“What did you say?We got married,House matter,Settling in。”

“I’m already anxious,I’m so anxious。”
Shu Qing is still teasing him,Said:“Are you anxious with others?,Not in a hurry,Otherwise, why didn’t I feel your urgency??”
Peng Changyi knew what she meant otherwise,Just said:“I’m stupid?Is it useful to get married??Apart from you, who else would marry me?My house has no ridge,Except your IQ problem,Change to someone else,People don’t bother to look at me!”
Shu Qing smiled,Said:“I don’t feel that I have a problem with IQ,in contrast,I think my IQ is very high,of course,Is looking for a target,I took you down ahead of time,Maybe how many people hate me?”
Peng Changyi said:“I want you to take me down soon,Already anxious,Hurry up,We should have formal discussions long ago。”
Shu Qing’s heart is sweet,she says:“Nothing to discuss,I already said,Marry the chicken,Marry that, follow that,Make up your mind,I just obey unconditionally,I believe you will give me a satisfactory home。”
“I said,This is unconditional but the biggest condition,The worst condition,I have difficulty?”
“What is your difficulty,You say where we are,In addition,I’ll be where you are。”
“It should be as simple as you said,The question is where am i,Where are you?!”
Shu Qing is also worried,she says:“What I fear most is this problem,Mom asked me today,I said,See him and ask him,I can’t make up my mind on this question。”
What she said,Peng Changyixin,It’s true,Every time I talk about this problem,Shu Qing has no idea,The most she said is“whatever”。


Er Bao said with Little White Fang,Took the small medicine bag from mother,Head down,Open the pocket on your clothes,Put the medicine bag in,I’m afraid to show it,The little finger pressed hard again,Then I raised my head with confidence。
Jiang Fan and Ding Yi led the children to Ding Yi’s white Jetta,Ding Yi’s driving skills are already very skilled,But somehow,Dabao doesn’t like riding in a car driven by mom,Erbao doesn’t matter,Ran to the car first。
Jiang Fan said to Ding Yi:“You guys drive away,I wander over。”
Even Dabao said:“I also stroll。”
Jiang Fan smiled,Looking down at son,Say:“What are you strolling?”
Ding Yi explained at this moment:“Your son doesn’t like riding in the car I drive,Worried about my technology。Well,Boys walking,Girls ride,How about Erbao?”
Erbao bit his finger and chuckled。
Come home,Ding Yi and Jiang Fan bathed the two children together,Jiang Fan directly wrapped the children’s naked bodies in a white bath towel,Hug them one by one on their own cots,And then played with them for a while,Let them lie in bed,He sits next to,Started reading story books to them,The two children fell asleep in their father’s reading……
When Ding Yi comes out of the shower,,The two children have been coaxed by Jiang Fan,Ding Yi sorted out the hair that was just blown dry by hand,Said:“You go wash。”
Jiang Fan looked at the sleeping children,Dim the lights,Went into the bathroom。
After Jiang Fan comes out of the shower,Ding Yi is already lying down,She is staring at the ceiling in a trance。
Jiang Fan opened the quilt,Lying beside her,Said:“What do you think?”

Peng Changyi said:“Next time I come to have a good drink with Director Shi。”

