Lemon weight loss diet is easy to get rid of 姨

Lemon weight loss diet is easy to get rid of 姨

Diet and weight loss methods have always been welcomed by obese people, who do not want to become thinner during the diet?

In the diet diet, fruit weight loss is the most used, and lemon is one of the popular weight loss fruits.

Here are some lemon diets for you to choose from: Lemon Banana Slimming Tea: 2 fresh bananas, 1 fresh lemon, 9 chrysanthemums.

  Method: first warm the cup, add chrysanthemum and lemon, inject boiling water, cover and smash for five minutes; remove the lemon chrysanthemum tea into the slag, put in the banana slices, and soak in the tea.

  Efficacy: This is a lemon tea that suppresses appetite and loses weight.

Once the lemon’s acid and the banana’s cockroach are mixed, it produces a chemical action that can control the high temperature and reduce appetite.

  Lemon kelp slimming tea material: 100 grams of kelp, 100 grams of lemon juice, rock sugar content.

  Practice: Wash the kelp and cut into strips, add water in the milk pot and 100 grams of fresh lemon juice to boil, cool and add seasoning with rock sugar.

  Efficacy: kelp contains iodine, can promote the secretion of thyroxine, improve metabolism, lemon juice can relax and soften blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, improve the digestion and digestion function.

This kind of tea can eliminate the aunt who is stuck in the skin and achieve the purpose of weight loss. The amount can be adjusted, but it is not suitable for drinking.

  Lemon mead material: 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 1 tablespoon honey, and proper amount of brandy.

  Practice: Mix lemon juice, honey and brandy, called at night.

  Efficacy: This wine can help to fall asleep, improve the quality of sleep, but also good for beauty and weight loss.

  The key to supplementing the principle of weight loss is “moderate”, which is mainly achieved through a balanced diet.

Balanced budget refers to the nutrients contained in the expectation, the variety is complete, the quantity is too large, and the proportion is appropriate.

The specific requirements are as follows: (1), food is diverse, the main balanced diet of cereals must be composed of a variety of foods, promoting a wide range of foods.

A variety of foods include five categories: cereals and potatoes; animal food; beans and their products; vegetables and fruits; pure thermal foods.

  (2) Eat more vegetables, fruits and potatoes are rich in vegetables, fruits and potatoes.

  (3), often eat beans and their products rich in protein and vitamins, high calcium content, high utilization.

  (4), often eat the right amount of fish, poultry, eggs, lean meat, eat less fat and oyster sauce.

Three qualities of a yoga teacher

Three qualities of a yoga teacher

Confidence, clarity, and compassion are the most important qualities of a yoga teacher.

  — b.



Iyengar I, confident that the strength of a yoga teacher does not come from himself, not from physical skills and strength, appearance, eloquence or credentials, but from the close relationship between him (her) and the tradition and source of yoga knowledge conveyed.
If a teacher can be the spokesperson of ancient yoga wisdom, he will naturally have enough self-confidence.

When we speak of tradition and knowledge, we mean a complete and comprehensive understanding of yoga.

The author of the Yoga Sutra, Patanjali, likens yoga to a lotus with eight petals: 1) holding the ring, 2) advancing, 3) asana, 4) breathing, 5) control, 6) concentration, 7)Meditation, 8) God is fixed.

Although asana is almost synonymous with yoga practice at present, we should always remember that asana is just one of those eight petals, the purpose of which is to let us understand the other petals and rouge to see the full picture and meaning of the lotus.
If we don’t understand the other petals, in fact we don’t understand the petal of the posture well, because it is only a part, and only the whole part can get its true meaning.

For example, if you never know what a car is and what it does, you can’t explain to you well what a tire is and what it is for.

Therefore, only this “comprehensive understanding” will give a yoga teacher real self-confidence and a peaceful mind when teaching. Even if you cannot convey all the knowledge you know in the classroom, that knowledge will still be because of yours. “”Presence” permeates the classroom and is directly realized by the students.

No matter what style of teacher you are, no matter what kind of environment you are in, and no matter what you are good at teaching and facing students, if you believe that the purpose of yoga is first of all to experience the purification and peace of the mind, you will haveEnough patience and a healthy mindset.

You know you don’t need to deliberately please everyone, you will naturally attract students who have the same pursuit, because purity and peace are precisely the most lacking and precious things in this world.

  The self-confidence of a yoga teacher will be supported in the following three aspects, if he or she knows how to “dedicate” to these three and learn the art of “concentrating and listening”.

  1) Your teacher (guru).

You always learn humbly from your own teacher, whether it is one or more; 2) Teachings of senior yoga sages and masters (sadhu).

Understand their understanding, cultivation and mentality in yoga; 3) Sastra.

This means that you read and understand the philosophy and core content behind all yoga practice or teaching.

  Your teacher supervises you and helps you solve practical problems. Yoga predecessors encourage and provide you with inspiration. Classics are your information base, inner resources, and forever partners on this path.

  Second, clarity 1) You know exactly what you are teaching and what effect you want to achieve.

  The simple and clear content taught in class is far better than the many but not clear and thorough content.

