Lin Yun glanced at him,Said:“Are you deaf!I’m talking to you,You just keep smirking there,Another five minutes,I’m going to send you to a mental hospital。”

Qin Shidi said with a smile:“I’m sorry,Just thinking about something,You said,what happened。”
Lin Yun shook her head helplessly,Qin Shi,Why talk to myself now,Absent-minded。
“I said,News from the classmate group just now,I said there will be a classmate gathering for two days,I’m thinking about going or not。”
Qin Shi didn’t take it seriously,Said:“just go,Why not go。”
Lin Yun thought for a while。
“Isn’t this when the company is busy??How can you be separated from others,I was too busy when I was here,Not to mention i’m not here,That company is not a mess!”
Qin Shi said:“Then don’t go。”
Lin Yun’s face is difficult again。
“Don’t go,It’s been a long time since the classmates,Is it a bit airy if I don’t go?,And we had a good relationship playing together。”
Qin Shi’s head is loud。
What kind of species is a woman?,Not to go,Not going。
Too tangled。
Seeing Lin Yun so troubled,Qin Shi got up and took Lin Yun’s shoulder,Staring at Lin Yun,True color:“How about this!Your husband, I gave an order,You have to go,And have fun,And then work hard,Leave all the arrangements for that day to Manager Chai,Can this be。”
Lin Yun was taken aback,Although these words have some good ideas,But girls just like being arranged。
If you ask her what she wants to eat,She might be annoying,Have no idea。

“Fucking!Double color!”

A veteran with more than ten years of experience,Blurted out a rough word。
First757chapter Three-color miracle!
Red and blue emerald next to each other,Dare not say there is absolutely no,But it must be rare。
The most often is yellow-green、Red green、White and green、Red and yellow。
Sky blue is rarely seen,As a result, there is still another fiery red color,It becomes more precious。
No need to explain too much,Everyone knows it is very valuable。
The boss who is grinding down,Can’t help but look over there,Sigh at the same time。
“If I was bold,I bought it and cut it,That would be great!”
But nothing happens。
The boss knew he couldn’t have this courage,I bought it myself and cut it myself,Otherwise, he won’t have enough money to fill the hole。
I can earn a stone now4000Dowan,Is already a good blessing。
I will be rich in the future,Buy good gambling materials from old Burmese,Come back to sell to these rich people,With this time Shen Huan’s sensational effect,Are you afraid they won’t come to buy it??
Thought of here,Suddenly the boss has a lot of motivation,Continue to grind the stone seriously。
Shen Huan knew it was the result of skyrocketing,But I didn’t expect it to be so good,Such a big bet,It stands to reason that there can be such a large area of jade,Already pretty good。

Boss Hu made a good tea and poured a cup for Mo Xiaosheng,Warm invitation。

“Thank you。”Mo Xiaosheng nodded,Served tea,Smiled:“Boss Hu,How is your auntie’s health recently?Still coughing?”
“Stop coughing,pretty good,Drank your medicine,Body bones are much better。”Boss Hu smiled,Face calm,It’s not like doing anything wrong。
“That’s good,Heavy snow these days,Colder,Let Auntie minimize going out,Her lungs are allergic to cold,If you have to come out,Remember to wear a heavy mask。”Mo Xiaosheng told,“When you get off work,Get some medicine from me,Cook her a drink,Can moisturize the lungs。”
“Don’t get me wrong,I didn’t let you go to my place to grab medicine,I gave it to you for free。”Mo Xiaosheng hurriedly added with a smile。
“it is good!”
Boss Hu responded vigorously,Bow your head,I couldn’t help but look green and white,I didn’t dare to look at Mo Xiaosheng’s eyes,I seem to feel a little ashamed of Mo Xiaosheng,My heart suddenly started to struggle,Hesitating whether to sell the problematic tea to Mo Xiaosheng。
But think twice,He still didn’t say anything in the end,After all, the conditions that Wanjia offered him are too tempting,A teahouse in a prime location in the capital,Worth tens of millions,Who can stay unmoved?
and so,This time he can only apologize to Mo Xiaosheng。
“All right,Mr. Mo,Installed!”
Drink water for a while,The man packed the tea,Handed it to Mo Xiaosheng。
“Thanks a lot,I’ll go first!”After Mo Xiaosheng and the boss transfer the account,,Turned around and walked out。
Boss Hu quickly got up and saw him off,Passionate,“Mr. Mo,Go slowly,Come often later!”
“how about it,Did you put anything?”After watching Mo Xiaosheng’s back walk away,Boss Hu looked cold,Turning around and cautiously asked the guy。
“Let go!”Buddy nodded,“Poured into half a bottle,I also specially turned the tea upside down,He doesn’t want to die now……”
“Shut up!”
The fat boss scolded him immediately,Cold voice:“This matter has nothing to do with us,We don’t know anything,Remember??”

