[Is the lead-free pine egg really lead-free]_Lead content_Have you

[Is the lead-free pine egg really lead-free]_Lead content_Have you

Songhua eggs will not be unfamiliar to everyone, especially when eating cold dishes in summer, they often eat Songhua eggs.

Songhua egg contains lead, not artificially added lead, but during the production process, a chemical reaction occurred and lead was produced.

Aware of the improvement of people’s health awareness, so-called lead-free Songhua eggs have also appeared on the market.

So, are lead-free pine eggs really lead-free?

Let’s take a look below.

Because in the traditional method of making preserved eggs, lead oxide will enter the preserved eggs during the production process of the preserved eggs, which will cause the preserved eggs to contain excessive lead, which is very large for the human body.Affect children’s physical growth and intellectual development.

Therefore, the idea that “eating preserved eggs often causes the body’s lead to exceed the standard and thus endangering health” has become deeply rooted in people’s hearts and has become the biggest nutritional disadvantage of delicious preserved eggs.

But can lead-free preserved eggs really be eaten for a long time?

Actually not.

In fact, according to national regulations, the lead content of every 1,000 grams of Songhua eggs must not exceed 3 milligrams. Songhua eggs that meet this standard are also called lead-free Songhua eggs.

Therefore, “lead-free pine eggs” does not mean lead-free, but means that the lead content is lower than the national standard.

Therefore, adults can eat occasionally, but children should eat less.

Although preserved eggs are delicious and have nutritional value, children are in the vigorous development stage of the body, and the response to the harm of lead is obvious. It is better to eat less.

In addition, aside from the lead content, preserved eggs are made from duck eggs and eggs are high cholesterol foods, so the three high populations still try to eat less, especially the elderly, whose metabolism is slow and eat less.

Although the preserved egg itself is not harmful, the best things in the world cannot be eaten blindly. Moreover, the salt content of preserved eggs is still relatively high, and it is good to eat and eat from time to time.

In addition, in order to avoid eating leaded preserved eggs, be sure to purchase prestigious industrial sound field preserved eggs from a distanced mall.

[Oven cuisine_Ming Taizi grilled rice balls]_Oven cuisine_Ming Taizi grilled rice balls home-made practices_Oven cuisine_Ming Taizi grilled rice balls practice_Oven cuisine_Ming Taizi grilled rice balls how to do

銆愮儰绠辨枡鐞哶鏄庡お 瀛 愮 儰 椋  Mocking鐨勫仛娉曘€慱鐑ょ鏂欑悊_鏄庡お瀛愮儰椋嘲鐨勫甯稿仛娉昣鐑ょ 揂 欑 悊 _ 鏄 庡 お 瀛 愮 夰 椋 Momentary 勄 廫 娛 娉 曞 ぇ 鍏 ╛ 鐑 ょ  鏂 欑 悊 _ 鏄 庡 お 瀮 樮 愮 樮 愮
The threshold is very high, and it’s awesome, it’s awesome, it’s awesome, it’s a big deal, it’s an umbrella, it’s an umbrella, and it’s a long time, it’s a long time, and it’s very important.细涓纴楠岃愈杩椤彞璇濓纴杩桦缑浠庡仴搴烽ギ椋熺殑瑙掑害鍑卞姩鎵嬫潵鍋氥€備笅闈紝灏辫澶у璺熺潃灏忕紪涓€璧峰鍋氱儰绠辨枡鐞哶鏄庡お瀛愮儰椋嘲銆?.What are you talking about? What are you talking about? What are you talking about? What are you talking about?.Difeng, the world’s real world, and the world’s best / 屽 置 鍏 ョ 儰 鏄 庡 お 瀛 愬  尃 岃 〃 闱 ㈠ 啛 婛 婏 僸 僲 開 僑 悆 揆 斉 閃What are you talking about?80% power tweezers 〃 闱 ㈢ 搐 鐒 ︼ 纙 頧 嚧 詽 婽 婃 婃 幗 鏖 取 rush 彲 劲 劲 銆 劆 揆 富 富 忡 囦 囃 鰲 氲 氠 僄 運 珄 偩 啄 啄 駋ㄤ滑鐨勫帹鑹轰竴瀹氫細澶ф湁闀胯繘锛岃刀蹇拰鏈嬪弸浠垎浜竴涓嬶紝寮€濮嬪埗浣滅儰绠辨枡鐞哶鏄庡お瀛愮儰椋嘲