Shi Bingxian sent Peng Changyi out,Liu Zhong glanced back,I got in the car and said to Peng Changyi:“Why did you offend Yao Jing??”
“what happened?”
“I think she is very unfriendly to you,You have also taught together,Should meet very enthusiastically?”Liu Zhong said。
“Ugh,Who can figure out a woman’s mind??”
“Someone can figure it out。”
“Director Shi。”
Peng Changyi smiled and stopped talking,He heard more and more about Shi Bingxian and Yao Jing,Yao Jing is his former colleague,After hearing it, it is the same as not hearing it,Others can spread everywhere,But he can’t,He can’t say something invisible to them。
But from the conversation, Peng Changyi found,Yao Jing is indeed hostile to him,Xin said that Yao Jing is too fond of holding grudges,I said such a word back then,As for letting her remember for a lifetime??Think about it and think she shouldn’t?The cotton mill celebrated the day of the successful election,Yao Jing shook hands with herself,Said to be friends with myself,Why did you suddenly change your mind??Treat him as an enemy?In addition, he saw this woman’s greedy gaze in Yao Jing’s eyes,Maybe after I go,Yao Jing will hook up Jiang Fan?This Yao Jing,More and more weird,It’s like Shi Bingxian’s wife scolded her,Fairy!
Peng Changyi’s guess about Yao Jing is correct at all,She wished Peng Changyi wouldn’t eat here,To carry out her little tricks。
really,After Peng Changyi left,She smiled and said to Shi Guangsheng:“Director Shi,Or contact your old classmates?At noon, I will be your party?”
Shi Guangsheng squinted at Yao Jing,Said:“OK。”So I called Jiang Fan’s office。No one answered,Yao Jing provided Jiang Fan’s pager number,Shi Guangsheng left a message for Jiang Fan。
Jiang Fan is conducting research in the development zone,After winter,Jiang Fan’s main work is on corporate research。One is to have a comprehensive and in-depth grasp of the situation of some key enterprises and township and municipal units in the city,There are also units directly under the Central Province, including garrisons。He has two main purposes for such a large-scale research activity,One is to understand the current survival and operating status of enterprises in this city,The second is to extensively solicit opinions from various units on the work of the government over the past year,So that it can be corrected in the next year,Also prepare for the people’s congress after the new year。
When Lin Yan handed him the pager,He glanced at it and didn’t immediately answer the call,He waited until the last speech was over before he got up and called Shi Guangsheng back.。
I didn’t expect Yao Jing to answer the call,Yao Jing has a sweet smile in her voice,she says:“It’s Mayor Jiang,Director Shi is interviewing with us,I let him tell you。”

So the two people drove Fluttershy’s eye-catching Ferrari on the road……To match the atmosphere,Fluttershy did not know where to find a few western cowboy butterfly discs,I started playing in the car……

Forty minutes later,The two came to a place similar to a tourist attraction,After getting off the bus and walking for ten minutes,An antique teahouse,Appeared in front of Qin Liang。
Many pedestrians stopped along the way,Looking at Fluttershy in amazement。Obviously,This cowgirl with an exotic and beautiful face,Has a strong attraction for everyone。
“Arrived,right here!”
Fluttershy said excitedly。
“Yep。You are waiting here,I’ll call out the fugitive,And then you fight him here,After killing him,We can go get the bounty。”
Qin Liang was joking seriously。
Xiaodie was amused by Qin Liang and laughed,Watching her trembling with flowers,Qin Liang was also infected by her,Joy from the heart。
“Let’s go,Let’s go in,I booked the private room yesterday!”
Fluttershy said like a treasure。
“I have a hasty!You are so sure i can come today?What if I have something to do?”
Qin Liang asked deliberately。
“Will not,You can’t bear me,Will definitely accompany me。”

[How to lower blood pressure of Cassia seed]_Recommended diet

[How to lower blood pressure of Cassia seed]_Recommended diet

With the acceleration of the social rhythm, unhealthy life such as work pressure and living habits, more and more young people suffer from hypertension.

Don’t underestimate the harm caused by high blood pressure. It can cause dizziness, nausea, palpitations, dizziness, and eyes with Venus. After severe development, there will be unconscious consequences.

It is also very harmful to the human body.

Do you pay attention to buck in your life?

Is there a step-down auxiliary recipe?

The following editors will teach you how to make a “hypertensive medicine pillow”.

Simple operation and magical effect.

Preparation: 1.

Chenpi 150 grams: qi and dampness, lowering blood fat.


30 grams of corn: conditioning the spleen and stomach, diuresis, lowering blood pressure.


Tempe 150g 4.

30 grams of Kashiwagi: heat to the fire and set fire to its origin.


450 grams of dried chrysanthemum 6.

100 g of white peony: improves brain refreshing and relieves fatigue.


150 grams of cassia seeds: make harder materials into powder, ingredients: 1, 3, 4, 6 into powder.

Other small soft materials can be used directly.

Prepare a pillowcase and mix the prepared materials into the pillowcase.

Use pillows every day when you sleep.

Function: The combination of these materials has a good effect on blood pressure and nerve conditioning.

Tips: 1.

Patients with high blood pressure disease, if using this medicine pillow, but cannot stop the medicine on their own.


How to use it as soon as possible after you feel the obvious effect, please reduce the medicine according to your doctor’s advice.

