If this attack hits,I’m afraid this generation will be razed to the ground!!

An elder frowned and hurriedly said“What should we do now?This day the green bull python has fallen into a state of anger,Can’t attract its attention at all!”
The other elder’s legs and feet are already shaking“Such a terrifying attack,I’m afraid it has reached the strongest blow of the 98th level Super Douluo!!”
“This azure bull python wants to take us and destroy this area together!”
I haven’t waited for a few people to think about how to respond,On the horns of the sky green cow python in front of you,That shuddering violent energy has taken shape,next moment,It shook its huge head violently in the air……
A terrible thunder broke out from two horns,Blasted into the sky……
Yueguan, who has been waiting for an opportunity, hurriedly exclaimed at the ghost next to him“Old ghost,Take advantage of it now!”
Ghosts know immediately,Solemnly“Got it!”
next moment,The two rushed towards the sky green bull python at the same time,Then we got together and said loudly“Wuhun Fusion Skill!Static domain!”
Yueguan merges with ghosts,A strong stagnant white light spread towards the sky green bull python ahead……
Sky Blue Bull Python after being affected,Both time and space have fallen into a short period of stagnation……
Bibi Dong’s eyes shined,She almost forgot Yueguan and Guimei’s martial soul fusion skills!
Next second,The ninth one hundred thousand year spirit ring at Bibi Dong’s feet suddenly lit up……
Eighth Spirit Ability:Space Ripped Abyss Slash!!!
Bibi Dong’s Second Wuhun,The two huge green front aolets of the Soul Eater Spider King instantly closed together,Aimed at the sky blue cow python, cut out a shocking aquamarine blade of tens of meters long……
Light blade with tearing space,The destruction attribute that swallowed everything easily penetrated the body of the sky blue bull python……
next moment,The body of the sky green bull python instantly exploded in half,Even the space with that piece was torn away by this attack……

Liang Luo speaks sincerely and respectfully,No longer has the aura of being above the top。

“If you haven’t chosen a good place yet,I do have a place to recommend。”At this moment Baixue suddenly walked over from the crowd。
Actually she was here long ago,The calm and confident look on Mo Xiaosheng fascinated her.,So I haven’t been out in the crowd。
Bai Xue roughly talked about the location with Mo Xiaosheng,Mo Xiaosheng nodded,Satisfied:“This location is really good,Don’t know what the price is?”
“That is my friend’s shop,If you rent,No rent,Just treat me as a shareholder。”Bai Xue said with a smile。
“This one,I’ll go back and discuss with Yiyi。”Mo Xiaosheng hesitated for a moment,No hurry to agree,After all, there is a vinegar jar at home。
Mo Xiaosheng goes home at night,He told Qiao Yiyi what happened today,And the shop Baixue said。
Qiao Yiyi bit her lip,Then said:“How much is that store?”
“By location and area,The monthly rent is about 80,000!”Mo Xiaosheng said。
“I mean buy it,how much is it!”Qiao Yiyi is cruel,As long as Mo Xiaosheng is not related to Bai Xue,She is willing to pay the money。
Mo Xiaosheng squirted out the tea he had just drunk in his mouth,He looked at Joey in shock,Thoughts,Rich is willful。
Mo Xiaosheng immediately gave Qiao Yiyi a thumbs up,Moved:“Sister Yiyi,From now on,You are my sister!”
Qiao Yiyi’s face turned red,Curse in my heart,Sister, you are,Do you live in the same house with your sister?。

“You got the medicine here?Do you have a qualification?Did you pass the pharmacy title exam??”

The leading man frowned and asked one after another,Obviously come prepared。
“You don’t need to ask,Take the documents,Our store is no longer open。”Mo Xiaosheng stood up and said to him。
“Mr……”Li Zhen suddenly became anxious。
Mo Xiaosheng waved at him,To show that he doesn’t have to do unnecessary struggles。
“We also act in accordance with the law,Hope you understand,You can go to the bureau to handle it later。”The leading man said to Mo Xiaosheng,Turned and left。
Mo Xiaoshang breathed a long breath,Trembling and said:“Brother Li,I have to hand in everything,We can close……”
Li Zhen also sighed hard,There is some pantothenic acid in the nose,Then take out the key,Lock the tempered glass door,Then he pulled down the shutter door。
Mo Xiaosheng stood in front of the store,Copy hands,Staring at the top of the store without blinking“Moxin Medical Center”Four words,Full of dismay,As if looking at my beloved child。
I feel so sad for a while,I wanted to establish a foothold in the capital,Let“Moxin Medical Center”Three words spread throughout China,did not expect,Everything hasn’t started yet,It’s over。
The dead leaves on the branches were picked up by the cold wind and sent to the sky,The coolness is getting stronger。
“Mr,got windy,Go back。”
Li Zhen gently put Mo Xiaosheng’s coat on him。
“Back to!”
Mo Xiaosheng finally looked away from his unwilling eyes,Walk back slowly with Li Zhen。
“Jingle Bell……”