“Xiao Ming,Don’t give in,Sinister Capital,With Xiao Cheng by your side,How much can i help you!”Dugu Fengyun said with a smile:“I’m alone,Really nothing to report,I can only ask my apprentice to repay you for me!”

“but……”Mo Xiaosheng’s expression is quite embarrassed,In fact, if someone who knows this kind of profound art can help me,Then I am absolutely even more powerful,Sui Jingcheng,But it’s really a bit lovable。
After Ming Cheng listened to Dugu Fengyun’s words, his expression was frozen,Turning around, Xiaosheng said to Mo:“Mr Ming,Since my master said that,Don’t refuse,I understand,I hope to follow Mr. Ming from now on,Defend Mr. Ming to the death!”
“Yes,Xiao Ming,Don’t refuse!”Dugu Fengyun squinted and said,“Actually I let him follow you,Also to protect him,to be honest,He is not from the MI Department,His existence,Not many people know,Innocent,If he follows me,Will be exposed sooner or later,Better to stay with you,Maybe in the future it will be a magic trick for me to defeat the enemy!”
Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help but shook his head and smiled,Said:“Since the old man insists on doing this,It’s better to respect the younger generation!”
First0386Chapter Discussion
Originally, Mo Xiaosheng thought that Dugu Fengyun meant to wait for him to cure his illness,Let Mingcheng follow him,But who knew that when Mo Xiaosheng left today,Dugu Fengyun asked Mingcheng to pack his things,Leaving the villa with Mo Xiaosheng。
Before Mingcheng leaves, call two younger brothers,I carefully explained to them the medicine Dugu Fengyun was taking these days。
Then Ming Cheng faced Dugu Fengyun,Kneel on the ground with a puff,Respectfully knocked his head three times,Fixed channel:“Master,Always take care of yourself when the disciple is away,do not worry,I will obey your instructions,Protect Mr. Mo to the death!”
“okay,go Go!”
Dugu Fengyun turned his head and looked into the distance,Deliberately didn’t go to see him,There was a faint trace of tears in my muddy eyes。
Mingcheng regards him as his father,Why doesn’t he consider Mingcheng his own son??!

Ke Xu Xuan.I can’t get up for a long time?

Is it.problem occurs??
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First158chapter Stepping!See also stepping!
The playback on the big screen is not over yet!
Barkley and others and fans on the court、American fans watching the live broadcast,Chinese fans watching the live broadcast together,Still watching the playback given on the big screen!
“Xu Xuan pretends to break through.Shake off Brandon.Xu Xuan jumped up.”
“Please pay attention to the landing!!”
Barkley’s sharp eyes,I found the wrong place the first time!
“Landing place?”
O’Neill and Kenny·Smith also looked in the direction he was pointing.

Chapter One Thousand Eighty One What am i doing

? “Give it to you。”
Without hesitation, the man handed the knife he was holding to Mei Zi’s hand。
“well,You take the initiative to turn in the murder weapon,I will definitely include it when I write the report,This is also a condition for you to reduce your crime。”
Meizi carefully put the knife away,Nodded and said。
“Then let’s not waste time now,Call the police,I will take you to arrest people。”
The man can’t wait……
“No need to call someone,There are ready-made people around me,Let’s go now。Ha ha……”
Meizi answered casually。
“Let’s go?Are you joking?”
The man obviously didn’t understand what Meizi was saying……
“Ok,Then I will show you the people around me,master,You all come out,He has surrendered。”
Meizi hesitated,Still called someone in the headset。

Jiang Fan continued:“That one**The foreman is silent,after eating,I call Madoka,Say,You kid tell the truth,When is Father’s birthday?He just told me,Is today,And king****No feast,Only at home for his wife and son Lulu’s recent cooking skills,how about it,Are you interested?”