[How to make potato stew with beans]_Homemade method for potato stew with beans_How to make potato stew with beans_How to make potato with stew beans

[How to make potato stew with beans]_Homemade method for potato stew with beans_How to make potato stew with beans_How to make potato with stew beans

People are iron rice and steel, and they are too hungry for a meal, which makes sense.

But in today’s society, to verify this sentence, we have to start from the perspective of healthy eating.

What is a healthy diet?

Then you have to do it yourself.

Now, I would like to invite everyone to learn how to make potato stew with beans.


Potato cutting hob block, because it is new potatoes, it is not peeled2.

Wash the oil beans, and fold into inch segments 3.

Raise the pan, add the onion ginger garlic shabu-shabu and pour the potatoes and stir fry 4.

Stir in the oiled beans and add the right amount of water 5.

Pour in soy sauce and cover with a lid.

When the water is about to dry, add salt.

The health of the family is the biggest wish of the housewives. Then, through this healthy and delicious potato stew with oil beans, introduced by Xiaobian today, do you also want to learn?

Hurry up and do something for your family.

[Lamb hot pot to keep cold and keep warm, delicious and not greasy]_How to_How to do

鍙堝埌浜嗗啲瀛h繘琛ョ殑鏃惰妭锛屾潵涓€閿呴姘旈€间汉鐨勭緤鑲夌伀閿咃紝鏃㈠彲浠ラ┍瀵掍繚鏆栵紝鑰屼笖鍛抽亾椴滅編锛屽ソ鍚冧笉鑵汇€傜緤鑲夌伀閿呰惀鍏讳环鍊煎緢涓板瘜锛屾槸涓€閬撴瀬鍏峰寳浜壒鑹茬殑鑿滆偞锛屽湪瀵掑喎鐨勫ぉ姘旓紝娌℃湁浠€涔堟瘮鍚冧笂缇庡懗鐨勭緤鑲夌伀閿呮洿璁╀汉鎰熷埌鎯剰娓╂殩鐨勪簡銆傞偅涔堢緤鑲夌伀閿呮€庝箞鍋氭墠濂藉悆锛?鏉愭枡锛氱緤鑲夈€佹枡閰掋€佸啺绯栥€佽€佸共濡堥杈i叡銆佺敓濮溿€佽懕鐧姐€佸共杈f銆侀檲鐨€佽幉钘曞共銆佹棤鑺辨灉骞层€佺孩鏋c€佸ぇ钂溿€佽姳妞掋€侀鍙躲€佹鐨€佸叓瑙掋€佽崏鏋溿€佸皬鑼撮銆佽€佹娊銆佽殱娌广€佺敓鎶姐€佺洂绛夈€?1銆佺緤鑲夌伀閿呭叿浣撳仛娉曪細 姘寸儳寮€鍔犲叆钁辩櫧銆佺敓濮溿€佹枡閰掞紝鏀惧叆缇婅倝鍧楋紝姹嗙儷鍑犲垎閽燂紝鎹炲嚭缇婅倝娲楀噣琛€姘淬€傞攨閲屽姞鍏ラ€傞噺娌癸紝鏀惧叆鍐扮硸銆佽€佸共濡堥杈i叡銆佺敓濮溿€佽懕鐧姐€佸共杈f銆侀檲鐨€佸ぇ钂溿€佽姳妞掋€侀鍙躲€佹鐨€佸叓瑙掋€佽崏鏋溿€佸皬鑼撮灏忕伀鐐掗锛屾斁鍏ユ眴鐑ソ鐨勭緤鑲夌垎鐐掑嚑鍒嗛挓锛屽柗鍏ユ枡閰掋€傚姞鍏ラ€傞噺鑰佹娊锛岀倰鍖€涓婅壊锛屽啀鍔犲叆閫傞噺鐢熸娊銆佽殱娌广€佽幉钘曞共銆佹棤鑺辨灉骞层€佺孩鏋g户缁炕鐐掑潎鍖€銆備竴娆℃€у姞鍏ユ极杩囨墍鏈夋潗鏂欑殑寮€姘淬€傚ぇ鐏叜寮€锛岃浆涓皬鐏參鐐?