[Nutrition value of back fish]_Nutrition

[Nutrition value of back fish]_Nutrition

There are many varieties of domestic freshwater fish, and different fish have different nutritional components. When it comes to fish with good nutrition and taste, the nutritional value of returning fish is worth choosing.

Anchovy is also a freshwater fish species, but it is rich in protein, especially high in amino acids, which is very suitable for women.

There are many ways to make fish, either steamed or braised, and the taste is very delicious.

The fish, also known as the long-necked bream, is long and cone-shaped, protruding prominently forward.

Lower mouth, crescent shape, thick lips, small eyes.

Must be 4 pairs, small.

It has no scales, and the hard spines of the dorsal and pectoral fins are serrated, the fat fins are thick, and the caudal fins are deeply branched.

The body color is pink, the back is slightly gray, the belly is white, and the fins are grayish black.

The return fish contains protein and vitamins, and trace amounts of unsaturated impurities and fatty acids are easily absorbed. Its protein content is as high as 13.

7%, aunt content is 4.

7%, the edible part per 100 grams still contains 39 mg of calcium, 143 mg of phosphorus and a dose of 101 kcal. It is quite rich in complete nutrition, and even appetizers, tonics, and qi, have a certain food treatment function.

Back to fish, like all fresh fish water, it is rich in protein. The amount and ratio of essential amino acids in it are most suitable for human needs. Therefore, it is a good source of human infection protein. It is a white fish and can also be used as protein.Selection of classes.

The content of trace impurities in fish is reduced, and it is mostly composed of unsaturated fatty acids. The absorption rate of the human body can reach 95%, which has the effect of reducing cholesterol and preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Fish meat is rich in minerals, such as iron, phosphorus, and calcium; liver is rich in vitamin A and vitamin D.

The muscle fibers are short and have a high moisture content, so the meat is tender and easier to absorb than the meat of livestock and poultry.

Cooking method Freshly steamed catfish Ingredients: catfish; broccoli, ginger, shallot; tempeh, salt, Tiantianxian, cooking wine, sugar, white pepper powder, green onion ginger garlic powder production: 1.

Wash the broccoli, rinse with water (oil and salt), and remove for future use; 2.

2. Fish is pickled for a while with salt and cooking wine, steamed for 15 minutes, and removed for use; 3.

Heat the pan, add the oil, add the shallot, ginger, tempeh, add salt, add Tiantian, pepper, stir-fry the tempeh and pour on the steamed catfish.Serve.

[How to make salad bread]_ How to make salad bread _ How to make salad bread _ How to make salad bread

[How to make salad bread]_ How to make salad bread _ How to make salad bread _ How to make salad bread

Most diseases and cancers are closely related to our diet, so for health, we can improve this aspect of the diet.

For health, don’t eat out often.

For health, I would rather spend more time doing it myself.

In order to make you smoother, I will first introduce the method of making salad bread.


Peel the potatoes and cut into small dices. Boil and drain. Let cool.


Carrots are also peeled and cut into small dices and boiled for soft control and dry.


21 Cucumbers are peeled and seeded and cut into small diced shapes.


1 Put all the ingredients in a cracked bowl, add Thousand Island Sauce and salt.


2 Cook the eggs and soak them in cold water.


Mix into the filling.

(This filling can be used for 5,6 pieces of ravioli salad bread) 7.

Toast is gone, and a slice of toast is coated with a thousand island sauce for 4 weeks.


Put the right amount of mixed filling in the middle.


Cover with another slice of toast for 4 weeks and press slightly.


Roll with a rolling pin for 4 weeks and stick, the filling will not fall out!