Do n’t put too much demanding requirements on yourself and your students in a class to make your body incompetent or tired. Before class, you must be very clear about the purpose, core and issues of this class today.But at the same time, there is room for adjustment.

You need to be able to firmly grasp those moving moments and the awareness of “present”.

As a result of your lesson preparation, you should cultivate a clear, eager to share, but at the same time don’t be too obsessed with the details, because it is likely that due to external factors such as weather, objects and time, you cannot fully implement your lesson preparationcontent.
Your topic can come from the continuation, change, repetition, or depth of the content you taught in the last lesson-that is, an outline of your teaching content, or from the latest experience you have gained in reading or practicing(Develop the habit of reading before class) If you are constantly learning and reading, and always maintain your most valuable pursuit and passion in yoga, your teaching will always be full of vitality, joy and freshness.

As a good teacher you do n’t need to be omniscient and omnipotent, but if every little thing you teach is what you feel and understand, you can teach it truly and clearly, and you can impress youstudent.

  2) You can accurately communicate the content of yoga using simple and clear methods.

  You must go through a process of turning yourself into a communication tool, that is, professional yoga teacher training and long-term training in teaching.

No one can immediately become a good yoga teacher from a good yoga student.

This is a completely different role transition from receiver to giver.

Teachers are a special profession and need special training. Even an ordinary kindergarten teacher needs to go through four years of training. Why do you think you should be a teacher after one month of teacher training?

Of course, if you are born with a gift for expression and a height as a teacher, this process can be successfully completed.

The true function of yoga teacher training is to lay a solid foundation for you and to give you a clear picture of the road to yoga.

No matter how good the trainer can only show you what he has, but only your own practice can really help you discover your own ability.

You have to learn to use the following three expression techniques in teaching: 1. Your body-body language; 2. Your spoken language; 3. Your Spirit- Your subtle energy languageHow others feel).

  The presets and effects of these three languages reflect your own inner strength, quietness, balance, purity, thoroughness and perfection.

It leads to your own cultivation.You cannot be a good yoga teacher unless you become a good yogi first.

  Third, compassion. If your purpose as a yoga teacher is to serve your students, if your happiness is to use your knowledge and skills to help others, you are approaching compassion, and true compassion is wisdom itself.

Wisdom is the philosophy put into practice.

This means teaching the correct principles of yoga accordingly to what students can accept.

The core of a yoga teacher’s job is to dispel pain (both physical and mental) and share spiritual joy.

Therefore, careful teaching should not cause “more pain” to students.

Yoga teaching is neither a teacher’s personal performance nor a joint practice of him or her and the student, but a process in which the teacher assists the student in gaining an understanding of their own potential and the experience of the nature of joy through guidance.

The core of yoga teaching is “the transformation and purification of the heart”.

The greatest pain in this world is ignorance of the self, so the greatest compassion is to help others understand the nature, value and potential of the true self, thus causing all kinds of pain and struggle caused by ignorance (avidya).

As long as a teacher’s teaching does not take this as inevitable, it cannot be compassionate.

For a true yogi, he or she has seen that the source of the pain is inner ignorance, not fate and the fault of others.

Ignorance can be purified by micrometers. The Yoga Sutra lists these ignorance manifestations that cause pain: 1) asmita, fake me.

Refers to the fact that we live in a very narrow, wrong concept of the self, which limits our experience and happiness in other higher realms of life.

  2) Raga, obsessed with pleasure, persistence and greed.

  3) dvesa, avoidance and replacement caused by painful memories.

  4) Abhinivesa, insecurity, uncertainty, fear of death.

  Real yoga practice will bring purification of body and vitality, purification will bring awareness, awareness will bring spiritual vitality and subtle sensation, subtle sensation will bring depth of self-knowledge, depth will bring calmness, abandonmentDedication and devotion, devotion will bring love, humility and service, service will bring gifts and blessings, and gifts will bring joy and perfection to the soul-the spiritual life that transcends time, break free from the false self and bondage-wisdomEternal existence.

Love to sleep high pillow you beware of cervical spondylosis

Love to sleep high pillow you beware of cervical spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis is becoming increasingly prevalent among young people.

Patients with cervical spondylosis have a younger trend. Judging from the amount of outpatients, young patients with cervical spondylosis are not less than the elderly, and how many middle school students in their teens have cervical hyperplasia.

  Suffering from muscle strain, joint changes, and bone displacement can cause cervical spondylosis. In addition to correcting the symptoms of soreness, the symptoms of other types of cervical spondylosis include paralysis of the upper limbs, dizziness, palpitation, sweating, insomnia, irritability, and unstable walkingHowever, there are also a small number of patients with cervical spondylosis who usually have almost no symptoms, but they may suddenly freeze their neck and cannot move when they wake up in the morning or wake up in the morning.

  Although many people suffer from cervical spondylosis for a long time, classify cervical spondylosis according to symptoms, relieve the compression of nerves and spinal cords by cervical joints, restore cervical spondylosis to its original physiological anatomy, and exclude work, the cause of cervical spondylosis in life.More than 90% of cervical spondylosis can be cured without surgery.

  For patients with mild cervical spondylosis and those who want to prevent cervical spondylosis, antagonistic activity is the best choice.