-2 璄 璬 璞 訹 場 咣 呬 呖 呌 姌 姌 姹 ら  總 姞 姏 ュ 璯 璁 璂 璂 璋 冨 懗 鍗 冲劲 銆?2銆佺緤鑲夌伀閿呭埗浣滃皬璇€绐嶏細 缇婅倝鏈€濂介€夌敤鑲ョ槮鐩搁棿銆佺◢甯﹂澶寸殑缁电緤鑲夛紝鑲I ‘m sorry, I ‘m sorry, I ‘m sorry, I ‘m sorry, I ‘m happy, I ‘m happy, I ‘m happy, I ‘m happy, I ‘m happy, I ‘m happy.This is how you plan to work, and how to do it. You are in a hurry. You are in a hurry. You are not sure what to do.殑鍚屾椂锛屽彲浠ュ甫璧伴儴鍒嗙緤鑲夌壒鏈夌殑鑶诲懗锛岃€佹娊鍙湁鍦ㄩ鐗╁彈鐑殑鏃跺€欙紝鎵嶈兘涓洪鐗╂寕涓婂ソ鐪嬬殑棰滆壊锛岀敓鎶姐€佽殱娌逛富瑕佹槸璋冨懗锛涚倴鐓倝绫伙紝鏈€濂戒竴娆℃€у姞鍏ヨ冻澶熺殑姘达紝涓嶈涓€旀坊鍔犳按锛堝疄鍦ㄤ笉琛岋紝鍔犲紑姘达級锛屽惁鍒欏懗閬撲細澶ф墦鎶樻I ‘m sorry, I ‘m sorry, I ‘m sorry, I ‘m so happy, I ‘m so happy, I ‘m so happy.锛岄杈i叡銆佽€佹娊銆佺敓鎶姐€佽殱娌广€佺洂閮芥湁鍜稿懗锛岃娉ㄦ剰鐢ㄩ噺锛屼互鍏嶅お鍜搞€?銆佺緤鑲夌伀閿呮斁浠€涔堥厤鑿?绱犻绫荤殑鍙互閫夋嫨璞嗗埗鍝侊紝璞嗘场锛屽喕璞嗚厫浠€涔堢殑銆傚叾瀹炴补闈㈢瓔涔熶笉閿欙紒鐓緱鍗婄啛鐨勩€傚父瑙佺伀閿呴厤鑿滆敩鑿滅被锛氬▋濞冭彍锛岃彔鑿溿€佸湡璞嗐€佽幉钘曠瓑銆傝眴鍒跺搧锛氬What are you talking about? What are you talking about? How are you going to do this? The following is the best way to get around: how to get along with each other and how to do it?What is the difference between the block and the block, and the chain is the same, and the chain is chopped, chopped, chopped, chopped, chopped, chopped, choked?鍜岀緤鑲夋槸鏈€浣虫惌妗o紝鍚屽悆鍙槸浜洪棿缇庡懗銆傞€佸暏閰掞紝閫佷竴鍒颁袱纰熼厤鑿滐紝鎴栬€呭喎楗厤璐逛箣绫荤殑銆?銆佺緤鑲夌伀閿呯殑椋熸潗閫夎喘 缇婅倝鏈€甯歌鐨勫仛娉曪紝闄や簡缇婅倝涓插氨鏄緤鑲夌伀閿呬簡锛岃€You are the only one who has a lot of troubles, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it.鑲夌伀閿呭氨娲句笂鐢ㄥ満浜嗐€備笉杩囷紝涔熸鍥犱负缇婅倝寮€濮嬪ぇ鍙楁杩庯紝甯傚満涓婁竴浜涘晢瀹跺氨寮€濮嬩簡鈥滄寕缇婂ご鍗栫嫍鑲夆€濈殑琛屼负锛岃浜烘棤浠庡垎杈ㄣ€傝€岀緤鑲夌伀閿呰嚜鐒舵槸灏戜笉浜嗙緤鑲夌殑锛岄偅涔堟垜浠€庝箞鎵嶈兘涔板埌濂界殑缇婅倝鍛紵鍙互閫氳繃涓嬮潰鍑犱釜姝ラ杩涜杈ㄥ埆锛氶鍏堟槸澶栬銆傝川閲忓ソ鐨勭緤鑲夋槸鏈夊厜娉界殑锛岃倝绾㈣€屾补鐧斤紝棰滆壊寰堝潎鍖€锛岃倝璐ㄧ揣瀵嗭紝澶栬〃闈㈠井寰湁浜涘共锛屾懜璧锋潵娓╁害閫備腑锛屼笉榛忔墜锛屾寜涓嬪幓鐨勮瘽锛屽嚬闄烽儴浣嶅緢蹇細鍥炲鍘熺姸銆傚叾娆℃槸楠ㄦ灦銆傞鍏堜笉鏂伴矞鐨勭緤鑲夛紝楠ㄩ珦涓庨楠间箣闂寸┖闅欏緢澶э紝鑲夐鑹蹭篃鍛堟殫绱壊銆傝€岃川浼樼殑缇婅倝楠ㄩ鍒囨柇鍚庤倝涓庨楠肩揣绱х殑杩炲湪涓€璧凤紝娌℃湁绌洪殭锛屼笉浼氳劚钀姐€傛渶鍚庢槸姘斿懗銆備笉鏂伴矞鐨勭緤鑲変細鏈夐毦闂荤殑寮傚懗锛岃€屾柊椴滅緤鑲夊垯浼氭湁鏈夋甯哥殑琛€鑵ュ懗鍜岀緤鑶诲懗銆?