Help it decorate it with seaweed, and it’s done.

[囧 囧 Salad Toast]囖!

(Three capsules are all-inclusive by my kid. Do n’t drop them, as long as he eats the vegetables!)

) The practice of salad bread has been introduced in detail and corrected, and then you need to do it yourself.

And when you pay sweat and make a wonderful delicious, you must be very happy.

And if you often eat such fresh and healthy food, you will naturally become healthier.

Huangshan Tourism (600054) Annual Report Comments: The main business development is stable, and the high-speed rail opening is driving the passenger flow.

Huangshan Tourism (600054) Annual Report Comments: The main business development is stable, and the high-speed rail opening is driving the passenger flow.
The company released its 18-year annual report, and Huangshan Tourism, which was replaced by revenue and non-net profit after consecutive deductions, achieved operating income in 201816.21 ppm, a reduction of 9 per year.13%, achieving net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.83 ppm, an increase of 40 in ten years.68%, net profit after deducting non-return to mother3.42 trillion, a decrease of one year.19%.The decrease in the company’s 18-year revenue was mainly due to the disposal of Yuping Real Estate, a subsidiary in 2017, and it was no longer consolidated in 2018; the significant increase in net profit attributable to the mother was due to the company’s reduction of its shareholding in Huaan Securities and the increase in current profits1.9.7 billion, so the company’s net profit after deduction is reduced by 1 every year.19%. Affected by the price reduction, ticket revenue decreased, and the sales expense ratio increased significantly. In particular, Huangshan Scenic Area received a total of 3.38 million tourists in the mountains, and then increased by 20,000 each year, an increase of 0.6%, but due to the reduction in ticket prices last year, the company’s ticket business income2.31 ppm, a decrease of 0 per year.75%.The company’s ropeway and gondola gradually carried tourists 669.110,000 person-times, an increase of 0 in ten years.3%, ropeway business realized revenue4.96 ppm, a ten-year increase1.08%.In addition, the company’s hotel business achieved revenue 6.47 ppm, a 10-year increase3.11%, travel agency business achieved revenue3.94 ‰, a decrease of 0 per year.82%.The 上海夜网论坛 company’s 18-year gross profit margin was 54.14%, an increase of 3.51 units.Period expenses 23.04%, an increase of 4 from 17 years.The four single ones are mainly affected by the increase in sales expenses (paying advertising expenses and awards of civil aviation companies during the vesting period of the expense recognition and increasing marketing activities). Leading domestic high-quality attractions, the opening of the high-speed rail is expected to drive passenger growth. The company relies on the Huangshan Scenic Area, which is known as the “World Cultural and Natural Heritage” and “World Geopark.”At present, the company actively seeks changes, proposes “one mountain, one water, one village, one cave” and other strategic layouts, fully develops the resources around Huangshan, promotes the development of tourism in the whole region, and carries out the construction of secondary consumption projects for scenic spots.In addition, as of April 3, the Hangzhou-Huanghuang high-speed railway has sent more than 150 passengers, and the opening of the new high-speed railway line is also expected to increase the expansion of the tourist circle of Huangshan Scenic Area. To sum up, investment recommendations and profit forecasts, we maintain an investment rating of “overweight” for the company. It is estimated that the company’s operating income for 2019-2021 will be 16 respectively.8.5 billion, 17.32 ppm and 17.840,000 yuan, the corresponding EPS is 0.52 yuan, 0.56 yuan and 0.58 yuan. Risks indicate major natural disasters, the growth rate of tourists is lower than expected, and the progress of outreach projects is not as expected.

Hengli Co. (600346) Annual Report Commentary Report: 18 Years of Refining and Chemical Projects with Performance Consistent with Expectations Set sail

Hengli Co. (600346) Annual Report Commentary Report: 18 Years of Refining and Chemical Projects with Performance Consistent with Expectations Set sail

Revenue and profits doubled, dragging on long-term performance in the fourth quarter. The company announced its 2018 annual report, which reported a total operating income of 600.

670,000 yuan, an increase of 26 in ten years.

