, and was very excited to express his desire to see Boya immediately.

Boya didn’t have the slightest psychological preparation. Now he said that she would come over immediately. Boya immediately thought of telling him that she had a new relationship with her feelings. Although she had the right to love again, she couldn’t help feeling troubled.

  Boya was still sitting there meditating, but he had come before him, and his excitement was hard to control.

He said he was finally eligible to love Boya, and he has now achieved initial success.

For six months he worked hard to make himself eligible for liberal arts.

He was very excited to tell Boya that he was already the person in charge of a large-scale large-scale project and had the right to control certain human and material resources, and in order to get these, he paid a lot of hard prices in half a year.

He just told that Boya was sitting there staring at her head: she had never seen him with such confidence, and this feeling had always been what she expected.

Today he did grow up, but he himself had already made the decision to break up.

  Boya’s embarrassing expression caught his attention, he asked why it was, Boya asked why he hadn’t heard anything in the past six months.

He explained that he was struggling to concentrate his energy and let his heart be clear . When he heard the news that Boya had a boyfriend, he was very surprised. He wanted to know who this extra person was and why this happened!

Boya is a simple girl. He said all the situations they met and got along with. He said: Congratulations to Boya’s new relationship, but he was very uneasy because they were dating from online dating. There are too many uncertain factors.

At the time, Boya’s attitude was very firm: she didn’t want to destroy the love relationship she had just established, and she didn’t want to restore the relationship with him.

  He walked away in frustration, but Boya burst into tears because of some unknown feeling.

For half a year, she missed him, but since she broke up, there is no reason to look back for him again. Another reason is that Boya has no confidence to return to him, nor does she want to break up with her current boyfriend.

  She was in a state of helplessness.

It was a few days of horror. Boya was concerned about his state, but he didn’t dare to communicate directly. Now her boyfriend has been asking her to meet, but she has been pretended. She doesn’t know where her mind is going.

Boya received a phone call from her ex-boyfriend’s mother three days later, and she told Boya that her son had gone home three days ago and has been lying in bed without eating, drinking or talking.
Mother wants her to come forward to solve the problem.
  The originally chaotic heart is even more chaotic. After answering his mother’s phone call, Boya will provide psychological counseling. She hopes that I can help her through the current difficulties.

  Analysis one: choose because of loneliness or understanding?

  The problem with Boya is that she doesn’t know how to choose her love, which includes not knowing her true heart and even knowing how to deal with it.

This first helps her make a choice.

Her first choice is to erode her ex-boyfriend. The motivation that can be analyzed here is: Does she really like him, love him, or because she does not want to hurt her current boyfriend?

Did she choose him now because of loneliness, or did she love him because of understanding?

The cause of Boya’s upset explains her conflict, what the appearance of her ex-boyfriend touched her, and what made her unbearable.

Only by such a careful analysis can Boya accept his psychological truth and use long sleeves to effectively deal with problems.

  Analysis No. 2: Psychological freedom and independence through careful discussion with Boya, Boya gradually understands his own psychology and behavior.

She felt that she was really worried after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend, and her online dating was established under such circumstances.

On the whole, the current boyfriend is a good man, but Boya finds himself somewhat wronged in his dealings with him.

This shows that she often caters to him and gives up some of her ideas.

This catering expresses that Boya relies somewhat on this relationship and is not psychologically free and independent.

The appearance of her ex-boyfriend changed her previous understanding of him, but did not dare to accept him immediately. She needed time to increase her new understanding.

But Boya’s understanding of her own psychology was vague, uncertain, and even controversial, because she could not imagine that all of this was suddenly destroyed on the eve of her marriage.

So Boya’s heart was chaotic, and her confusion caused chaos in their two countries at the same time.

  In our consulting room, Boya kept answering the call from his current boyfriend, and he asked a moment: Will you leave me?

Do you love me?

Worry overflows in words.

But his reason is still there, and he never forgets to bring one sentence: I respect your choice.

The present boyfriend is very worried that in the crisis state of the ex-boyfriend, Boya must make a choice, which is for the safety and well-being of the three parties.

Boya said: She had a hard time choosing, but she did not absolutely recognize her ex-boyfriend.

  Conclusion: It took time to sort out the ideas and finally we reached a consensus: she needs separate time to consider the problems she is facing.

So in my consulting room, she called her ex-boyfriend and told him: she needs time to reconsider their relationship.

The ex-boyfriend’s mood suddenly improved, and he changed from absolutely hopeless to room.

Now the boyfriend’s mood has calmed down, and he also needs space to sort out his thoughts and face the new situation again.

Boya’s pressure has also eased. With the appearance of her ex-boyfriend, she can thoroughly examine her love psychology and behavior.

Temporarily put down, found a psychological buffer zone for them, and built a platform for their growth.

All three of them are willing to think rationally about new issues.

The elderly will also be anaemic, what blood to eat?

The elderly will also be anaemic, what blood to eat?

Anemia is not only a symptom that often occurs in women and children, but also in the elderly.

With the increase of age, the physical function of the elderly has also dropped a lot, so it is prone to anemia. How can the elderly suffer from anemia?

  First, how to make anemia for the elderly, eat more vitamin B12 and C and folic acid-rich foods B vitamins (vitamin B12, folic acid) is an irreplaceable nutrient for red blood cell growth and development.

Vitamin C reduces the conversion of ferric iron to divalent iron, which promotes the absorption and utilization of iron.

  Recommendation: B vitamin food.

Lean meat, animal liver, kidney content, green leafy vegetables, etc. also contain folic acid.

  Vitamin C rich food.

Fresh vegetables and fruits, especially green vegetables and sour fruits such as tomatoes, oranges, hawthorn, etc.