Haitian Flavor (603288) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Soy Sauce & Oyster Sauce Performs Stably

Haitian Flavor (603288) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Soy Sauce & Oyster Sauce Performs Stably

The company’s soy sauce and oyster sauce performed steadily in Q3 2019, and the seasoning sauce continued to accelerate, and other categories of vinegar and other categories achieved rapid growth, and the profitability steadily improved.

We are optimistic that the company ‘s “Three Five-Year Plan” has been successfully promoted, and the leading companies have gradually consolidated and maintained a “Buy” rating.

In the first three quarters of 2019, revenue / net profit / non-net profit were increased by 16 each.

62% / 22.

48% / 23.


The company achieved sales revenue of 148 in Q1-Q3 2019.

2.4 billion, an increase of 16.

62%; net profit attributable to mother 38.

3.5 billion yuan, an increase of 22.

48%; deduction of non-net profit 36.

3.8 billion, an increase of 23.


Of which Q3 earned 46.

6.4 billion, an increase of 16.

85%; net profit attributable to mother 10.

8.5 billion, an increase of 22.

84%; deduct non-net profit 10.

3.8 billion, an increase of 31.

68%, continued solid performance, as expected.

Revenue share: The performance of soy sauce and oyster sauce is steady, and the sauce category continues to accelerate.

In terms of categories, the company’s soy sauce oyster sauce performed solidly, and the soy sauce business achieved revenue of 26 in Q3.

90 trillion, the same increase of 14.

08%, a total increase of 13 in the first three 杭州桑拿网 quarters.

76%; Oyster sauce business achieved revenue in Q38.

3 billion, an increase of 18.

70%, a total increase of 20 in the first three quarters.

33%; Seasoning sauce business channel adjusted significantly, and achieved revenue in the third quarter5.

4 billion, an increase of 13.

80%, chain speed continued to increase (Q1 / Q2 increased by 6 respectively.

13% / 9.

32%); other products such as vinegar achieved high growth, and Q3 achieved revenue3.

7.4 billion, an increase of 39.


In terms of channels, the online / offline revenue of the companies in Q3 2019 increased by 13 respectively.

17% / 16.

79%, online and offline speed up.

By region, Q3 is relatively mature in the east / south, with income increasing by 14 as well.97% / 14.

51%; West / Central continued high growth, with income increasing by 30%.

68% / 23.

41%; Northern distributors increased by 283 to 1671, which accelerated the development.

Profit analysis: Gross profit margin and sales expense ratio decreased, and profitability continued to improve.

In terms of gross profit margin, the company’s gross profit margin in 2019Q3 was 43.

8%, down by 1.

32 PCTs are mainly due to: ① the increase in the prices of raw materials and packaging materials; ② the increase in equipment depreciation vendors due to technological transformation and production; ③ changes in the product structure, and the proportion of low-margin oyster sauce products increased.

In terms of expense ratio, Q3’s sales expense ratio fell by 2.

81Pcts to 12.

87%, mainly due to the decline in transportation costs caused by some of the company’s distributors.