51%; Realize net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.

23 ppm, a ten-year increase4.


The annual profit level set a record high for listed companies.

Specific to each quarter, Q1-Q4 respectively achieved net profit attributable to mothers11.



7 / -3.

3 billion, the fourth quarter of crude oil prices showed a unilateral rapid decline, the industry’s profit passively shifted, the company’s inventory price loss was zero.

4.8 billion, sustainable peers.

PTA business is the main driver of revenue and profit growth. The newly injected PTA operating assets have become the main driver of revenue and profit growth. Hengli Petrochemical (PTA business) has realized net profit.

400 million, capacity utilization reached 105.

7%, the report estimates that PTA sales are 573 tons, and PTA tons net profit is expected to be 339 yuan / ton.

Looking forward to 2019, the domestic PTA supply-side increase is quite limited, and the demand increase is still in progress. The supply and demand of the PTA market is expected to further tighten, and the PTA profit level is expected to reach 350?
About 400 yuan / ton.

The profits of polyester filaments are stable, and the engineering plastics and film businesses have fully improved. The polyester chemical fiber business scale has also maintained a relatively stable profit range. In 2018, the company’s polyester civilian filaments and industrial filaments were close to full load.

Polyester full-caliber harvest 229 was inserted (civilian silk 131 / industrial silk 14 / polyester chip 84 additives), and Hengli Chemical Fiber achieved net profit of 13.

9 billion yuan, the net profit of denatured polyester unit is about 607 yuan / ton (600 yuan / ton in 17 years), which is significantly relative to its peers. It has two advantages: 1) The profit of polyester industrial yarn is better than that of civilian yarn. The report indicates that industrial silk woolInterest rate 30.

2%, civil silk gross margin of 20.

3%; 2) The company’s polyester civilian silk varieties FDY and DTY account for a relatively high proportion, and are positioned at the high end, with a high proportion of differentiation.

The subsidiary Yingkou Kanghui Petrochemical reported net profit.

0.5 billion (1 in 17 years).

1.3 billion), the initial improvement 深圳桑拿按摩网 of the profit of engineering plastics PBT and polyester film business.

Refining and chemical projects set sail. Ethylene, PTA, and filament projects are follow-up increments. According to the company’s announcement, Hengli Refining and Chemicals successfully opened the entire production process in March 2019 and successfully produced gasoline, diesel, aviation kerosene, PX, etc.The main products are moving towards the goal of achieving full load operation and full production of the entire refinery. At the same time, the company has reached strategic cooperation agreements and product sales agreements with partners such as PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC and Sinochem, and oil product sales channels.Achieve consensus.

As the construction of refining and chemical projects is coming to an end, ethylene and PTA engineering projects 都市夜网 will become important follow-ups. The 150-ton / year ethylene project and the 250-ton / year PTA-4 are expected to be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2019.The project is expected to be delivered in the second quarter of 2020. Hengke’s 135 budget / year split filament project will be launched in batches within 48 months.

The company’s profit forecast, forecast and investment rating refinement and chemical projects have been put into operation smoothly, and its progress is significantly ahead of similar projects. The company is expected to enjoy high PX profit before the PX price drops, and forecast 19/20 performance from 63.


100 million increased to 68.


800 million, an increase of 100 in 2021 performance forecast.

800 million, currently corresponding to PE14 in 19/20/21.



7x, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk reminder: polyester filament and PTA profit review; risk of refining and refining projects being less than expected

Wei Shitong (002268) quarterly report comments: performance in line with expectations Net security national team leader attempts to benefit policy bonus

Wei Shitong (002268) quarterly report comments: performance in line with expectations Net security national team leader attempts to benefit policy bonus

Performance is in line with expectations.

In the first three quarters of 2019, the company achieved total operating income10.

420,000 yuan, an increase 无锡桑拿网 of 0 in ten years.

13%; net profit is -6360.

40,000 yuan, an increase of 13 in ten years.

42%, performance is in line with expectations.