In simple terms, antagonistic activities are “doing the opposite” of your daily routine actions, repeating the adverse effects of maintaining a posture for a long time on the cervical spine.

For example, people who often work at their desks can raise their computer monitor slightly to keep their heads slightly raised while using the computer.

However, for people who often use computers, the height of the computer monitor is still appropriate to their level of sight.

In addition, badminton, kite flying, breaststroke are all beneficial activities for the cervical spine.

Severe cervical joint dislocations, especially in patients who have oppressed the spinal cord, are not suitable for the above antagonistic activities, so as not to further aggravate the dislocation and even cause truncation.

  When it comes to the causes of cervical spondylosis, many people think of the adverse effects of long-term desk work on the cervical spine, and few people notice the effect of pillows while sleeping.

Of course, people have accumulated time in their lives in bed, that is, about the time to release and “close contact” with the pillow.

  As the saying goes, “Sit back and relax”, in fact, the impact of too high a pillow on the cervical spine is very serious.

Both too high and too low pillows can adversely affect the cervical spine.

That being the case, for people who are used to lying down or lying on their sides, the requirements for pillow height are different.

Too nervous tends to cause job failure

Too nervous tends to cause job failure

Some college students fail when summing up their job applications mainly because they are too nervous.

In the face of recruiters, the more you want to express yourself, the less you can grasp yourself, especially when you are looking for recruiters in your favorite work unit, they are often tense and unpredictable, helpless, even flushed, sweating,Rapid heartbeat.

If you lose a lot of opportunities just because of the nervousness when applying for the job, you can’t show yourself enough, it will be a big loss for college students.

Therefore, students who feel nervous about applying for a job feel pain.

  Students who are nervous about applying, mainly worry about whether their ideals can be realized, whether they can find a satisfactory unit, what to do if the specialty is not used or not matched . Especially, some families have poor conditions and their own conditions are not good.Introverts and inexperienced students are more worried and are in deep pain.

Under these circumstances, these students tried their best to control their tension, trying to make it disappear, and ordered themselves to “don’t be nervous” or “don’t be afraid” when applying for the job. In fact, the result was increased tension.

Because when you give an order to yourself, you are reminding yourself how nervous I am.

Make the originally nervous self pay more attention to your nervous feeling, cause the mutual enhancement of attention and feeling, and the state of separation of thinking and behavior appears.

  Classmates with a sense of nervousness in applying for a job should first understand that almost everyone will experience some degree of tension and worry reaction when facing people who are not familiar with or being watched by others. This is a normal emotional reaction, because whenAfter people have a moderate sense of tension, they will not be confronted with strangers in the face of unbridled words without thinking; without restraint, if you want to do what you want to do, you can maintain the minimum courtesy and etiquette; In order to earnestly, deeply understand the personality of others is meaningful, and to express their thoughts appropriately.

Therefore, proper tension should be maintained in the application.

Recommendations for hair growth and nourishing drug precipitation spectrum

Recommendations for hair growth and nourishing drug precipitation spectrum

Hair growth and prevention of hair complications have attracted much attention because of the increasing pressure of working and living, more and more people are beginning to show signs of loss.

Therefore, hair growth and hair growth have become another manifestation of people’s beauty.

So how can we be effective at giving birth and raising hair without getting on the body?

  1. Qibao Wufa Porridge Ingredients: 20 grams of Polygonum multiflorum, 15 grams of Polygonatum sibiricum, 30 grams of yam, 12 grams of lotus seeds, 10 grams of lily, 10 jujubes, 60 grams of corn.

In the method, the Shouwu and Huangjing are wrapped with gauze. Put 2,000 ml of water in the pot, cook for 30 minutes, remove the medicine bag, and keep the juice for later use.

Then wash the corn into the pot, remove the dates and the yam, add the lotus seeds into the pot, add the medicinal juice and the right amount of water, simmer in the heat and cook into a thick porridge, add the lily and cook for another 10 minutes.Both are OK.

Function: tonify kidney and spleen, make hair beautiful.

This meal uses Shouwu, Huangjing, and kidney to fill the blood to supplement the color; yam, lotus seeds, jujube, can strengthen the spleen and stomach, promote clearing and turbidity; lily, clearing the lungs, yin, and energy;Yin can nourish beauty.

  2. Longan Shouwu Zhi ingredients: 20 longan meat, 15 grams of Shouwu, 6 grams of angelica, 12 grams of hawthorn, 6 jujubes (denucleated), moderate sugar.

In the method, the Shouwu, Angelica sinensis and Hawthorn are selected and put into a pot, add 1000 ml of water, fry for 20 minutes, and remove the juice to remove residue; longan meat, red dates, soak in less water, and then steamed in the basket.

Add medicinal sauce and rock sugar to the pot, cook to 400 ml, add longan meat, red dates, and boil for 4 minutes. Thinly moisten with wet starch or glutinous rice flour to form a sweet and sour palate.

Function nourishes the liver and kidneys, blackening and moisturizing.