The management expense ratio increased slightly by 0.

65PCT; R & D expense ratio decreased by 1.

32PCTs; the index cost rate is also reduced by 0.

66PCT, mainly due to an increase in interest income of 39 million.

In addition, changes in accounting adjustments caused some income to be transferred from investment income to income from changes in fair value, and Q3’s total total revenue decreased by only 1.


In summary, Q3’s net margin increased by 1.

13PCT to 23.


Future expectations: Year-to-date performance is stable and robust, maintaining a double-digit compound growth judgment for five years.

The company’s revenue / net profit targets for 2019 will increase by 16% / 20%, respectively. The company’s performance in the first three quarters is solid, and it is possible to achieve its performance targets.

2019 is the first year of the company ‘s “Three Five-Year Plan”. The company continues its steady performance and lays a good start for the company’s five-year plan.

We predict that the company ‘s soy sauce / oyster sauce / sauce will increase exponentially in the next five years, with low double / medium double / low double exponential growth, the market share steadily increasing to about 25%, and profitability steadily improving. Based on a comprehensive judgment of the company from 2018-2023Revenue / net profit achieved compound double-digit / medium-high double-digit compound growth respectively.

risk warning.

Risks of raw material price fluctuations; food safety risks; risk of industry prosperity decline.

Profit forecast and estimation.

Maintain 2019/2020/2021 EPS forecast to 1.



80 yuan, corresponding to a growth rate of 20% / 22% / 19%, maintain “Buy” rating.

Vaccine incident hits 700 stocks in concept stocks

Vaccine incident hits 700 stocks in concept stocks

Vaccine stocks are now black swan. Many funds step on mine. Source: Beijing Commercial Daily Recently, the “fake” incident of Changsheng Biological (002680) vaccine continued to ferment, spreading in public opinion during mood fluctuations, and only reached the A-share market.

On July 23, the concept stock of biological vaccines declined collectively. Hundreds of public funds were also unfortunately fired.

In the first half of the year when pharmaceutical stock funds rose, whether the pharmaceutical sector will be affected by the black swan incident of vaccine concept stocks, and how fund investors should respond, has also attracted market attention.

  Vaccine incidents hit the concept stock Longevity biological vaccine “fake” The impact of the incident has been transferred to the A-share market, on July 23, the A-share pharmaceutical sector suffered a heavy blow.

  From the perspective of the disk, the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector has led the decline, ending the July 23 close, and the overall decline in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector was 3.


According to statistics, the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector has a total of 227 stocks, and 197 stocks have declined to varying degrees, and 56 stocks have fallen by more than 5%.

From the perspective of the concept sector, the top 10 decliners are also related to medicine, including monomer concepts, exclusive medicines, Chinese medicine, and immunotherapy.

  As of the close of July 23, the biovaccine sector fell by 2.


According to Oriental Fortune statistics, there are 52 stocks in the biovaccine sector, of which 10 stocks may decline.

In the bio-vaccine section, in addition to Changsheng Bio, Changchun High-tech, Zhifei Bio, Kangtai Bio and Watson Bio all had “one”
daily limit on July 23.

  In addition, Taihe Health, Hualan Biological fell more than 9% on July 23.

Changchun High-tech, Zhifei Biological and other bio-vaccine concept stocks fell and multiple institutions staged a “great escape”.

According to the after-hours trading information announced by the exchange, on July 23 the five institutions’ seats sold a total of about 1 in Changchun High-tech.

08 trillion; three institutions sold about 2 Hualan Bio on the same day.

66 trillion, Shenzhen Stock Connect bought Hualan Bio about 2132 on July 23.

920,000 yuan, Shenzhen Stock Connect also sold Hualan Bio about 1 on the same day.

1.6 billion.

  The frontier has been hit hard, and the market value of related biovacuum concept stocks has also shrunk significantly.

Taking Zhifei creatures as an example, as of July 23, Zhifei creatures closed at 44.

1 yuan / share, a decline of 10%.

Calculated on the basis of the total share capital of 1.6 billion yuan of Zhifei Biotechnology, the market value of Zhifei Biotechnology has decreased by 7.8 billion yuan on a trading day on July 23.

The market value of Changchun High-tech and Watson Bio on July 23 also evaporated by 40.

600 million, 32.