The policy clearly supports the development of cyber security companies, and the company, as a leading company in the national team, has priority to benefit directly.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently issued a public solicitation of opinions on “Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of the Cyber Security Industry (Consultation Draft)”.

The Guiding Opinions are based on the basic principles of innovation-driven, coordinated development, demand guidance, and open cooperation. The goal is to cultivate a network security company with annual revenue of more than $ 2 billion by 2025, and form a number of internationally competitive network security 淡水桑拿网 backbones.The scale of enterprises and the network security industry exceeds 200 billion yuan.

As a leading cyber security company and national team, the company is committed to significantly benefiting from policy dividends.

The security product upgrade is basically ready.

The company announced that the main work of the development of comprehensive embedded security SE has been basically completed; the development of ultra-low-power security chips and mobile terminal security chips is progressing steadily; Gigabit PCI-E password cards, software password modules and other products have been obtainedQualified qualifications; financial data ciphers have started export-oriented product development and FIPS certification; IPSec VPN, SSL VPN and other network security use the latest network security technologies to achieve hardware platform and software architecture upgrades, product cost-effectiveness, network adaptability and ease of useThe usability has been greatly improved; the safety operation supervision system has improved in terms of product platformization, availability, maintainability, ability to analyze based on multiple data sources, and ability to analyze abnormalities / violations.

Investment suggestion: As a national team of information security, the company is one of the best performers of the national will. Breakthroughs in the security service model of central enterprises and the future 5G security business are expected to be the basis for high growth of the company’s performance.

The company’s EPS for 2019-2020 is expected to be 0.

17 and 0.

23 yuan, “overweight-A” investment rating, 6-month target price of 30 yuan.

Risk warning: New business progress is not as expected; information security policies are not as expected.

Shaogang Songshan (000717) quarterly report comment: short-term performance change will still benefit the construction of the Greater Bay Area

Shaogang Songshan (000717) quarterly report comment: short-term performance change will 杭州夜生活网 still benefit the construction of the Greater Bay Area
Incident April 30, 2019, the company announced the first quarter of 2019 report.At the core of the report, the company achieved net profit attributable to its mother.05 trillion, the same period last year after retrospective adjustment was 8.49 trillion, down 52 a year.27%; operating income of 66.50 trillion, compared with 58 in the same period last year after retroactive adjustment.60 ppm, an increase of 13 in ten years.47%.  The operating income is increasing every year but the net profit attributable to the mother increases significantly. The company’s main product is long products. According to the 2018 annual report, the company’s products include long products (bars + wires) accounting for 64 of total revenue.99%.On February 5th and February 9th last year, the company had a 北京夜网 gas leak and high temperature burn accidents, which caused the company’s No. 7 blast furnace production to be interrupted. It gradually resumed normal production until early May, which affected the company’s output andadvantage.Since the beginning of this year, the company’s production has returned to normal, and the company’s revenue has continued to increase.  However, the temporary decline in sales prices of raw materials and the increase in raw material costs have affected the company’s profits.  In terms of Guangzhou steel rebar HRB400: 20mm, the average sales price in the first quarter of this year was 4197 yuan / ton, which was a continuous decline of 150 yuan / ton; while the Brazilian Vale rupture accident and the Australian hurricane event caused a significant rise in iron ore prices.Taking China Iron and Steel Association’s iron ore price index as an example, the iron ore price index in the first quarter of this year was 664 yuan / ton, and it was 561 yuan / ton in the same period last year, rising to 18.36%.The sharp increase in the cost of raw materials has significantly reduced the company’s profit per ton of steel, resulting in a significant reduction in net profit attributable to mothers.  The company enjoys a favorable geographical location, benefiting from the high profits of the “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Construction” in the later period and is expected to be guaranteed. The company is located in Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province and is the only listed steel company in the “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area”.For a long time, Guangdong Province has been a net steel inflow region.On July 19, 2018, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Environmental Protection issued a notice on soliciting opinions on the “Guangdong Province Action Plan to Win the Blue Sky Defense War (2018-2020)”.The “Notice” states that the province will no longer build new coal-fired power, petrochemical and iron and steel projects, which have been approved, except for projects that have been included in national planning and have started construction.Therefore, the steel gap in Guangdong Province will always exist in the later stage.In June 2018, the company completed the acquisition of 100% equity of Baosteel Special Steel Shaoguan Co., Ltd. and the 49% equity withdrawal from Baosteel Special Steel Long Products Co., Ltd., which must increase and strengthen the company’s comprehensive competitiveness and high steel prices in Guangdong Province.In other surrounding areas, the company’s later performance is expected to obtain a certain guarantee.  The subsequent results are expected to maintain a “Buy” rating. We expect the company’s EPS to be 1 in 2019-2021.46 yuan / share, 1.54 yuan / share, 1.78 yuan / share, optimistic about the company’s later earnings, maintain “Buy” rating.  Risk reminder: The construction of the Greater Bay Area is less than expected, the price of raw materials fluctuates sharply, and the company’s own operations fluctuate.