This meal uses Shouwu, nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing essence and blood, black hair, pleasing color; Angelica zero, nourishing blood and blood, emollient color; hawthorn, strengthening the spleen, reducing weight and fat; jujube, and camp health,Strengthen the spleen and stomach; longan, nourishing and replenishing marrow, beauty, moisturize the skin.

  3, Mulberry steamed egg ingredients: eggs 2?
3 pieces, 15 grams of mulberry seeds, 20 grams of walnut kernels, 12 grams of wolfberry, and 40 grams of pork.

Method: Add 50 ml of mulberry water, cook for 15 minutes, remove juice and dregs; walnut kernels, fry after crushing; break the eggs into a pot, add mulberry juice, walnut powder, medlar, pork, salt, MSGStir well and steam for 10?
15 minutes, ready to eat.

Function: nourish the liver and kidney, hair beauty.

This meal uses mulberry seeds, medlars, nourishing blood and nourishing the liver, reorganizing the beauty; walnut kernel, containing linoleic acid, linolenic acid and various essential amino acids of the human body, sweet, warm, nourishing kidney hair; pork, nourishing yin; Eggs, containing protein, lecithin, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, vitamin P and other nutrients, can make hair beautiful.

  4. Mushroom-burning mussel ingredients: 300 grams of water-mussels, 60 grams of water-mushrooms, and 50 grams of bamboo shoots.

Method: Wash the mussels and put them in a bowl, add cream soup, cooking wine, salt seasoning, steam them in the basket; slice the shiitake mushrooms; slice the bamboo shoots;

Heat the wok, add less vegetable oil and stir-fry the bamboo shoots, shiitake mushroom slices when the oil temperature is 40%, add the cream soup and steamed mussels, cook for 10 minutes, add less MSG and mix, and thin the pan with wet starch.Ready to eat.
Function: Filling and replenishing yin.

This meal uses mussels, which are sweet and salty, cold, fill the coke, nourish the blood, and can nourish Chongren. Mussels are used to supplement the deficiency of kidney essence, and the coke is leaked.”, Rich in a variety of proteins and essential amino acids; bamboo shoots, in addition to protein, and overlapping cellulose, can be beneficial to moisturizing qi.

  5. Ingredients for catfish soup: 1 catfish, 30 grams of black fungus, 12 grams of Eclipta, 15 grams of wolfberry, and 40 grams of bamboo shoots.

Preparation method: catfish, after slaughter, remove scales, gills and internal impurities, wash; fungus, wash with water, remove ear roots; bamboo shoots, slice; Eclipta, add 50 ml of water to the pan, fry for 15 minutes, takeJuice to dregs.

Heat the wok, add less vegetable oil, and add catfish when it is 50% hot, fry it slightly, add medicinal sauce, cooking wine, bamboo shoots, black fungus, ginger slices, spring onion, salt and moderate water, boil for 10 minutes on high heat, then addGoji berries, MSG, chicken essence, pepper, etc., boil for another 5 minutes, then you can put it in a pot and drink soup or fish.

Function: nourishing blood and nourishing the liver, nourishing the kidney and developing hair.

This meal uses dry lotus grass, which can be replaced by nourishing yin and nourishing kidney; wolfberry, nourishing liver and nourishing blood and nourishing beauty; black fungus, activating blood and nourishing blood, nourishing liver and kidney, and having nourishing power of black hair; catfish, rich in protein and amino acids, evenBeauty and hair.

6 Steps in Diet to teach you to conceive a peerless baby

6 Steps in Diet to teach you to conceive a peerless baby

[Introduction]If women can consciously eat certain foods during pregnancy, the growth and development of oxides in the reorganization intends to have unexpected subtle effects.

Perfectly and scientifically prepared diet can help you to avoid weaknesses and regrets, and help you create a beautiful baby.

Being a mother is a matter of joy and excitement for all women.

However, while you are happy, maybe you will have some worries: the prospective father is not ideal enough, how can you make your baby grow taller in the future?

Expectant mothers and expectant fathers have a little dark skin. Is there any way to make the baby whiter?

My mother’s eyes are short-sighted and I am worried about inheriting it to my child. What can I do to avoid it?
.6 steps to create a diet of “Peerless Good B” Step 1: Give your baby a beautiful complexion. Some parents have dark fetuses, and expectant mothers can eat more vitamin C foods.

Because vitamin C interferes with the production of melanin in the skin, it can reduce the precipitation of melanin and make the baby’s skin white and tender in the future.

Foods rich in vitamin C include tomatoes, grapes, citrus, cauliflower, winter melon, onion, garlic, apples, pears, fresh dates, etc. Among them, apples are the best.

Apple vitamins and malic acid, which can increase hemoglobin when eaten regularly, can make the skin thinner, red and tender, and have an excellent tonic effect for women with anemia. It is the fruit of choice for pregnant women.

Step 2: Make the baby’s skin delicate and shiny If the parents’ skin is rough, pregnant women should often take vitamin A foods because it can protect the skin epithelial cells and make the child’s skin delicate and shiny in the future.

Types of food include animal livers, egg yolks, milk, carrots, tomatoes and green vegetables, fruits, dried fruits and vegetable oils.