It’s because these Internet upstarts have entered the market。

The large sums of money they brought,Abruptly revitalized this market。
After getting rich,Although a lot of it is wasted,But more TV shows and movies that require capital and technology,Get enough nutrients,And soaring into the sky。
Although until2020year,The movie market in China is not mature,A lot of bad movies,But what you can’t deny is,Compared to three or five years ago,That progress is like flying。
These ones,Is the change brought about by the Internet upstarts。
Even the special effects technology required by various movies,Although still not as good as the United States,But finally someone was willing to spend money to fix it,To make it seriously。
2015Year《Return of the Great Sage》,Not counting preparation and polishing time,From official production to completion,It’s all spent3More than years。
But in2020year,If there is《Return of the Great Sage2》if,Definitely won’t use it again3Years old。
Sufficient funds、Continuous advancement of technology,People with dreams and ability,To realize the stories in my mind。
and so,Even if it’s just to activate the entertainment market,Shen Huan won’t stop Yang Feng。
Besides, it’s not just Yang Feng who is entering the entertainment industry,Many other large group companies,Also aimed at this market。
Yang Fengneng value600Billion companies,Integrate to make more than1500Billion-dollar super entertainment group,Such capital operations and methods,Make countless people fall for it。
As the saying goes,Shengshi Entertainment。
Means in the heyday,Entertainment is the most important means of pastime。

“What’s this,As long as you have money, there is nothing you can do,If you think about it too much, leave it to me,I will naturally contact relevant people,I still don’t believe,I let them come, dare they come,I’m tired of living!”

Zheng Li patted her chest and said,Her appearance also made both Huang Lei and Zhang Da tremble on this matter.。
On the one hand, no matter how she guarantees,In fact, the final result is the same。
On the other hand, I don’t want to think too much about this matter.,It’s not worth it after all。
Moreover,This situation is obvious,They won’t get any benefit if they think too much,It’s better to let yourself be quiet。
After a short break,Zheng Li and the others said they wanted to go for a walk,In Zheng Li’s words,She has been here for a while,I have enjoyed playing these days,But after all, this is not their home,There is indeed no internet,Pretty bad,After tonight,They have to go back to town tomorrow。
Of course they have to walk around the village well before they go back,To enjoy this rare peace,They said this feeling is really good,Even make people reluctant,If it weren’t for such a place, it’s not suitable for building a house,Not suitable for building villas and the like,Will definitely stay here。
What Zheng Li said,Huang Lei didn’t think much,Let yourself rest。
He is indeed tired,Have a chance to rest at this time,How could he not be lazy,It’s just that such a process is not necessarily a good thing,Huang Lei didn’t let himself rest for too long,I have something to ask him。
I saw the panic,Let Huang Lei realize that there may be something more important,Huang Lei dare not say anything,Hurriedly followed the little girl,Go out with her,Want to know what happened。
At the beginning, I thought it was some other unimportant thing,Although it may be especially important for chicks,For example, things like future boyfriends,At this time, it is very likely that the little girl told Huang Lei,What do you need to do next to convince Zheng Li and Xu Qin of their relationship with each other,Until the little girl took him out of the village,Whispered a news,So that Huang Lei knew that he was thinking too much。
This matter is about him。
“Brother Huang Lei,A friend of mine has found your wife’s whereabouts…”
This is what the little girl told Huang Lei。
Huang Lei became very excited,He looks forward to it day and night,Just look forward to this day,Now finally there is progress!
Chapter Seventy Two disappointed
End this trip in the countryside in a hurry,The original plan was2They leave at dawn,It’s just that Huang Lei has something,After discussing, they left the village overnight。
There are cars waiting for them after they get out of the village,Overall, nothing was delayed,After all, Zheng Li and the others are not ordinary people,To do this is quite simple。
It’s just that Zheng Li and Xu Qin don’t understand,Why did Brother Huang Lei become so rushed?What happened?

