Peace of mind is fundamental to health

Peace of mind is fundamental to health

Guo Ziguang, born in 1932, is currently a professor at Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the third group of tutors of famous old Chinese medicine experts in the country, one of the first batch of academic leaders identified by the Sichuan Provincial Government, and one of the winners of the first “National Medicine Master”.

Although Professor Guo Ziguang is 78 years old, he is still mentally weak and physically fit. He believes that the key to health in Chinese medicine lies in the word “harmony”.


hzh{display:none;}  具体来说,就是心平气和与家庭和睦,二者相辅相成,互为补益。The first is peace of mind.

The Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine states that changes in the relationship between mood and body exist objectively, and peace of mind is the fundamental connotation of health.

Peace of mind can transform blood and promote the normal operation of blood gas. Heart and blood is the material basis of human vitality and the foundation of spiritual thinking.

  The spirits and spirits are united and interdependent.

The heart can produce blood, too much blood is full of energy, and thinking is not disordered.

Insufficient qi and blood makes the mind restless, while qi and blood peace raises the heart and protects the brain, and the mind is quiet, natural, healthy and longevity.

The first is family harmony.

Mr. Guo is very well-known for the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation-filial piety. As long as there are children bringing parents to see him for medical treatment, he will be a compliment.

  Elder Guo believes that filial piety is the foundation of family harmony, and family harmony is of great benefit to health.

Because only when the family is in harmony, can the individual pursue the nourishment of life in nature, harmony and indifference.

Imagine a family with constant contradictions, a small noise in three days, and a loud noise in five days. How can one be calm and physiologically harmonious?

  Everyone in life will encounter unpleasant things, and for the sake of health, you should still be less angry.

If you are arguing with others and are very angry, it is best to leave the scene immediately, change the environment, look at reading or take a walk in the park, calm down each other, and then solve the problem.

  If you always lose your temper, pay attention to controlling your emotions and doing things that are good for soothing your emotions, so as to ensure adequate sleep and listen to soothing music; usually go to the wild to play and get in touch with nature.

Therapeutic formula for periodontal disease treatment

Therapeutic formula for periodontal disease treatment

What is good for periodontal disease?

Here are a few recipes for protecting your teeth and teeth.

  Longan and black bean wolfberry soup take longan meat, 50 grams each of black beans, 30 grams of Chinese wolfberry.

Add black beans to the casserole and add 800?
1000 ml, when cooked to half-boiled, add wolfberry, longan meat, simmer for 30 minutes, take the medicine with soup 1 time (fasting) once a day.

It has the effect of nourishing the kidney and solidifying teeth, and Jiufu can cause periodontal disease.

  Kelp tofu porridge take kelp 100?
150 grams, 250 grams of tofu, 30 grams of rice, seasoning.

Soften kelp with warm water and cut into filaments; fried tofu with yellow and cut into small pieces.

The previous rice was washed out, add an appropriate amount of water into the pot, and cook porridge with kelp and tofu. When the porridge is ready, add onions and salt to taste.

Changfu this prescription has the effect of reinforcing kidney and teeth.

  Black tea drink 50 grams of black tea, add 500 ml of water, boil, when the temperature is appropriate, first rinse the mouth with decoction, and then you can.

It has the function of sterilizing and solidifying teeth. It can prevent teeth and treat dentin allergy for a long time.

First-class sensitive people should not eat watermelon

First-class sensitive people should not eat watermelon

It’s time to eat watermelon. Some people think that eating watermelon is on fire because of constipation after eating too much watermelon, and some people think that eating watermelon has failed because of diarrhea.

Experts say that watermelons are sweet and cool, and will definitely not cause anger.

So, what about constipation and diarrhea?

  Yu Guixiang, the director of the Nutrition Department of Chaoyang Hospital, pointed out that watermelon is diuretic but does not moisturize the intestines. After eating more, the water in the body is replaced by urine through the urine, and the water entering the body is relatively small. In addition, it is less affected by mental factors and fiber intake.Other factors affect, some people have dry stools and even constipation is not difficult to understand.

  Generally speaking, people with normal gastrointestinal function eat more watermelons without causing constipation or diarrhea.