Two medicated diets for treating amnesia

Two medicated diets for treating amnesia

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that forgetfulness is related to the heart, spleen and kidney. It is mostly caused by insufficiency of heart and spleen due to thoughts and overwork, or it is caused by old age, reduced essence and loss of brain, resulting in loss of brain support. It is often accompanied by insomnia and dizziness., Tinnitus, backache, fatigue, palpitations, palpitation, upset dreams, anorexia.

According to the syndrome differentiation of TCM, the disease is divided into the following different syndrome types. Selecting appropriate medicated diet for syndrome differentiation diet has certain positive significance for improving elderly amnesia.

Patients with both heart and spleen deficiency manifested as amnesia, insomnia, awakening with more dreams, tired limbs, less gas, laziness, dizziness, less complexion, palpitations, palpitation, less bloating, and loose stools.

The treatment should be tonifying the qi and strengthening the spleen, and to nourish the mind and calm the mind.

Medicinal diet available: Tremella soybean red date quail custard material: 15 grams of white fungus, 100 grams of soybeans, five red dates, six quail eggs.

Production: After soaking the white fungus in water for 20 minutes, wash and tear it into small pieces; quail eggs are cooked and shelled.

Add an appropriate amount of water to the pot. After washing the soybeans and red dates with water, add them to the pot together with Tremella, and simmer until cooked. Add the quail eggs before boiling, and cook for a while. Depending on your personal taste, you can addSeason with some salt or sugar, eat soup and eat everything.

Take it once a day.

Persimmon, red date and longan preserves materials: 100 grams of persimmons, 30 grams of red dates, 15 grams of longan meat, 25 grams of Codonopsis, 25 grams of astragalus, 30 grams of yam, 25 grams of lotus seeds, 10 grams of tangerine peel, honey, brown sugar.

Production: Cut four persimmons, peeled lotus seeds, heart, codonopsis, mashed astragalus, peeled and sliced fresh yam.

Fill the above materials in a porcelain pot, add an appropriate amount of brown sugar, honey and a small amount of water.
3 hours.

If there is soup, use simmering heat to boil, condense to candied shape, and serve immediately after cooling.

Eat 2 daily?
3 times, 1 each time?
2 spoons.

Can be taken often.

Experts and scholars comment on 7 growth topics

Experts and scholars comment on “7 growth topics”