Zheng Rou opened her mouth and just wanted to talk,Zheng Rouduo’s father Zheng Gang came in,“President Ou,Sorry.”This face Zhou is of medium body,Gentle white man,Full of sincere apologies,“Regarding the failure of the car’s brakes and steering wheel,I have something here,Want to talk with you privately.”Smile,“I mean,outside,May I?”Very humorous。

Probably successful and self-conscious, like men like Zheng Gang,Have this common problem——I think I am humorous and make ambiguous jokes about the sexes with the lady。I am so content that I think this is salty or sweet,Personable and approachable,in fact,In the eyes of many ladies,Just beasts wear clothes,I think I’m an individual.Less humorous。Professional women have probably encountered this kind of men from the workplace,Sexual harassment that was portrayed very high.
Ou Zhaozhao puts away his smile,“Mr. Zheng,I want to see the kids,not very convenient,My lawyer has arrived,Just outside,What do you want,Just talk to them in private.I think you should be happy to talk to them privately.”And stop watching Zheng Gang,But to ask Jeong Yodo,“Roudo,Come to Aunt Au’s house to eat at night, OK??With my partner,Alright?”Daddy comes in,Seeing the girl who was also injured,Turned a blind eye,Really,Ha ha.
Between Zheng Rouduo and his father Zheng Gang,Ou Zhaozhao,Father and daughter can’t see each other,Zheng Rou hesitated,Nodded cheerfully。
Zheng Gang doesn’t seem to care about Ou Zhaozhao’s attitude just now,Smiled and thanked,So I went out and talked to Ou’s lawyer。From beginning to end,I didn’t even look at Zheng Rou。Baby Ou also noticed,I just want to look up at Zheng Rouduo,But Ou Zhaozhao held his head,Immobile。She struggled slightly,Unsuccessful,Just gave up。
Chapter Twelve Knives
Here,Yuze and Zheng’s sister-in-law are not quarreling anymore。Watching the adults speak quietly。
The two sisters of the Zheng family are twins,Zheng Gang’s half-sister,Zheng Minduo and Zheng Hyedo,Sixteen or seventeen。Jeong Soudo’s stepmother likes Jeong Soudo,Just put her name with the girls,Is there any disgusting Zheng Rouduo’s mother’s mind?,It’s hard to say。and,The three of them still don’t like Zheng Gang very much,The twins now can see Zheng Gang’s jokes。
Zheng family’s current family conflicts,Already directly in front of outsiders。
“Aze, come over.”Ou Zhaozhao called the eldest son,“You didn’t tell me clearly when you called,Delay!!and also,Miss sisters are a generation older than you,How could they quarrel?You are a boy,Don’t fight with girls.”Too low price。
“They are my sister’s black fans!!”Yuze is angry。
“.”Ou’s mother and daughter were speechless,I thought you were in a car accident.
Zheng Minduo worships Ou Zhaozhao,I feel that as Ou Zhaozhao’s sister,Ai Xiaojin actually went to be a vase and an actor,So angry,I became Ai Xiaojin’s black powder。As for Zheng Hyeduo,When her idol and Ai Xiaojin worked together, there were several gif scandals.,For Ai Xiaojin’s behavior of nibbling young grass,Very angry,Is the black powder in the black powder.
But the sisters are in front of Ou Zhaozhao,They all look like well-behaved and innocent girls,Dare not explain,Even more afraid to speak。
Ou Zhaozhao touches Yuze’s forehead,“Your aunt is not a soft sister coin,How could anyone like her??Even if she is,But there are also people who like steel gangs and little goldfish.To accept the diversity of this world,We must accept the diverse views of others.”Emma,I’m such a good mother,So can educate children~~~~Give yourself a like。
“mom,A few days ago, you told Uncle Jin to use the company’s navy to hack others.It’s the one who had the scandal with your little brother.”Ou Baobao teardown。

Sha Zhou said:“Then don’t leave it to others,Give Mayor Jiang first。”

The secretary said:“What car did you drive?”
Jiang Fan said:“Audi。”
“Are you alone?”
“And driver。”
Xiao Sun said:“Choking,Two hundred books,Twenty packs。”
Jiang Fan said:“no problem,Trunk,In the car,Can be installed。”
“Ok,You tell me the car number。”
Jiang Fan said:“I call the driver,Let him drive the car to the door。”
Sha Zhou said:“No need to,Just tell Xiaosun the license plate number。”
Jiang Fan knows that it is possible that Sha Zhou is a taboo,I told Xiaosun the license plate number。
After Xiaosun went out,Sha Zhou stood up,Please sit on the sofa Jiang Fan。
Jiang Fan looked at where the guests were sitting,I thought of where Guan Hao might sit,Just sat there。
Sha Zhou sits upright,Asked Jiang Fan about the demolition of the illegal building,There are other work currently in progress,Talked for about half an hour,Xiaosun is here,He said:“Mayor Jiang is fine。”
Jiang Fan stood up,Say goodbye to Sha Zhou,Say:“Chairman Sha,I won’t disturb you,If you passed by Langzhu recently,Please come to Lang Zhu to inspect our work,If you don’t have time recently,I’ll send you the book money in a few days。”
Sha Zhou said:“Forget the money,Everyone is able to share my article is to support me。”

“how about it?What am i talking about?”