However, there are too many inflammations of various asthma tracts in life, and those with irritable bowel syndrome are not rare.

Constipation or diarrhea after eating more watermelon often occurs in these people.

Therefore, this kind of person is best to eat less or not to eat watermelon, can also eat in portions, it is best not to eat watermelon refrigerated.

  Watermelon has the function of penetrating diuresis, sore throat, sore throat, sore tongue, urinary tract infection, and other people who get “upset” can eat more “defeat.”

In addition, watermelon has high blood pressure for people with high blood pressure and poor kidney function.

The spine is the beautiful capital of your movement

The spine is the beautiful capital of your movement

One of the charm signs of women is physical beauty, and the charm of women is reflected by physical beauty. This is a woman ‘s magic weapon and a source of happiness. It is the foundation of female beauty.It is manifested in action and behavior, which is acquired through acquired training on the basis of innate conditions.

  The most wonderful part of a female body is: touching on the skin; beautiful on the body; beautiful on the body; noble on the hips; charming on the front; elegant on the waist; sexy on the front; strength on the legs; baby on the feet; eternity on the inside; Grace in all.

  The physiological curvature of the spine is the anatomical and physiological basis of female physical beauty.

People with a defective spine have stiff cervical vertebrae and ca n’t lift their heads. Their necks have either folds or double chins, and their chests are not stiff. They include chest buttoning, and their full breasts are overshadowed.The aunt was fleshy, and was cut up and down by a bra like a meat bun. The lumbar spine could not stand forward, and it was naturally easy to bend over. The whole portrait was like a prawn. In addition, the gravity did not fall on the support point while sitting.On the nodules (tip of the buttocks), the stools are virtually accumulated in the stomach, the lower abdomen, and the bilateral crotches, and the entire body is plow-shaped. In addition, the arms are falling, and the legs are getting shorter and shorter.Let ‘s take a look. Where does such a body have a noble temperament and a woman ‘s charm?

  The spine is the central axis of the human body and the axis of movement. It has the functions of supporting the body, protecting the spinal cord, spinal nerve roots and internal organs. The entire spine of an adult is straight from the frontal view, and it can be divided into four bends from the lateral view.The lumbar vertebra is convex forward, and the thoracic and sacral vertebrae are convex backward. These bends are gradually formed in order to adapt to the human body walking in an upright posture.

The entire spine of the fetus in the womb of the mother and the newborn baby is curved backwards, which can be raised and seated. The cervical lordosis gradually appears, and the thoracic kyphosis is also obvious. After learning to walk, the cervical spineThe forward curvature of the lumbar spine and the lumbar spine are formed and developed. Therefore, the cervical spine and lumbar spine are the most active spines of the human body, and they have the largest range of motion, so they are more likely to be injured, and the strain may cause cervical spondylosis or lumbar spine disease.

do you know?

The curvature of the spine increases the elasticity of the spine and relieves shock and shock to the brain and internal organs when walking and jumping.

  After repeated examinations in the clinic, some symptoms of the cause were not found, and some root causes were in the spine.

For example, some people have heart rate disturbances, high or low blood pressure, chest tightness, chest pain similar to the symptoms of angina pectoris, intractable insomnia, and other parts of sweating or no sweating, itchy skin, the cause is cervical sympathetic cervical sympathetic nerve typeThe highest rate of coincidence between peptic ulcer and spinal vertebral body damage. This sympathetic nerve damage due to spinal joint dislocation is one of the causes of clinical autonomic dysfunction. Therefore, it is implanted into the spine and causes diseases.Called spine-related diseases, most of the spinal therapies received satisfactory results.

Incredible Six Tips for Longevity

Incredible Six Tips for Longevity


Don’t ask for part-time work at home.

hzh{display:none;}  对302名成年人进行的调查研究显示:每天只要花1小时打扫房间、擦地、擦窗户,普通人就能燃烧285卡的热量,从而让死亡的可能性降低30%.


The courage to take on challenges. Scientific research shows that those who are self-disciplined, organized, and organized have a longer lifespan, and they are 89% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease than less responsible people.

If you are good at concentrating, your intelligence will be more developed, and the more you will be developed.

Therefore, people need to set personal or professional goals, and then face various difficulties and challenges to achieve this goal.