Step 3: Cultivate shiny and shiny black hair. If the parents’ hair is early white or slightly yellow, and placed, then pregnant women can eat more foods rich in vitamin B family.

For example, lean meat, fish, animal livers, milk, bread, beans, eggs, laver, walnuts, sesame, corn, and green vegetables. These foods can improve the child’s hair quality, completely thick, dark, and shiny.

Step 4: Pregnant women with bright eyes and good vision can eat more vitamin A foods, such as animal liver, egg yolk, milk, cod liver oil, carrots, apples and so on.

Among them, chicken liver contains the most vitamin A.

Points to ensure the normal development of fetal eyes: 1.

Expectant mothers should prevent viral infections within 3 months before pregnancy, and do not take medicine arbitrarily; 2.

Do not do X-ray abdomen irradiation, because the eyes of the retina are particularly sensitive to radiation at this time, which may cause eye diseases such as congenital cataract.


Eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, calcium and vitamin A, D foods to avoid congenital eye diseases caused by malnutrition.

Step 5: Build Strong Bones If your parents are not tall, pregnant women should eat some vitamin D foods.

Vitamin D can promote bone development and heighten the body, especially on fatty acids and infants.

Such foods include shrimp skins, egg yolks, animal livers and vegetables.

Step 6: Make him smarter and smarter. All parents want to improve their children’s intelligence, then pregnant women should eat more iodine-rich foods during pregnancy, such as seafood such as kelp, and supplement iodine to iodine as much as possibleNeed to promote the synthesis of hypertensive thyroid, which is conducive to the development of hypertensive brain.

Kelp is the best among all kinds of foods. Kelp is rich in protein, fatty acids and trace elements such as calcium and iron.

Eating kelp can not only supplement iodine, but also promote human metabolism and improve the body’s ability to resist infection.

Fish is one of the best foods for brain health. Pregnant women should eat about 100 grams every day to promote the growth and development of vitamins.

Six signs of being sick but not sick

Six signs of “being sick but not sick”

After the child is born, due to a mature process of the development of the nervous system of the brain and physical development, infants and young children will experience some drooling, growth pain and apnea in the process of growth and development. Young parents should pay attention toRecognize in order to better do home care and make your baby grow up healthily.
First, drooling drooling is actually saliva secreted by the salivary glands.
Saliva not only has the effects of moistening the mouth, dissolving food and facilitating swallowing, but also digests carbohydrates in food, and also has a bactericidal effect to prevent the growth and reproduction of bacteria in the mouth.
The salivary glands of 3-4 months infants mature gradually, and the amount of saliva secretion increases, but at this time the child’s function of swallowing saliva is not perfect, the mouth is shallow, the closing of lips and swallowing movements are still uncoordinated, and they are often drooling.
After the child grows to 6-7 months, due to the stimulation of the teeth in the oral cavity by the emerging teeth, a large amount of saliva is secreted, and at this time the saliva will flow more.
Therefore, the above two conditions belong to normal physiology and are not pathological. After the child gradually grows up and the swallowing function is fully developed, this physiological drooling phenomenon will naturally disappear.
Second, the legs are bent. In the summer and autumn, a few months of babies wear little clothes. Parents may sometimes be surprised to find that the two calves of the baby are bent a little inward, thinking that they have rickets.
In fact, this kind of calf inward bending is not a rickets, but a natural physiological phenomenon.
The reason for this is because the child’s body is in a flexed state in the mother’s womb, so that the calf looks slightly bent for a period of time after birth.
In addition, judging from the proportion of the baby’s body, the head is larger and the upper body is longer than the legs. It seems that the two legs are short and curved.
This kind of bending of the two lower legs is gradually corrected by the children as they grow older.
3. Embracing a baby under 3-4 months of reflex, when the mother or family member suddenly walks to the child or makes a noise, they will find that the child’s arms are abducted and straightened, and then they receive the chest within the flexion, and they are hugging.We will think that the child has a cramp.
In fact, this is not a cramp, but a physiological phenomenon, medically known as hug reflex.
The absence of this hug reflex indicates that the child is either the brain’s nervous system is not mature, and the child may be injured or diseased in the nervous system, intracranial hemorrhage or other intracranial diseases.
Fourth, apnea mothers sometimes find that newborns who have just been born are not only breathing irregularly, and sometimes even apnea, and they are panicked and upset.
In fact, irregular breathing and apnea are common in newborns, especially premature babies, which is related to the immature development of their brain and nervous system.
Apnea time generally does not exceed 10 seconds, and there are no other symptoms of discomfort. It can be considered as a normal physiological phenomenon, so don’t worry about it.
Fifth, growth pain Some young children play well during the day. At night, they will complain of leg pain. Parents carefully checked to see no redness, swelling, etc. This condition is medically called growth pain.
The reason is that young children grow and develop quickly, the legs are overburdened, and the lower extremity bones are congested, which causes leg pain, which is also a normal physiological phenomenon.
This type of growth pain is characterized by mild pain in the calf, which is heavier in the afternoon and evening, but gradually disappears as the child grows older.
6. White urine In the winter, some babies and children urinate into the potty like rice water. Many parents think they are chyluria and get nervous.
In fact, this kind of rice-washing urine is due to the strong metabolism of children, especially when eating foods containing more oxalates and carbonates, such as green leafy vegetables such as spinach and amaranth or fruits such as bananas, oranges or persimmons.Increased oxalate and carbonate.
When these substances are excreted from the body with urine, salt crystals such as urate or phosphate will precipitate out and become mixed when cold, like rice water.
This kind of situation mainly occurs in the cold climate season, which is more common in infants and young children. Generally, this urine is not harmful to the child’s health. As long as the child is usually fed with more boiling water or some vitamin C orally, the rice is washed a few days later.Such a pee will disappear.