Yanzi said to Qin Liang with a wry smile。
“Do you want to go over and see what’s going on?”
Qin Liang hesitated and asked Yanzi。
“Let’s look at the situation first。”
Yanzi thought about it for a while and slowly shook his head and said……
Hugged for a while,Shen Ruoxue let go of Liu Xiaoyun。
“We are not just a pair of little fairies,Still a pair of children with minor neurosis。”
Liu Xiaoyun with tears on his face,I looked at Shen Ruoxue, whose face was full of tears,then“laugh”Said。
“I suddenly feel very happy,Happiness and joy。”
Shen Ruoxue replied nonchalantly。
“Yep,me too。”
Liu Xiaoyun nodded immediately and agreed。

Peng Changyi said with a smile:“What you mean is that the beginning of men always starts with matter,Even below the waist?”

Shu Qing said:“I don’t mean that,No more,I can’t figure it out,I just remembered this line on a whim.,Just said it smoothly,If you offend you offend them,Please excuse me。”
Peng Changyi never talked to anyone about Jiang Fan and Ding Yi’s love,Facing Shu Qing at this time,He didn’t want to talk,But he doesn’t care about her interest。because,In his heart,Always has the softest corner,He can’t talk about them as easily as an outsider。
But he doesn’t deny that Shu Qing can speak,It’s true,The love that starts in the heart, which is above the waist,Is the most durable,Also the most memorable、The most enduring,But he does not deny the love that begins below the waist,He and Ye Tong,With Chen Jing,It stands to reason that they all start below the waist,Rongman can’t even talk about it。Ye Tong is okay,Chen Jing is different,Although Chen Jing is so much younger than him,But it has the greatest impact on him……Once let him lose confidence。
Thought of here,He took a breath。
Shu Qing caught Peng Changyi’s sigh,She glanced sideways at Peng Changyi,Peng Changyi picked up a pair of sunglasses and put it on,They go south,Just the sun shines on the eyes。
Do not know why,Whether Peng Changyi’s action is intentional or unintentional,Su Qing suddenly felt that Peng Changyi wrapped herself up again,His heart,Impossible to open to her,This makes Shu Qing a little frustrated,Just shut up,Stop talking。“Lonely looking soul,you are me,And i am you,you are not me,I am not you either。”This seems to be Roman·Roland said,at this time,Especially suitable for her mood right now。
Peng Changyi saw Shu Qing not talking for a long time,Just said:“Why don’t you speak anymore?”
Shu Qing said sullenly:“I might not think of myself as an outsider,Always curious about something,Said a lot of things that shouldn’t be said,Asked a lot of things that shouldn’t be asked,Please don’t be surprised, Secretary Peng。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Although some of your questions make me a little guilty,Even sweat,But you are a sincere and honest girl,I’m not surprised,You’ll be surprised if you don’t。Girl,Most of them are interested in some difficult relationship problems,This is normal。”
“Have you met me like me、The girl who asks the bottom line??”Shu Qing asked。
Peng Changyi said:“to be frank,Really not,Never。”
“in fact,You may think I am curious about their stories,Actually not,I’m right……Correct……”

“Parking lot?It’s going to blow in the wind, sun and rain!And can’t make much money,do not go!”

Liu Xiaoyun immediately frowned and objected。
“Ha ha……”
Dad Liu smiled bitterly,Didn’t say anything,Liu Xiaoyun is naive!She knows only one,I don’t know the other way around!Dad Liu was a prison,A person who has served a big sentence,No culture,More than ten years in prison,And made him out of touch with the current society,Where is it so easy to find a job?!
Shen Ruoxue did not speak,But I immediately made up my mind,After a while,She stood up……
“You guys talk first,I suddenly remembered that there was a call to make,I’ll go to the door first,Come back soon。”
After saying these few words,Shen Ruoxue immediately turned around and went out,Naturally, Liu Xiaoyun and others won’t think too much,So he ignored it。
Actually, Shen Ruoxue went out to call Shen Ruoxi!She wants Shen Ruoxi to arrange work for Liu’s father and Liu’s mother in Ouya Company,So the first income can be higher,Second, you can secretly take care of their husband and wife,At least you can keep them from being bullied。
This is also because of this ready-made convenience,Shen Ruoxi is such a big Ouya Group,Even if you feed two people for nothing,There is no problem,Not to mention Liu Xiaoyun’s parents。
So once the call gets through,Shen Ruoxue directly told her sister about the situation of Liu’s father and mother.,And express my meaning directly;Hope sister can do me a favor,Arrange work for Liu Xiaoyun’s parents。
“There is no problem at all,It just so happens that Sister Chen is here too,I’ll discuss with her immediately how to arrange,How about this,You let Xiaoyun’s parents go to my company to find Liu Rushi tomorrow,I will arrange everything in advance,Do not worry。”
Shen Ruoxi naturally won’t have any problems,Almost immediately agreed to this without hesitation。
“Yep,Thank you sister。”