You also need to keep trying new things to stimulate your brain: if you always read science fiction, choose a celebrity autobiography to read.


Having good relationships with a close friend can help reduce stress.

A guy with three gangs. If there is support from behind, then this person will be more healthy mentally and physically.

Studies have shown that long-term chronic stress will expand the body’s immune function, allow cells to age and recover, and ultimately reduce life expectancy by 4?
8 years.


Going to college will also make you live longer. Recent research from Harvard Medical School shows that people who have been educated for more than 12 years (or even only 1 year) can live 18 months longer than those who have received alternative education.

The reason is: the more education you have, the less likely you are to smoke.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, only 10% of those with a bachelor’s degree or above smoke, and only 35% of those with a high school degree or below smoke.


Keep up with the times and get in touch with some new technologies to keep brain cells young and healthy.

Many American seniors communicate via email in their daily lives, search for old friends who haven’t been in contact for years, and even make appointments online.

Getting in touch with new technologies and family, friends and society will keep the elderly agile and full of energy.


Avoiding traffic disruptions A recent German study showed that encountering traffic disruptions could lead to a threefold increase in accidents.

Although the relationship between the two is uncertain, scientists speculate that air pollution caused by the continuous flow of cars and the pressure caused by traffic congestion increase the probability of morbidity.

The secret that female panties can’t tell

The secret that female panties can’t tell

How does Chinese medicine look at vaginal discharge? Naturally, it is different from western medicine. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, abnormal vaginal discharge is a “following disease.”

Except for some that may cause leucorrhea abnormalities, too much work pressure and insufficient rest can cause leucorrhea increase and color change.

  Symptoms 1 There are many leucorrhea, white or pale yellow, thick, no odor. TCM diagnosis: under the spleen deficiency, caused by dietary insufficiency, excessive fatigue, and excessive thought.

  Recipe for diet: ginkgo eggs.

  Ingredients: 4 ginkgo flesh, 1 egg.

  Method: Peel the ginkgo, peel the heart, make a small hole in the egg, stuff the ginkgo flesh, paste the hole with wet paper, and cook the egg to eat.

Get up early every day, take 5-10 days, and the elderly can take 20 days.

  Symptom 2 The amount of leucorrhea is large, yellowish, sticky, and smelly, or the leucorrhea is like bean dregs, smelly, vaginal itching, frequent urination and urination. TCM diagnosis: in the wet tropical zone, it is caused by menstrual period, postpartum or postoperative infection.
  Therapeutic Recipe: Plantain Braised Pork Belly.

  Ingredients: 60-90 grams of fresh plantain (20-30 grams of dry plantain), 2 pork belly (about 200 grams).

  Method: Wash plantain and pig belly, cut the belly into small pieces, add water, a small amount of salt, and simmer for half an hour. Drink soup and eat pork belly.

Once daily for several days.

  Symptoms 3 are reddish, or pus-like, rancid and unpleasant, lower abdominal pain, fever persists, urinary constipation, TCM diagnosis: under fever toxin, this disease should be diagnosed and treated in hospital in time.Drink plenty of water.

  Therapeutic Recipe: 萆 Yinhua Mung Bean Soup.

  Raw materials: 30 grams of lotus root, 30 grams of silver flower, 30-60 grams of mung bean.

  Method: First wash the decoction of the lotus root and silver flower, take the juice and cook the porridge with mung beans, add the appropriate amount of sugar, once a day, and even serve for 3-5 days.

  Symptom 4 Leucorrhea is thin, with a large amount, cold waist and limbs. TCM diagnosis: under the kidney deficiency zone, it is caused by congenital kidney deficiency, blood loss and yin, and fertility.

Can be divided into kidney yang deficiency and kidney yin deficiency.

  Recipe for diet: eat more Jinyingzi cream for kidney yang deficiency.

  Ingredients: 200 grams of golden cherry, 200 grams of honey.

  Method: Golden cherries are dissected and denucleated, washed, boiled twice, combined with decoction, concentrated to a paste, added honey, and boiled.

10-15 grams per serving, 2 times a day.

Hot Yoga Weight Loss + Detox

Hot Yoga Weight Loss + Detox

Hot Yoga was founded by Indian bikram on the basis of Hatha Yoga, a branch of yoga.