Detox in the summer for healthy skin


Detox in the summer for healthy skin

Guide: In the hot summer, various toxins that invade the body also become extremely active. Do you often feel tired, dull complexion, edema, loss of appetite, and restlessness?

What do the beautiful people do about these difficult problems?

Do n’t worry, these are caused by toxins that can be called new killers. Here are various detox solutions. This summer, you must be the poison-free queen!


hzh {display: none; }  测测你体内的毒素?  Want to know how much toxins are in your body?

Pass the following tests to check your body’s poison.

  1. There is no fixed time for three meals, often staying up late for overtime, takeaway and fast food are common.

□ Yes □ No 2, the whole body is prone to fatigue and soreness, and is accompanied by edema.

□ Yes □ No 3, the lower abdomen is always swelled, and annoying places are always involved in you.

□ Yes □ No 4, the skin’s immunity is reduced, the skin tone is always dull, the face is dull, and small acne will be patronized from time to time.

□ Yes □ No 5, eyes are always swollen and dark circles are unsolicited.

□ Yes □ No 6, sleep quality is not good and I always feel anxious.

□ Yes □ No. For the above six tests, how many do you meet?

If everything is there, then your poison is already very deep. It is time to clear the toxins.

  Where does all evil poison come from?


hzh {display: none; }  想要排出万恶的毒素,首先就要知道它的源头,这样排毒战才打得漂亮。   Environmental toxins: In summer, in addition to being resistant to ultraviolet rays and atmospheric pollution, we must also endure radiation from computers, photocopiers, and mobile phones. Over time, the accumulation of toxins has severely affected our health, and beauty is naturally discounted.

  Food toxins: Don’t tell me, you never eat “poison” food in modern society, wait, poison food?

It sounds sensational, but it is full of our lives every day.

High lactose, high cholesterol junk food, various beverages containing dimers, pigments, and additives, as well as antibiotics, are more or less formed in our bodies, causing our normal circulation to become chaotic.

  Human toxins: For OLs who have been sitting in the office for a long time and lack of exercise, poor daily exercise has contributed to the accumulation of toxins.

Coupled with the greasy accumulation on the skin surface, old keratin and dirt are often ignored by us and cannot be removed in time, which will cause skin toxins to form long ago.

  Eliminates blemishes and removes blemishes and removes old horny pores. Breathing freely. Have you recently felt that your work pressure is particularly high? The residues of sweat and makeup always affect your image of high quality OL?

Helpless you are always lamenting the mirror: the skin is getting rougher and rough, no matter what skin care products you rub, it is difficult for the skin to absorb, and annoying acne comes from time to time to patronize.

Don’t worry, experts tell you that these are all evil toxins that can’t be cleaned thoroughly.

To change this situation, eliminate keratin and let the skin breathe freely is the top priority.

However, exfoliating is not as simple as you think. The horny cream must be used on the wet face. It is best to use circular massage. Generally, it will be OK about 5 times. The nose, chin, ear, etc. can be slightly enlarged.Or massage twice more.

  A reminder to the editor: Here ‘s another tip for the beauty OLs. You can add an appropriate amount of makeup remover to the horny cream and massage it. This will better remove the makeup residue. If you need makeup every day, this method must be the bestsuits you.

  Summer detox is better than thin water.

hzh {display: none; }  热辣夏日,肌肤容易出汗,皮肤看起来总是油腻腻的黯淡无光。Do you still follow the usual habit, the left layer and the right layer self-righteously strengthen the skin?

If so, you’re OUT.

In hot sauna days, long-lasting moisturization and cool and light use will add detoxification to the skin.

Too thick nutrition, it is easier to block pores, grow horrible blackheads, and the makeup effect will not last, especially for the eyes, it requires light and unburdened nutrition, otherwise oily particles will appear, so light gel and gelFrost content is the magic weapon to overcome summer toxins.

  Editor’s love reminder: Until now, a lot of girlfriends around me and a lot of people don’t know how to self-test the toxins in the eyes, so hurry up to help you die.

Use your ring finger to gently touch the under eyelid. If you feel sandy particles and the eye is always edema and dull, then your detoxification is imminent.   With the help of lymphatic massage, the precise detoxification effect is fast. The office workers who are nine to five will have more opportunities to be affected by environmental toxins. The body’s toxins cannot be replaced normally. At this time, experts tell you that lymphatic detoxification is a more effective detoxMethod, think about it, in the elegant environment where the music is hovering, and enjoying the gentle massage in the scented body, the relaxing after waking up is really beyond words.