700 million.

  Wind data from over 700 funds show that at the end of the second quarter of this year, a total of 789 public fundraising funds hold 35 biological vaccine concept stocks, with a market value of 226 positions.

7.6 billion yuan.

Among them, the stocks held by public equity funds with relatively high stock market values include Changchun High-tech, Kangtai Biotech, Zhifei Biotech, etc., each holding a stock market value of over 3 billion, respectively, reaching 81.

7.7 billion, 36.

8.3 billion, 32.

9.8 billion yuan.

  In addition, from the perspective of the number of fund managers of vaccine concept stocks, Changchun High-tech is held by more than 66 fund managers, accounting for nearly half of the total public fund managers.

Data show that as of the first half of 2018, Castrol Fund, Wells Fargo Fund, Boshi Fund, Penghua Fund, China Merchants Fund, Shanghai Investment Morgan and other affiliated public equity fund companies have more than 10 funds affiliated with Changchun High-tech.

  In addition, Zhifei Biological, Kangtai Biological, and Biological Holdings have 3 biological vaccine concept stocks. This year, the number of public fund holdings in China also exceeded 30, 46, 33 and 32 respectively.

From the perspective of the proportion of public vaccine funds holding biological vaccine concept shares in circulating shares, the fund holds Kangtai Biological, Changchun High-tech, and Jianyou shares account for more than 20% of circulating shares, respectively, reaching 24.

76%, 21.

12% and 20.73%.

However, the long-lived organisms that are about to cause the vaccine concept stock Black Swan are not much held by the fund, and only two funds step on the mine, namely the E Fund biotechnology index grading fund and Dongfang Liqun hybrid initiated fund.

  As early as July 15, after Changsheng Biological exposed the existence of records of rabies vaccine fraud, a large number of fund companies lowered their valuations.

As of July 23, companies such as Boshi, Anxin, E Fund, Guangfa, Jiutai Fund, Teda Manulife and other companies have downgraded the longevity biological variables, among which E Fund, Jiutai Fund, and Boshi Fund, etc.

5 yuan for estimation.

GF Fund, China Merchants Fund, Anxin Fund, etc. have lowered their longevity assessment to 16.

11 yuan.

As of July 23, Changsheng Biotech had fallen below the estimated adjustment price of the aforementioned fund company, and the closing price of the day was 13.

05 yuan / share.

  Beijing Business Daily reporter noticed that after July 16, Teda Manulife was called Changsheng Biological 16.

After the adjustment of the estimated price of 11 yuan, the stock price was lowered again on July 23, and the estimated price was reduced to 10.

57 yuan.

In addition, on the same day, Rongtong Fund, BOC Fund, Wells Fargo Fund, Changsheng 杭州夜网论坛 Fund, etc. also evaluated and adjusted the vaccine concept stocks of their securities investment fund holders. For example, Rongtong Fund adjusted the Kangtai Biological of the combined fund holder.The adjusted estimate is 46.

95 yuan, 57 than the closing price.

96 yuan, equivalent to nearly two daily limit.

The BOC Fund adjusted the valuation of Kangtai Biological held by some of its funds (except ETF funds) to 42.

25 yuan.

In addition, Wells Fargo Fund made adjustments to the stocks of Kangtai Bio, Zhifei Bio, Changchun High-tech and other stock holders of its securities investment funds. Kang Tai Bio follows 42.

25 yuan for estimation, Zhifei creatures follow 39.

69 yuan is estimated, Changchun High-tech follows 192.

78 yuan for estimation.

Changsheng Fund adjusted the estimates of Shanghai R & S held by some of the company’s funds, and the estimated price was adjusted to 12.

67 yuan / share.

  Short-term persistence risks Beijing Business Daily reporters noted that some fund companies are relatively optimistic about the follow-up medical sector. For example, E Fund Medical Health and Yang Fang Xiao, the theme fund manager of E Fund Health, believe that the medium-term and long-term medical sector still has high configuration value.Directions such as innovative medicines deserve special attention.

In Yang Yixiao’s view, the core logic supporting the long-term development of the pharmaceutical industry is the change in the structure of domestic consumers’ medication.

In the short term, he said that there was no need to over-intervene.

“The pharmaceutical sector has few problems in logic and performance, most of which are mainly due to excessively high short-term forecasts, adjustments to adjustments, and risks may also be released.