In the Hot Yoga series, Bikram retained the 26 poses of the original Hatha Yoga, and divided them scientifically.

These 26 movements are scientifically arranged in the order of pulling and heating according to the characteristics of human muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Therefore, you should follow the instructions of the coach when you practice, otherwise you will make mistakes.

For those who have a poor ability to balance, have poor coordination of hands and feet, and usually lack physical activity, some movements cannot be achieved in one step when they start learning.

  The biggest effect of hot yoga is weight loss and detoxification.

Some positions can stimulate loose glands to increase hormone release and accelerate slight metabolism.

Yoga’s deep breathing exercises can also increase the amount of oxygen absorbed by the cells in the body, so oxidation increases and burns more unfortunate cells.

Toxins can be excreted by stimulating the lymphatic system and heavy sweating.

  The biggest difference between hot yoga and traditional yoga is that it is practiced at a high temperature of 38-42 seconds, so practitioners are best to prepare a towel to wipe sweat, and at the same time prepare a sports drink, supplement it at any time.Stop practicing immediately.

  Special reminders: 1.

Do not eat for 2 hours before training. It is best to drink a large glass of water 20 minutes before class.


Wear sweat-absorbing and breathable clothing.


Practice two to three times a week, not too much.


Replenish the electrolyte in stages during the exercise.


If you feel unwell during the exercise, stop it immediately.

  The Origin of Hot Yoga: Yoga was born in India for more than 5,000 years.

Due to the hot climate in India, many people practice yoga in hot and hot natural environments.

More than ten years ago, a couple from India used modern heating equipment in the United States to reproduce the high-temperature practice environment of traditional Indian yoga, thereby creating a new yoga-hot yoga, also called hot yoga or hot yoga.
A few years ago, Hot Yoga recovered from China.

The 7 characteristics of the body to see if you have a long life

The 7 characteristics of the body to see if you have a long life

Core tip: Our ancestors tirelessly sought the longevity.

Psychologists have summed up a large number of practices over a long period of time and found some regular features, that is, the ability to pass the characteristics of the face to predict whether they can live long.

  Eyebrows and longevity1, eyebrows and longevity eyebrows are called Baoshou Palace, which shows that it has a relationship with human life.

“The eyebrows are dangling, and longevity is inevitable” in the complete compilation of the gods.

That is to say, a person with long eyebrows and drooping eyebrows has a long life.

  Skull and longevity2. The skull and longevity occipital bone are located in the middle and lower part of the back of the brain. Since it first contacts the pillow when sleeping, it is called the occipital bone.

This bone must be raised with flesh, and it should not be left alone too much. People with full occipital bones behind their heads live long.

  Ears and longevity3, ears and longevityEars and kidneys are closely related, and the strength of kidneys directly affects the length of life.

Ears must be well-defined, with dangling beads attached to the flesh, bright and ruddy color, wide ears, red and thick ears, and tall and long ears. Such people are long-lived people.

  Eyes and longevity4, the viewpoint of Chinese medicine in eyes and longevity is very concerned about observing the existence of God, mainly referring to observing the glory in the eyes.

Tai Yizhao said in his nerves, “Those who have the light in their eyes will live.”

This is what we often say is eye-catching.

  Nose and longevity5. In the science of nose and longevity, it is believed that the nose should be plump and straight, the bridge of the nose should be straight, and the bridge of the nose should not collapse.

Tai Yizhao said in his nerves that “the longevity of life rises.”

Years of life refers to the middle of the nose, and those who swell in the middle of the bridge can live longer.

  Among the people and longevity 6, among the people and longevity among the people, the image of the ditch is also.

Only the body fluids that are deep in the body can work smoothly, which is good for the body.

The complete picture of the gods states that “people are deep and elder, and live long.”

This part is long and straight, and people who live upright can live longer.

  Tooth and longevity 7, the health of the teeth and longevity of the teeth, directly observe the strength of the kidney qi and the adequacy of bone qi.

Tai Yizhao said in his nerves that “tooths with strong teeth are aligned for longevity.”

Teeth are scattered neatly and sturdy, so people can live longer.

  Through the above we can polish, some are congenital, we cannot change.