  The lymphatic system is a scavenger in the body. If its circulation slows down, the evil toxins will gather and cause edema or constipation.

Now you can apply simple and easy lymphatic detoxification methods to make you non-toxic.

First, align the entire face with essential oil and place the thumb on the center of the forehead, from the eyebrow to the hairline. Starting from the forehead, use your thumb to push from the middle of the forehead to the temple, and twist it on the cheek with four fingers.The nose wing is then moved to the sides to the ears; using your index and middle fingers, push to the side from the middle of your chin to the bottom of your ear and repeat several times.

  Editing reminder: Do you know that the best time for lymphatic detox is 9pm to 11pm?

At this time, the body’s immune system is most active.

At this point you calm down, listen to music, and try to keep quiet yourself, the immune system will obediently complete the detoxification work, so that your detoxification power doubles.

Take good care of children entering the park

Take good care of children entering the park

Physically prepare clothes and shoes and pay attention to decent and safe daily necessities: Some kindergartens require uniform purchase of bedding and toiletries, while others require you to prepare them yourself.

Inquire before entering the park to avoid repeated preparations.

  Clothes: Prepare a few suitable clothes. The best texture is pure cotton. It is best to have a pocket, open, and easy to put on and take off.

Girls’ clothes should not have too many accessories, and boys are better off not wearing zip pants.

Be sure to wear underwear to your baby to avoid cold.

  Shoes: The size of the shoes should be appropriate. Choose soft, lightweight cloth shoes or travel shoes, suitable for running and jumping activities.

It’s better to have elastic mouth or sticky buckle. It is better not to tie shoelaces.

Pay attention to the sole of the shoe.

  Toys: If the baby can adjust again, he can reposition it at the beginning, and let him take one or two favorite toys to the kindergarten to eliminate separation concerns.

  Love reminds that wearing too much clothes is easy to catch cold: babies who just went to kindergarten are easy to cry and get angry.

Parents should drink more water for their baby, or bring a bottle of boiled water or mung bean soup when picking up the child.

  Accumulation of food: Many babies tend to accumulate food. Parents need to communicate with their teachers to control their baby’s food intake.

Try not to let your baby eat after you go home, just add some fruit.

  Wear less: Parents wear too much to their babies, and they must sweat when they are outdoors, and they are very likely to catch a cold when they are blown by the wind.

In fact, children should wear less clothes than adults. Adding clothes should be moderate.

  Teacher Suggestions: * Be firm when sending your baby into the garden.

Remember: Your soft heart will only make your baby cry more.

It is wise to send cheerfully and leave cheerfully.

The baby can be picked up a little earlier on the first Wednesday so that he knows his parents and has not forgotten him.

  * Different babies grow up in different family environments and have different living habits.

Parents should communicate with the teacher in a timely manner so that the teacher can learn more about the baby and take better care of the baby.

  * Let your baby fully understand that there are games and other activities in the kindergarten, but there are certain restrictions on the activity time.

Don’t describe the kindergarten too ideally, so as to avoid feeling lost and crying.

  In 1987, 75 Nobel laureates gathered in Paris.

Someone asked one of the elderly: which school has the most influence on you?

The old man answered: kindergarten.

  Entering kindergarten is the first change in the life style of a child’s life, and it is also a step from the family’s integration of society. Whether this step is taken well or not will often affect the next few decades or even a lifetime.

  The benefit of entering the school is to increase interaction to avoid too many self-centered parents. After experiencing the baby-raising period, parents will feel that sending their children to kindergarten is a kind of “relief”. Put the responsibility on the teacher and “get one away”.

Some parents are worried about whether the baby can adapt to kindergarten, and some grandparents have proposed not to let the baby go to kindergarten because of distress.

  In fact, there are many peers in the kindergarten. Babies who feel lonely at home now have the opportunity to interact with others, avoid self-centeredness, and learn to be patient and tolerant.

Collective life is great for cultivating your baby’s ability to live independently and interpersonally. It can also help her to form good self-reliant habits.

  With long-term contact with the family, the baby’s words and deeds will tend to become adult. In the kindergarten, blind imitation of the family can be avoided, and the language behavior will lose innocence and childlikeness.

In addition, professional preschool education helps the baby’s physiology significantly extend the family.

  Prepare for life to cultivate good living habits early: some babies eat less because they eat slowly, some babies cause indigestion due to choking and swallowing, or vomiting due to stuck throat, and even cause short-term weight loss.

For children who eat slowly, parents should limit the time and gradually extend it to about half an hour.

The kindergarten will not open a small stove for anyone, and the baby must not be accustomed to picky eaters.

  Drinking water: It is common for babies two to three years old to have a bottle to drink water, which is not conducive to mouth shape development.

It is best to prepare a small plastic cup for your baby, and some toddler training cups.  Siesta: The kindergarten requires a nap.

Parents should adjust their schedule in advance. It is best to go to bed at 8:30 in the evening and go to bed before 9:30. It is not too difficult to get up at 6:30 in the morning and take a nap at 12.

Sleeping late and getting up late can only form a vicious circle, and it is difficult to adapt to collective life.