“这组关注‘未成年人成长大家谈系列报道’,所采写的稿件,在未成年人成长教育中很有代表性,选题很好,反映了在当前社会中,未成年人成长教育中Some prominent contradictions and problems have emerged.
“The Xi’an Academy of Social Sciences, the Xi’an Care Committee for the Next Generation of Work, and relevant psychological consultants have fully affirmed our newspaper’s” A series of reports on the growth of minors, “and commented on each topic.
  社科专家:“7个话题”是对家庭社会的新挑战   点评嘉宾:王国琪   (陕西省家庭教育研究会副会长、西安市社会科学院青少年与家庭教育研究中心主任)   话题之一:学雷锋学奥数谁为先   专家点评:重视学习莫忘德为先   学雷锋和学奥数的话题从表面上看来,似乎是时间上的冲突,但仔细分析,孩子与家长的意见分歧,反映了家庭教育In terms of the value orientation of intellectual and moral education, when parents educate their children, should they take moral education as the core or intellectual education as the core. Today, the issue of moral and intellectual education has become the most concerned in the education of minors.One of the topics, the moral education of minors has gradually attracted people’s attention.
  It is understandable to attach importance to children’s learning, but we must not neglect the personality education of children and ignore the cultivation and education of moral education.
  话题之二:女儿偷我百元,只为送我礼物   专家点评:走出“物欲化”误区学会示爱   小孩偷妈妈的钱给妈妈买礼物,这本身反映了孩子想回报父母的意愿,是孩子有Love and an expression of love.
However, judging from the phenomenon that children use no means to express love, it deeply reflects that when children receive love education from parents and society, they are obviously affected by the tendency of “materialization” in society.
In real life, adults mostly use material as a carrier to express their love for others, including their love for children. The spread of this “material desire” has also deeply affected and imitated children.
However, children do not have any economic dominance. If they go blind and follow this “material desire” method of love, there will be phenomena such as “stealing money to show love” and even other illegal acts.
  This also reflects the lack of family and school love education for children in modern education. Adults should also set an example for their children, teach them how to be grateful, get out of the misunderstanding of “materialism”, turn materialism into spirit, and promote spiritSublimation, pay attention to guide children to understand love, clear the correct way of expressing love.
  Topic three: I hope that “changing flavor nursery rhymes” will become “golden nursery rhymes” Expert comment: a reflection of the voice of children
We should see that there are social reasons for the emergence of this kind of nursery rhyme: first, the straightforward love between adults has caused imitation of many children, making nursery rhymes more and more adult; second, many of them are reflected in “changing flavor nursery rhymes”Social problems express children’s criticism of social unhealthy practices, and reality provides material for this kind of nursery rhymes. Third, children lack a spiritual diet suitable for them, and healthy nursery rhymes suitable for them to sing. Fourth, childrenOnly by studying monotonously, and then studying again, their spiritual world is extremely monotonous, and “changing nursery rhymes” just caters to the needs of children.
  However, these nursery rhymes all reflect the children’s psychology and their inner world to a certain extent. It is suggested that parents should pay more attention to their children’s hearts and call for more “green nursery rhymes” suitable for children to sing.
  Topic 4: Parents pick up enthusiastically vs. children ask for independence Expert comment: Don’t let the child become a kangaroo
Parents protect their children’s awareness, and there is nothing wrong with worrying about their safety.
Moderate protection is necessary, but excessive attention tends to bind the child’s hands and feet. Parents are overwhelmed by what they should do, which is not good for the child’s ability development and thinking development.
  Parents must guard against “kangaroo education” and grasp the “moderate” principle when protecting their children.
  话题之五:让“隔代教育”成为“特色教育”   专家点评:效果取决于老人自身的素质   “隔代教育”本身是个中性的表达,结果的好坏取决于老人的自身素质,建议年轻People and the elderly should communicate more to form a unified value orientation and education concept, and give play to the advantages of the elderly in experience, experience, time and patience.
  Regarding the issue of “intergenerational education”, we cannot evaluate its pros and cons in general.
  话题之六:孩子“另类语言”冲击传统话语   专家点评:别让垃圾话语玷污了孩子   语言的变动主要体现在词汇的变动上,词汇的变动是随着社会的发展而发生的,在这转变的In the process, there will inevitably be healthy and classic languages, and inevitably some junk languages will appear. This is an objective fact.
Children’s acceptance of language is very fast, their response is very sensitive, and they tend to accept indiscriminately, and they are more susceptible to the erosion of bad language. As parents and teachers, they must correctly guide children to distinguish between good and bad, and learn to recognize classic languagesDifferent from junk words, resolutely reject junk words.