Some are acquired, which we can achieve through exercise.

Therefore, through our efforts, we can obtain longevity.

Hot food mango coconut milk black glutinous rice beauty and nourish

Hot food mango coconut milk black glutinous rice beauty and nourish

In all kinds of syrup, the flavored fruit is often poured into the syrup, making the delicious syrup more colorful, which can be healthy and beneficial.

It is not difficult to find that a large number of fruits and vegetables have high nutritional value, and combine with other medicinal materials such as north and south apricots, chuanbei, snow fungus, figs, etc. to give nourishing effects.

  Hot mango coconut milk black glutinous rice mango, sweet and sour, cool, containing vitamin c, mango keto acid, etc., good for stomach, thirst, pain and dizziness, diuretic and other curative effects, with uniform size, fullness, yellow and white color; mango kernelDry can detoxify, reduce stagnation and relieve cough.

  Hot food especially warms the stomach, nourishes qi and blood, and the sweet and delicious mango is sandwiched with rich coconut scent, which can be eaten together with black glutinous rice that can keep blood and warm the stomach.

As the mango meat is relatively humid and poisonous, you can use the mango kernels to boil the water when you cook this sweetened water, and then add the black glutinous rice after you pick it up. After cooking, put the mango meat, and finally add coconut juice, which is more healthy and beneficial.
  Green apple stew with aloe Aloe vera has a beauty effect. When mixed with green apple stew, it is moisturizing and sweet, but also has the benefits of nourishing the qi and strengthening the stomach, nourishing the skin and nourishing the liver, and clearing the liver heat.Run the lungs.

Due to the slightly bitter taste of aloe vera juice, friends who are afraid of bitterness should put less (2-3 grams).

  Green apple containing carbohydrates, malic acid, citric acid, carotene, vitamins b, c.

Malic acid stabilizes blood sugar, and vitamin C prevents myocarditis.

Green apples have the effect of replenishing heart and qi, replenishing and quenching thirst, strengthening stomach and preventing diarrhea.

In addition, apples have the effect of weight loss. Obese people eat more apples appropriately, which can reduce the intake of other foods and achieve weight loss effects.

  Fig. North and South Apricot Stewed Apple Figs have a sweet and sweet taste. Adding the sweetness of apples, the sweetness is both natural and mild.

Figs have the effect of clearing the stomach and intestines, and also moisturize the throat and lungs. Drinking a bowl when hot can relieve laxative and heat.

  Chuanbei Xueer stewed papaya papaya, sweet and flat, the fruit contains papaya, papain, rennet, carotene, etc., used to treat vomiting and abdominal pain, rheumatoid arthralgia, waist and knee aches, etc., when buying with qualityIt is better to have a fragrance.

  The sweet and smooth papaya has a pleasant taste, and the fungus is also very refreshing. With the Chuanbei (3 grams of medicine) with phlegm relieving cough, moisturizing and dispersing the lungs, the freshness and taste are amazing.

  Fresh milk stewed with papaya and pears First, boil the fresh milk with sugar and heat, then add the seeded and peeled papaya and pears and cook for 30 minutes. Fresh milk + papaya = double whitening effect, accompanied by a hearty Sydney, reallyFrom outside to inside.

  Fresh papaya stewed white and north apricot stewed with fresh papaya, stewed with north and south apricots and white fungus, papaya can help digestion, sterilization and antipyretics, north and south apricots cough and lungs, snow fungus can nourish yin and lungs, nourish the stomach and nourish the body.

This syrup tastes sweet and tastes the same whether it’s cold or hot.

The amount of north and south apricots should not be too much, take 10?
About 15g, snow fungus is thick, full and unbroken, yellowish white and shiny.

  Sydney, sweet and cold, contains malic acid, citric acid, vitamins b1, b2, c, carotene, etc., has the effect of refreshing and moistening, clearing heat and reducing phlegm.

  Snow Clam Soymilk Soup Pills tonic kidney and essence, Snow Clam Cream with lungs and nourishing yin, and Sesame Soup Pills cooked with soy milk. It contains pear grains, fragrant and smokey. It is weak after illness, postpartum, or caused by work.People have wonders.