Peng Changyi,Said excitedly:“So interested,king****Never had a birthday,Why did my heart suddenly come**,It’s birthday。
“fifty……”Jiang Fan stretched out his palm,Said:“Big life。”
Peng Changyi scratched his head,Say:“Damn,Are fifty years old,You can’t go empty-handed。”
Jiang Fan said:“I prepared a gift,Count us。”
“camera,king****I told me,Let me teach him to take pictures in my spare time,A few days ago, my friend gave me a camera,Stalked,The kind I like very much,Very suitable for a mature man like him,Had to contribute to him,It’s too late to buy gifts。”
Peng Changyi thought about it:“That is your one**Mind,I’m still single。”
Jiang Fan looked at his watch,Said:“then you go,Let’s not go too early,When he is almost done cooking and they are about to eat it。”
Peng Changyi understands Jiang Fan’s intention,If it’s early,Let the host prepare a grand dinner,When they are about to start eating,It’s too late to prepare meals,after all,eat,Is secondary,Enhancing the relationship is the main content。Just say:“I think it’s better to say in advance,I didn’t prepare our meal before that,Let the old comrade catch blind,Just his cooking,What will happen?”
Jiang Fan smiled,Say:“Nothing,It’s really impossible. Let’s cook noodles,He must have noodles,The most**Noodles cannot be less。Again,Madoka honours his father is a saury,Yangtze Saury,Haha,I’m drooling thinking about it!Ugh,Send him a camera,Eat him a saury,Not too bad。”
First109chapter Surprise birthday party
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[First4Chapter Three]
First110Section109Zhang Sneak Attack Birthday Banquet
Peng Changyi thought,The camera Jiang Fan sent will not be less than 5,000 yuan,My friend gave him the kind he likes,Must be higher than five thousand yuan,Then this saury can’t be more expensive than this,Obviously Jiang Fan was joking intentionally,Just say:“Is saury that expensive?”
“Ha ha,Not that expensive,Can it be more than a thousand a catty now,And less and less,Rare in the market,It’s probably Madoka’s filial piety to dad.。Scarce things,Can’t eat for much,Haha,Old comrades would never think,Some people are thinking about getting his share of the pie?”
Peng Changyi laughed too,Looked at the watch,Said:“I’ll go to the birthday gift first,I’ll contact you again。”Talking,Walked out in a few steps。

“What did you say?We got married,House matter,Settling in。”

“I’m already anxious,I’m so anxious。”
Shu Qing is still teasing him,Said:“Are you anxious with others?,Not in a hurry,Otherwise, why didn’t I feel your urgency??”
Peng Changyi knew what she meant otherwise,Just said:“I’m stupid?Is it useful to get married??Apart from you, who else would marry me?My house has no ridge,Except your IQ problem,Change to someone else,People don’t bother to look at me!”
Shu Qing smiled,Said:“I don’t feel that I have a problem with IQ,in contrast,I think my IQ is very high,of course,Is looking for a target,I took you down ahead of time,Maybe how many people hate me?”
Peng Changyi said:“I want you to take me down soon,Already anxious,Hurry up,We should have formal discussions long ago。”
Shu Qing’s heart is sweet,she says:“Nothing to discuss,I already said,Marry the chicken,Marry that, follow that,Make up your mind,I just obey unconditionally,I believe you will give me a satisfactory home。”
“I said,This is unconditional but the biggest condition,The worst condition,I have difficulty?”
“What is your difficulty,You say where we are,In addition,I’ll be where you are。”
“It should be as simple as you said,The question is where am i,Where are you?!”
Shu Qing is also worried,she says:“What I fear most is this problem,Mom asked me today,I said,See him and ask him,I can’t make up my mind on this question。”
What she said,Peng Changyixin,It’s true,Every time I talk about this problem,Shu Qing has no idea,The most she said is“whatever”。