  Defecation: Parents should train their baby about one and a half years old: “I want to urinate, I need to urinate.

“Babies around the age of 3 should learn to put on and take off their pants.

Before going to bed, waking up, half an hour or one hour after a meal, parents should remind the baby to urinate; pay attention to the habit of regular bowel movements.

  At home, you should develop the habit of washing your hands before meals and after going to the toilet; know which towel, of which the cup is your own; and wear simple clothes and shoes.

Babies have basically mastered these skills and will be able to adapt to a new life faster and longer.

  Learn to deal with contradictions while preparing for play. When the baby first enters kindergarten, there will be separation concerns and crying.

Before entering the park, parents should consciously and actively guide him to like kindergarten from the heart.

  Get close to the kindergarten: Give your baby a “vaccination shot”, talk about interesting things in the kindergarten, and let him yearn for the kindergarten from his heart.

Never negatively guide or even scare.

Take your baby to visit before entering the park.

  Making children: If you are bullied or left out in kindergarten, changing your collective life will cause distortions.

Before entering the park, parents should create more conditions for the baby to play with other children and teach some methods to deal with contradictions.

  There is something to say: When the baby first went to kindergarten, he could not express his intentions, and he was anxious, angry, and crying.

Parents should usually talk more with their baby, exercise to understand the adult, and encourage him to say ideas, learn to express and develop habits.

Gu Yu how to keep a healthy diet and living spirit Raiders

Gu Yu how to keep a healthy diet and living spirit Raiders

How does Gu Yu live?

The rainy season is the last solar term in spring, and the temperature rises gradually. It is important to make a good rain and smooth transition to summer.

So how does the rainy season save?

Let’s take a look at the full Raiders of Gu Yu’s solar health.

  The living and health valley rain came, and the spring season came, and everything grew and the weather became hotter.

The temperature is higher at noon, but the temperature will still decrease in the morning and evening. Therefore, it is necessary to wear clothes properly in the morning and evening. In particular, be careful not to blow dry after sweating to prevent colds. People with allergies should prevent pollen allergies and prevent allergies when going out.The onset of rhinitis, allergic arthritis, etc.

  At this time, the yang is getting longer, the yin is gradually disappearing, and you should go to bed early and get up early, and don’t sweat too much to nurse the dirty air.

In addition, due to excessive rain during the rainy season, it is necessary to prevent the wet evil from invading the human body, causing shoulder and neck pain, joint pain, fullness of the abdomen and fullness, and unwilling to eat and other complications.

  Spiritual health is also like emotional health, sports, such as the Qingming Festival health, to maintain a comfortable, broad-minded, listening to music, fishing, spring tour, Tai Chi, walking, etc. can cultivate temperament, avoid worrying about worry, and even anger.

  Diet and health at this time, the liver is angry, the heart is gradually strong, the temper is also in a strong period, it is a good opportunity for the body to replenish, but can not be tonic like winter, you can eat some foods that benefit the liver and kidney, in order to comply with the changes of yin and yang,Enron spent the summer to lay the foundation.

Here are a few common medicated diets: Soybean Amomum lotus leaf drink: 2 grams of white cardamom, 2 grams of Amomum villosum, half a lotus leaf.

Wash the lotus leaves, chop them, add them to the casserole with washed white soybean meal and Amomum villosum, add enough water to boil, and cook for 20 minutes with low heat. Serve the gauze filter juice.

On, in the afternoon, served.

It has the effect of wide expansion, digestion and stomach.

  Kelp white fungus: 50 grams of kelp, 20 grams of white fungus, crystal sugar.

Wash and chop the kelp, add the water with the kelp and add the water to the kelp with a simmer. Add the crystal sugar.

After serving within 1 day, you can wear uniforms.

Can soothe the liver, repair the spleen and kidney.

  Corn must jujube black bean porridge: 60 grams of corn, 30 grams of jujube, 30 grams of black beans, 90 grams of carrots.

Boiled corn must be half an hour, go to the must, use it to boil jujube, black beans, carrots (wash and cut), and the beans are rotten.

It has the effect of strengthening the spleen and kidney, and dampness.

  Period cake: 180 grams of raw oysters, 90 grams of raw chicken, 250 grams of white flour, sugar amount.

The oysters are poured into the floating skin, dried, finely sifted, sieved, and the chicken is finely sized, sieved, and soaked in boiling water for about 10 hours.

Then use glutinous powder, white flour, and white sugar. Dip the water in the chicken and mix it into the pancake.

It has the effect of tonifying the spleen and strengthening the kidney essence.

  Yam in the golden carp soup: 250 grams of Astragalus, 10 grams of chicken gold, 10 grams of yam, ginger 4, yellow wine, salt, MSG, the right amount.

Kill the jaundice, wash it to the internal organs, cut into sections, and boil water to the bloody mucus.

Chicken gold, yam yam washed.

From the oil pan, stir fry the meat with ginger, add a small amount of yellow wine, add appropriate amount of water, transfer to the casserole, add chicken inner gold, yam and ginger, first boil with high heat, then cook for 1 hour with low heat, add salt,After MSG, boil it and serve it.

Can spleen and digestion, reconcile the liver and spleen.