  Many publications now use some “alternative” language to tamper with famous books to attract readers’ attention. This is a very irresponsible behavior, and relevant departments should also regulate the development and use of language.
  Topic 7: Students should stop when they bring mobile phones Expert comment: Reflects the misunderstanding of parents’ educational consumption
From another level, it also reflects the misunderstanding of many parents’ consumption in education at present. They believe that investment in education is to spend money blindly. This is a misunderstanding of understanding.
When providing children with a certain amount of material investment, they must pay attention to making spiritual investments in their children. Otherwise, blindly investing will promote many bad habits of children.
  错误的教育会形成孩子不良的心理   点评嘉宾:王淑珍   (西安大康心理保健院首席心理咨询师)   总体上说,未成年人经过学校、家庭及社会的教育后,会形成自己的性格和心理,The formation of various psychology has a lot to do with the current education system, including school education and family education.
Many parents have many misunderstandings in the education process, and many of them are also caused by parents ‘educational psychological problems and wrong educational concepts. Parents’ high expectations of their children often increase the pressure on their children, making them over-pursuit of perfection, excessive self-blame, and even sometimesUnable to accept oneself and form bad psychology.
  For example, “changing flavor nursery rhymes” reflects children’s desire to express their own ideas. Today’s children are under great pressure. They want to express themselves externally, but they cannot find the correct channel of expression. They often choose other things that can be vented.Channel, as for the nature of the channel, they don’t care; it is a simple mobile phone, but some students in real life feel inferior because they do n’t have a mobile phone. The connection between mobile phone and inferiority is a child ‘s own psychological problem.Their conformity and comparison mentality are at work, and this requires proper guidance.
  Many children have a strong desire to express themselves mentally, and strive to find the superiority of being concerned. They are eager to be noticed and understood, but they are often not as mature as they think. This immature manifests in behavior, thinking, and causes children.Contradiction with parents and teachers, and even society, is also a problem in modern education.
  专家学者点评“7个成长话题”   专家总评   关工委:创办更多“家长学校”给家长充电   点评嘉宾:曹存玉(西安市关心下一代工作委员会常务副会长)   家长对孩子的期望值莫太高   These “7 topics” reflect in every respect the new phenomena in the education of minors’ growth.
The contradiction between “learning Lei Feng and learning math first” actually actually reflects the parents ‘high expectations of their children, which leads to parents’ emphasis on intelligence and morality, and also increases the child’s weariness.Let children participate in some practical education to improve their overall quality.
  It is recommended to establish more “parent schools” “intergenerational education” is actually an old topic, but it is very likely that it will be in modern society for a long time. More children’s parents are too busy to take care of their children because of busy work.It is an indisputable reality to leave it to the elderly to take care of it.
Moreover, generational education also has its advantages. It can only consider how to better reflect the advantages of generational education. It is recommended to establish more “parent schools” to allow more students and parents, especially grandparents to receive education., Improve the education methods of grandparents, instill updated educational concepts, and guide them to better educate their children.
  ”Change flavor nursery rhymes” also renewed the voice of “burden reduction” Recently I heard a lot about “change flavor nursery rhymes”, I was shocked by the thought, and I have been thinking about this problem and this phenomenon. Many “change flavor nursery rhymes” containPornography and violence tend to express children’s anger and dissatisfaction.
First and foremost is the problem of “burden reduction” for students. Children’s schoolbags are still heavy and the burden is still heavy. They vent their dissatisfaction through “changing nursery rhymes” and hope that this problem can be solved more effectively.
Let a good social atmosphere, more and more “green nursery rhymes” resist “changing nursery rhymes”.
  家长要充电适应新时代的孩子   面对新时期孩子成长教育中出现的越来越多的新问题、新情况,家长、老师都要给自己“充电”,跟上新形势,提高自己对新生事物If you do not understand the new things or phenomena that children have come into contact with, it will be difficult to communicate with the children, and the “generation gap” between the two generations will become deeper and deeper.Think and think.
Only when the parent’s comprehensive quality and cognitive level is improved, will the child not be disgusted, and then like to communicate and communicate with the parents, to reach an educational consensus, and can be more conducive to the child’s growth and education.