  Sea Coconut Braised Sydney Sea Coconut Coconut has a soothing throat effect. It can be eaten together with sweet and sweet Sydney. Of course, it is needless to say that cough and phlegm can be avoided.

  Fresh Sydney North and South Apricot stewed snow fungus is also the main character of stewed snow fungus, but the supporting role is replaced with Sydney, so that the whole stew is more moist, refreshing and quenching thirst, but also clearing the heat, when you are upset, use thisIt’s pretty good to come to Qingxin

Hi Dapu Ben: The heat is no longer, and the three days are over!


At the heat of the food, acupuncture points, health and health

Hi Dapu Ben: The heat is no longer, and the three days are over!
At the heat of the food, acupuncture points, health and health

When the heat came, the hot air was swept away, and the drizzle in the moment of anger angered the blast of this cold battle when it was closed. 鈻?”The place, stop, the heat is here to stop.”

“After August 23 of the Gregorian calendar, the sun reached 150掳 in the Yellow River, and the 14th solar terms in the 24th solar terms of the Lunar Calendar – came to the heat (out of the heat).

“Zhou” means termination, which means that the summer heat is no longer, and the three days are over.

After the situation, most of the developing countries have large temperature differences between day and night, less precipitation and low air humidity.

Autumn cool is very beneficial to the manufacture and accumulation of dry matter in crops. The crops mature faster, and the folks have the saying that 鈥渢he summer and the grass are changing overnight鈥?

“The Three Hous of the Summer” is cleaned by the heavens and the earth, and the autumn is 鈻?.


27 eagle bird eagle began to kill a large number of birds 鈻?8.


1 day to the beginning of the world, everything began to zero 鈻?9.


6 He Naiden’s crops are mature. “Traditional customs” worship the ancestors to welcome the autumn, paying for the gods to protect the summer season, the autumn is getting stronger, and everything is dying, but there are many lively customs activities, such as the fishing festival for the fishermen to go out to sea.Preventing the autumn and eating ducks and other customs, not at all sad and lonely?
路The ancestor greets the autumn路鈻?”On the night”: “Whoever sees the moon can sit idle, where the lights are gone.”

Before and after the summer, there were many ancestors who greeted the ancestors and greeted the folk activities of the autumn, commonly known as the “Chinese New Year Festival.”

On the 15th day of the lunar calendar, the ancestors sacrificed their ancestors, and they sacrificed sacrifices, burned paper candles, and placed river lanterns and other rituals.

Up and down the streets and lanes will soon stage local operas, worship and pray, and so on, showing a lively and extraordinary scene.

The Mid-Autumn Festival was originally a Taoist saying and originated in the Northern Wei Dynasty.

Legend has it that folk ancestors will return home to visit their children and grandchildren on the day of the Chinese New Year, so they need to pay homage (sounds weird?
), the purpose is to explain the filial piety of the ancestors.

Today, this festival is full of religious superstition, and the traditional virtues of respecting the elders cannot be forgotten.

路Opening the fishing festival and after the summer is a good time for fishing.

At this time of the year, the annual coastal fishing festival will be grandly held in the coastal areas of Zhejiang Province.

The local fishermen decided to finish the fishing season in the East China Sea. In the ancient fishing ceremony, all the households hanged fish lights and performed talents. The calm seas and the seas were sent out, and the fishermen were sent to the sea.

Because the water temperature in this sea area is high, many fish groups will stay around the sea, and fish and shellfish have matured.

Therefore, after a summer, people can eat a wide variety of seafood with delicious taste.

路 Eat ducks 路 The human body has experienced the hot summer invasion, the hot air is deposited in the body, and the spleen and stomach are still in a fragile stage.

In addition, when the temperature changes from hot to cold during the summer, the rainfall will gradually decrease and the dryness will rise.

People will feel dry and stinging on the skin, nose and mouth, and “Qiu Dry” will finally begin.

Therefore, in the diet should pay attention to lungs and spleen, eat some hot, moist food.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” records that duck meat “filled, long muscles, blood, and five dirty”, because the duck is sweet and cool, has the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing the stomach, diminishing water and swelling, and replenishing the body.

There are always custom of eating ducks during the summer season, and there are all kinds of ways to eat: white cut duck, roast duck, lotus leaf duck, ginger duck and so on.