  2, the right amount of sour food iron can only be absorbed by the body from the trivalent to the second price, in the acidic environment, ferric iron is easy to transform into a divalent iron that is easy to decompose water.

  Recommendation: In order to prevent iron-rich high-protein foods from being fully absorbed in the digestive tract, anemia elderly people can often eat vinegar and sour fruits such as tomatoes, apples, citrus, kiwi, hawthorn, jujube, alfalfa, acid.Cucumber, sauerkraut, etc.

  3, the ingredients of Chinese herbal medicines effective blood supplements in our daily diet, there are some ingredients have the effect of blood, such as: black sesame, red dates, black-bone, these can all replenish qi and blood.

There are also some traditional Chinese medicinal materials, such as: Polygonum multiflorum, Angelica, Poria, Rehmannia glutinosa, Angelica, etc., will be boiled with Chinese medicine and meat, can improve the lack of blood.

  4, iron supplement food should be matched with these Chinese herbal medicines, while the elderly anemia is mostly due to the lack of iron anemia, so at this time, the elderly should also pay attention to iron supplementation, with some iron-rich foods, such as: animalsLiver, beef and kidney, lean meat, egg yolk, seaweed, black sesame, black fungus, brown sugar, celery, etc., can all help the elderly to supplement iron and blood.

  5, blood medicine to help increase the growth of the elderly, chewing, digestion ability is difficult to improve, in order to better blood, scientific and reasonable oral administration of some safe and effective blood-supplying drugs, its added hemin is easy to human absorption, but alsoEnhance human immunity, it is very suitable for the iron supplementation of the elderly.

How to prevent menopausal depression?

How to prevent menopausal depression?

Menopausal women suffering from depression are clinically more common.

Its main manifestations are low mood, tiredness, loss of confidence in life, self-evaluation is too low, and I feel like I am living as a year, and some have antifeedant and suicidal behaviors.

Depression has a huge impact on the physical and mental health of menopausal women, which directly affects the quality of life and the length of life in old age, which has long caused a high degree of obviousness in the medical profession.

  The causes of menopausal depression are complex. In addition to being related to changes in their physiological functions, they are also closely related to society, family, and psychology.

From the perspective of clinical pathogenesis, the prevention of menopausal depression should be started from the following aspects: (1) Know the disease in advance and make psychological preparations.

Correctly understand the cause and outcome of the disease, understand its clinical manifestations, prepare psychologically for a long time, and lay a good foundation for the prevention of the disease, even if early clinical symptoms occur in the future, it will not cause tensiondisturbed.

The opposite is not true.

  (2) Handle family and social relations well.

Menopausal women are prone to emotional excitement and conflict with their families.

This requires everyone to be considerate of each other, and to be calm in the event of an accident, and not to be overwhelmed by a trivial matter or an offensive sentence.

Family harmony is the happiness of the whole family and an important factor in preventing the disease.

Menopausal women must not only adapt to the family, but also to the society. They must have a correct understanding of some phenomena in today’s society, and those who do not understand should exchange ideas with others. Don’t get bored, look for trouble, and treat life with optimism.To treat society, it is very beneficial to prevent depression.

  (3) Create a colorful life.

Most menopausal women retire, some have already retired or been laid off at home, their ideological pressure has broken through, and there is always a sense of loss in their hearts.

At this time, you should arrange your life in a rhythm and increase your hobbies appropriately.

Such as raising fish, raising flowers, painting, playing chess, listening to music, etc., in addition to increasing the interest of life, it can also maintain good brain function, improve health and health, and greatly contribute to the prevention of this disease.

  (4) Reasonably arrange physical exercise.

Physical activity can improve the physical fitness by promoting metabolism and enhancing the physiological functions of various organs. At the same time, it can also improve psychological quality and adaptability to emergencies.

Should choose a small amount of exercise, slow pace of exercise, such as Tai Chi, sword practice, jogging, walking, etc., so that patients get joy in the exercise, forget about troubles and misfortunes, greatly reduce the prevention of the disease.

  (5) Face up to “negative life events”.

It is very important for menopausal women to deal with emergencies such as widowed, parting of their relatives, and sickness. It is important to keep calm and take their own health into consideration when they are in trouble. Do not worry about the consequences.disease.

  Menopausal women have depression, both their own factors, as well as family and social factors. This requires family members to care more about them, and society pays attention to them.

It is worth mentioning that once the depression of menopause gets worse, you should see your doctor in time, and don’t take it lightly.

Three inappropriate summer sports

Three inappropriate summer sports

In summer sports, everyone has high skills to cope with the scorching heat, but some of them are radical.

Recently, some experts pointed out that some practices may harm people’s health while some people temporarily enjoy the comfort.

  Clothing should not be excessive during exercise, only when the skin temperature is higher than the ambient temperature, by increasing the skin radiation and exhausting heat to cool down.

In hot weather, not only can the skin not dissipate heat, but it absorbs heat. At this time, the shirtless or open back will feel hotter.

  It is not advisable to cool down after exercise just after exercising. When sweating, go straight to the fan or the cold air outlet of the air conditioner. Many people think that it can cool down quickly.

As everyone knows, this method is not good for health and is easy to cause various diseases.

  You should not drink too much water during exercise. If you drink too much water during exercise, it will cause stomach muscle cramps, abdominal pain and other symptoms. The best way is to rest for a few minutes after exercise and add water.

  It is not advisable to add pure water after exercise. When people exercise at high temperatures, their bodies sweat a lot, which will cause water and salt loss.

Pure water contains almost no salts and minerals. If a large amount is taken in, the concentration of sodium chloride in the blood decreases, muscle excitability increases, and muscle spasm and pain are easily caused.