“From the perspective of the impact on the longevity holding fund, Wang Tai, a senior researcher at the Datai Jinshi Research Institute, pointed out that this incident was mainly concentrated on longevity, but in the newly released second quarterly report, 11 longlife holdings in the first quarterThe funds have all fled. The top ten heavy warehouses, including Changsheng Biological’s active management fund, have only one Oriental Liqun mixed, and the impact on public funds in terms of quantity is not large.

  However, in terms of the impact of the entire medical theme fund holding vaccine concept stocks, Wang Yan admitted that the pharmaceutical stocks performed well in the first half of the year. In addition to the performance recovery of the pharmaceutical industry, they were also stimulated by the medical reform policy.Indeed, it has attracted the attention of public offering funds. Public offering funds pursue relative returns based on performance comparison benchmarks. As a result, the fund estimates the convergence of its asset allocation. The industry likes to focus on holding stocks and holding concept stocks to adopt stable management performance.Role, but at the same time will increase the risk, once the stocks of the concentrated holders emergencies, it is difficult to escape quickly, easy to step on the black swan.

The theme funds or industry funds hold relatively concentrated stocks and the risks are relatively high. It is still necessary to make a portfolio investment beforehand to diversify investment risks. If you judge the influence of black swan interactions, it is recommended to stop losses in a timely manner.

  Wang Ye pointed out that in the second half of the year, there are many unfavorable news for pharmaceutical stocks. Except for Changsheng Bio, Shapu Aisi, Huahai Pharmaceutical and other companies have exposed large and small scandals, the trend of the pharmaceutical industry in the second half will be moreAffected by the transactions caused by these Black Swan incidents, especially after the continuous rise in the first half of the year, pharmaceutical stocks may have overdrawn the industry’s good expectations. Once investors’ pessimistic expectations of the industry spread, the pharmaceutical sector will bear the brunt.

From the perspective of the entire market, the performance of the funds on the market is from one sector to another, so before the event of Changsheng Biological is properly resolved, there is still risk in the pharmaceutical stocks in the short term.

However, the gradual strengthening of supervision will gradually withdraw from companies that are not standardized, which will also be beneficial to the long-term development of the industry.

  Beijing Business Daily reporter Su Changchun Liu Fengru / Wen Wangfei / Watchmaking

Ningde Times concept stocks eye-catching performance Tianhua ultra net rose more than 9%

Ningde Times concept stocks eye-catching performance Tianhua ultra net rose more than 9%

In the early morning of the 2nd, Ningde Times concept stocks performed well. Tianhua was super clean. Huaxi shares opened more than 9%, Yuexiu Gold Holdings rose more than 7%, and Huazi Technology rose more than 6%.

  According to a recent report from Securities Daily, the agency analyzed the future investment strategy of the Ningde era concept section from the following two main lines: In terms of investment relations, CITIC Securities pointed out that Ping An of China, Changan Automobile, Oceanwide Holdings, Huaxi Holdings, Huayi Brothers, SuningSeven listed companies such as Tesco and Crystal Optoelectronics all hold shares before the Ningde Times issue. 深圳桑拿按摩 If Ningde Times goes public in the future, it will take the lead to benefit.

  In terms of the industrial chain, Tianfeng Securities further sorted out the relevant concept stocks and believed that if Ningde Times is successfully listed, it will be the most favorable to change, structural parts, and equipment. Three sub-areas: referring to the prospectus, the scale of Ningde Times after the listing is changedThe demand for RMB materials is the most obvious, followed by structural parts. In terms of equipment investment, according to the existing capacity planning, the company’s total production capacity will reach 80GWH by 2020, which means that it will drive about 1/4 of the equipment investment demand, 2017-2020The total annual investment scale is about 18 billion US dollars, and the compound annual average growth rate will 合肥夜网 reach 50%.

According to the disclosure of the prospectus, the investment ratio of equipment in the front, middle, and rear sections is about 5: 3, 2. The value of the front and middle sections is large, and the technical barriers are high, which may lead to equipment.

Taken together, the beneficiaries of the Ningde era industry chain include: Shanshan shares, Changyuan Group, Yantailai, Tianci Materials, Jiangsu Guotai and other five stocks.