“Hot summer health” protects the umbilical warmth, and resolves the lack of autumn. After the summer, the day is hotter, colder in the morning and evening, the temperature difference between day and night is larger, the reduction is reduced, and the humidity of the air is lowered.

People tend to feel sleepy and tired, called “autumn lack”.

At this point, the yang converges, and it is easy to move.

Should pay more attention to keep warm, to ensure a good sleep, to avoid wind and cold intrusion into the body.

路 Sleep more, protect the umbilical. After the heat, the weather will cool down, and the yang will converge. In order to adapt to nature, people should change their sleep habits in summer, insist on going to bed early every morning, and sleeping as much as possible for one hour.
If possible, try to ensure a quality nap.

In this way, we can raise our spirit and ease the lack of autumn.
When you sleep, you should cover the quilt, and if the temperature is not too high, try not to turn on the air conditioner to prevent cold and cold.

After the summer, pay attention to the umbilical warmth.

Because the navel is a relatively weak place in the human body, the surrounding subcutaneous jealousy.

However, the peripheral nerves are very rich, so they are particularly sensitive to external stimuli. If they are stimulated by cold wind, they are prone to abdominal pain, diarrhea, and even nausea and vomiting.

路 Appropriate to add clothes, often take a walk after the summer, officially entered the autumn, but the “autumn tiger” is still there.

When going out, the spare parts are often light and thin, and in addition to preventing the cold weather from coming to the night, it will be cold. When you are in the office, don’t wear too little, avoiding the air-conditioning in the room and causing discomfort.

Two hours after dinner, I often go out for a walk and breathe fresh air, which is the simplest exercise.

This simple, light-weight exercise not only helps the body to move the whole body and muscles, but also strengthens the contractility of the heart muscle, improves lung function, and promotes secretion of the digestive gland.

“Hot food supplement” warm and eat, in order to prevent autumn dryness in the summer season, diet and nourish the kidney to nourish the liver, lungs and stomach.

Eat more salty foods such as glutinous rice, shad, powdered gems, etc., you can also eat fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as lily, honey and other hot and warm food to prevent autumn dryness.

At this time, it is necessary to follow the cleansing nature of the lungs, and eat less hot food such as spicy frying. More food will increase the burden on the stomach and cause more dryness.

In addition, drink plenty of water and light tea, which also helps to reduce autumn dryness.

路 At the summer food list, ginger duck ingredients: duck, ginger, rice wine, soy sauce, sugar, shallots, peppers, salt, 1 pot, add water to boil, add washed duck pieces, water; 2 ginger cutPut it into use, put the wok in the duck pot, stir the duck pieces out of the oil; 3 put the duck pieces out, use the duck oil to saute the ginger pieces, then put them back in the duck pieces; 4 put the white sugar, soy sauce and rice wineStir fry for a while, add clear water without duck pieces; 5 put a small amount of shallots, simmer for 25 minutes with medium heat; 6 even add juice to add salt, pepper and shallots can be fried twice.

Ingredients of celery lily: celery, fresh lily, red pepper, salt, white pepper 1 fresh lily peeled off, remove the black part, soaked in water for 15 minutes, rinse off with water; 2 celery washed and cut;3 pots of hot oil, pour together into celery, fresh lily, red pepper stir fry for a while; 4 add salt, white pepper powder seasoning, stir fry evenly.

Expand reading acupoint health care, solar health and health, summer heat, autumn and cool.

At this time, it is easy to be caught in the wind and catch cold. It is hot and dry. Massage the following acupuncture points to keep warm and dry: the position of the wind pool: the posterior occipital mandible, when the upper part of the trapezius muscle and the sternocleidomastoid are concave.Improve bone stiffness, eliminate soreness, migraine, treatment of insomnia, stiff neck, etc. Position: 4 lateral fingers under the outer knee, between the tibia and the tibia, 1 by the side of the tibia: regulating the stomach, drying the spleenWet spleen acupoint location: adjacent, when the 11th thoracic spinous process, next to the side.

5-inch function: spleen and dampness, qi and strong yang and spleen and stomach (part of the text from the network) edited postscript: out of the heat, cold, aunt?
Don’t catch a cold