Er Bao said with Little White Fang,Took the small medicine bag from mother,Head down,Open the pocket on your clothes,Put the medicine bag in,I’m afraid to show it,The little finger pressed hard again,Then I raised my head with confidence。
Jiang Fan and Ding Yi led the children to Ding Yi’s white Jetta,Ding Yi’s driving skills are already very skilled,But somehow,Dabao doesn’t like riding in a car driven by mom,Erbao doesn’t matter,Ran to the car first。
Jiang Fan said to Ding Yi:“You guys drive away,I wander over。”
Even Dabao said:“I also stroll。”
Jiang Fan smiled,Looking down at son,Say:“What are you strolling?”
Ding Yi explained at this moment:“Your son doesn’t like riding in the car I drive,Worried about my technology。Well,Boys walking,Girls ride,How about Erbao?”
Erbao bit his finger and chuckled。
Come home,Ding Yi and Jiang Fan bathed the two children together,Jiang Fan directly wrapped the children’s naked bodies in a white bath towel,Hug them one by one on their own cots,And then played with them for a while,Let them lie in bed,He sits next to,Started reading story books to them,The two children fell asleep in their father’s reading……
When Ding Yi comes out of the shower,,The two children have been coaxed by Jiang Fan,Ding Yi sorted out the hair that was just blown dry by hand,Said:“You go wash。”
Jiang Fan looked at the sleeping children,Dim the lights,Went into the bathroom。
After Jiang Fan comes out of the shower,Ding Yi is already lying down,She is staring at the ceiling in a trance。
Jiang Fan opened the quilt,Lying beside her,Said:“What do you think?”

Peng Changyi said:“Next time I come to have a good drink with Director Shi。”

Shi Bingxian sent Peng Changyi out,Liu Zhong glanced back,I got in the car and said to Peng Changyi:“Why did you offend Yao Jing??”
“what happened?”
“I think she is very unfriendly to you,You have also taught together,Should meet very enthusiastically?”Liu Zhong said。
“Ugh,Who can figure out a woman’s mind??”
“Someone can figure it out。”
“Director Shi。”
Peng Changyi smiled and stopped talking,He heard more and more about Shi Bingxian and Yao Jing,Yao Jing is his former colleague,After hearing it, it is the same as not hearing it,Others can spread everywhere,But he can’t,He can’t say something invisible to them。
But from the conversation, Peng Changyi found,Yao Jing is indeed hostile to him,Xin said that Yao Jing is too fond of holding grudges,I said such a word back then,As for letting her remember for a lifetime??Think about it and think she shouldn’t?The cotton mill celebrated the day of the successful election,Yao Jing shook hands with herself,Said to be friends with myself,Why did you suddenly change your mind??Treat him as an enemy?In addition, he saw this woman’s greedy gaze in Yao Jing’s eyes,Maybe after I go,Yao Jing will hook up Jiang Fan?This Yao Jing,More and more weird,It’s like Shi Bingxian’s wife scolded her,Fairy!
Peng Changyi’s guess about Yao Jing is correct at all,She wished Peng Changyi wouldn’t eat here,To carry out her little tricks。
really,After Peng Changyi left,She smiled and said to Shi Guangsheng:“Director Shi,Or contact your old classmates?At noon, I will be your party?”
Shi Guangsheng squinted at Yao Jing,Said:“OK。”So I called Jiang Fan’s office。No one answered,Yao Jing provided Jiang Fan’s pager number,Shi Guangsheng left a message for Jiang Fan。
Jiang Fan is conducting research in the development zone,After winter,Jiang Fan’s main work is on corporate research。One is to have a comprehensive and in-depth grasp of the situation of some key enterprises and township and municipal units in the city,There are also units directly under the Central Province, including garrisons。He has two main purposes for such a large-scale research activity,One is to understand the current survival and operating status of enterprises in this city,The second is to extensively solicit opinions from various units on the work of the government over the past year,So that it can be corrected in the next year,Also prepare for the people’s congress after the new year。
When Lin Yan handed him the pager,He glanced at it and didn’t immediately answer the call,He waited until the last speech was over before he got up and called Shi Guangsheng back.。
I didn’t expect Yao Jing to answer the call,Yao Jing has a sweet smile in her voice,she says:“It’s Mayor Jiang,Director Shi is interviewing with us,I let him tell you。”